🐟🐠 Free Steem Dollars + Followers Minnows Faucet Community Project ( August 5 )

in #minnowsfaucet3 years ago

The #minnowsfaucet Community Grow Project

repeat the minimum actions to get rewarded :

1 follow my followers @nicnicy + leave a comment you followed all

2 upvote + resteem the post.


100% of SBD from this post will be distributed after 7 days equally to

the voters who followed directions .


How's everyone doing today? :)

appreciate You post a conversation starter !
some members have difficulty grasping the whole concept
It is OK to click for the money but in the end You need a following who knows who You are
Life is good, how is it going on Your end, You enjoy the #minnowsfaucet ?

tip! link

Hi :) I followed all followers :) :) upvoted and resteemed!!

You are doing great work for the community
I am promoting your post to others to show how this is done right
I throw You the ball and You hit a home run !

tip! link

That is an amazing compliment...THANK YOU...I was so tired when I wrote it ....so I was worrid that it would be a disaster...I'm so happy you liked it and it has brought a good amount of attention and awareness to #minnowsfaucet :) Thank You for promoting it ..it can only keep bringing more people to our community :) :)

Followed Everyone!

In response to your memo in my wallet ..I had fpllowed everybody on the page for all those days but I had only upvoted ..commented and resteemed on the one post. ..and on the 2nd of August. .something was wrong with my phone I guess bcuz I hit names and i was taken to a page each time that said. .page didn't exist ..so next day i just followed all your followers commented and resteemed :) :)

No worries You are in the Flow 🐡🐟🐠🐬🐋 🐳 You are in the team
I learned a way how to check my followers and who is upvoting and I will post the link to that post today in a new VIP Game for the members of the #minnowsfaucet community. watch this channel !

Always ...will be looking for it :) :)

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been paying out over the $100