Steemit Strategies - Making the Most of Comments

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Using Comments to Build Your Audience, Account, and Curation Rewards

Possibly the most misunderstood aspect of Steemit is the comment and curation rewards system. Information on the topics can be ambiguous or even opaque (hard to understand or hard to see - Instagrammers). I have spent the last 2 months trying to find some complete answers so that I could test them out to see what works best. For some reason, nobody seems to want to talk about these topics on Steemit and there IS a reason why.

Remember when they told you that you would get your share of 25% in curation for upvoting? Yep, that was not completely accurate. Some people might even say that they outright lied to you. At the very least, the information about curation was misleading. To be honest, I post everyday so I really didn't concern myself with curation rewards. It didn't seem interesting or profitable at the time I started on Steemit.

How about Comments? What do you get from comments on Steemit? Surprisingly, when I asked around about this, I got several different answers. Some referred to the Steemit White Paper, others to posts that were 2 years old, and some were just plain guesses. So, I did some research to see what actually happens with comments - author rewards, upvotes, and curation rewards on posts.


Comments - How They Work and Who Gets Paid

Quick lesson for those that don't understand the $ figure displayed on your posts. This figure is in what Steem refers to as STU. If divided in half, the first half is the number of SBD and the 2nd half is that number divided by the price of Steem at the moment of payout.

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 20.58.56.png

From the illustration we see the formula for a $10.00 STU post payout. In this illustration, the market price of Steem is $4.00 USD. After curation, the author payout is reduced to 7.5 STU. Your payout is divided in half with the first half being paid in SBD and the 2nd half being paid in the amount divided by the price of Steem and converted to SP.

The 25% curation of $2.5 STU gets divided up between the people that upvoted the post. We'll talk about that later.

Comment payouts work the exact same way.

Here is the information that I have come to understand as truth. Is it the truth? Good luck finding someone with any authority to say one way or another. However, @cloh76, who is more heavily invested in Steemit than me, says that comments are treated just like posts. He addressed this question with another noob like me about 4 months ago.

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 20.21.11.png

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 20.22.26.png

In the first screenshot you see that he addresses the specific question about how comments are treated, how they are rewarded, etc. In the 2nd screenshot you see that he has been around for quite a while. I didn't show his wallet, but you can check it out. He's not a whale, but he's bigger than me and has quite a few followers. So, this plus my other inquiries led me to believe this was actually the case. Of course, you know that I'm a sceptic so I had to test this out to be sure.

When I looked at my comment reward pay outs, I found that this is indeed the case. They are treated just like posts. I went to comments that were rewarded where I was the only upvoter (often the case, lol). Here is a screenshot of a recent payout to demonstrate.

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 18.50.46.pngImage of my comment and my upvote of $.32 STU

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 18.46.32.pngPayout report from Steemworld

As you can see from my upvote and the payout report, I received author rewards of .029 SP and .117 SBD for the comment. At the price of Steem at that moment of about $3.95 USD, my SP rewards (.029) were worth about $.115 STU and my SBD was .117 STU for a total of .232 STU. $0.32 - 25% is 0.24 STU. Which means my author rewards for the post were 74.2 %. Let's show another illustration on how I got to that number.

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 21.16.31.png

So, I made 75% Author rewards on my comment. Let's check out my curation rewards for the comment, which can also be found in Steemworld.

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 00.08.30.png

You can see that the Curation Reward was paid at the same time as the author reward. The amount paid is only in SP and for this comment it paid me .019 SP. If we multiply that by 3.95 (the price of Steem at the time) we get .075 STU, which is 25% of the .32 STU displayed on the comment. What does this mean? It means that I received .32 STU in rewards for posting my comment and then upvoting it myself.

Upvoting your own comments is as good as upvoting your posts. Same rewards except that there is usually less curation to share with others. In this particular case, @hokkaido chose not to upvote my comment. Next, let's look at what happens when someone DOES choose to upvote my comment.

For this example, I'm using my good friend @krusper who I've know since he was a teenager here in Russia. I happen to know what his maximum voting power is, which is ultra-plankton at .003.

Here is the comment.

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 21.32.24.png

You'll notice that there are 2 votes for a value of .33 STU. The first vote is his and the 2nd vote was made by me a couple days later. I always upvote my own comments and yes there are a ton of my comments. Let's look at the payouts for me and then for @krusper.

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 00.10.33.png
My Author Reward Payout

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 21.35.47.pngMy Curation Rewards Payout

You will notice that my author rewards were much the same as before and my curation rewards were much the same as before. My total rewards for this comment were .31 STU (Author - .031 SP + .124 SBD, Curation - .016 SP whereas .047 SP x 3.95 = .186 STU).

But how much did @krusper get for upvoted my comment with his paltry .003 upvote? Here's the good part. His curation on a .003 upvote actually got him .002 SP or 66% all because I upvoted the comment AFTER him. In this way, he didn't waste his upvote on me. His curation was actually better because of it. Take a look below.

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 15.20.22.png

So What Does This All Mean to Me Jerry?

One of the problems with being a plankton or minor minnow is that your upvotes don't count for shit. For someone that you're voting for, they don't have much value and for upvoting yourself, they don't have much value. What's worse is that you only get 11 of them a day or you'll drain your VP to oblivion.

It is crucial for small fish to MAXIMIZE the few votes they have at least until they reach 500 SP. One of the problems with reward payouts is a concept called "Dust". @thedarkhorse just posted an important article on how rewards work and how may posts don't get paid at all because they don't pass the .03 threshold. You can see his post here

Yes, I'm going to break it down for you because I know you don't have time to read everything, but run over there and upvote it anyways because he deserves the credit for the research.


Here's the basics of what it says. If you don't get more than .03 STU on any post or comment, then you and anyone involved in that post or comment is shit out of luck. Before you go screaming about how Steemit hates you and blaming the world, keep in mind that the Steemit blockchain is under an extreme amount of pressure to process transactions and keep everything working. Additionally, there are a bunch of lazy asses out there in the world trying to spam and dummy account their way into prosperity on our lovely platform. They aren't too bright, but they are trying. If Steemit paid out all these paltry payouts, it would severely bog down the system.

Luckily, you have stumbled upon my post, which is going to give you some strategies on how NOT TO get "dusted" with you posts and comments and how you can STILL use comments to grow your network and account.



Disclaimer - These concepts are for those people that want to GROW their accounts with a well thought out plan and increase their engagement in the process. They are not for those that think that in Steemit, if you are just nice to everyone you will be successful here. I wish that was possible, but like I've said many times, this is not the social media Utopia that some folks believe it to be. You need a plan and some strategies to succeed here. These are some of the things that I do and have had some success with.

I know many of you are thinking, "damn it Jerry, couldn't you have put this at the top and saved me some time? I freaking 1500 words into this and NOW you're going to help me!"

This is the cruel, demented educator in me that wanted to explain everything first hoping for that "Aha!" epiphany at the end where you say, "That was the best thing I read all day, thanks so much!" When in actuality, you are more likely saying thank goodness I made it through that to get some USEFUL information. Keep in mind that you have now learned some of the Rules of the Game. Now, we get to talk about ways to PLAY the Game.


So here goes. List of strategies for those UNDER .03 voting power at 100%

  1. Only upvote comments that you know are going to reach .03 minimum. How can you know? You can't unless you have a relationship with the commenter. Here's a hint - I upvote ALL my comments. So, if you want curation you should be upvoting my comments BEFORE I do. There are other people I know that do this also, so you aren't limited to me.
  2. Be the very first person to upvote a comment. For example, Jerry comments on your lovely pictures of a day at the beach with Grandma (please tell me you won't write that post, but as an example). GinaBot is going to tell you that Jerry commented on your post. You are going to click on the link and hit upvote. You can do this from your mobile phone or on your desktop. By being first, if anyone else upvotes that comment, you gain a bigger percentage of the curation rewards. Note, you need to wait until it is 30 minutes old for my comment or anyone else's . This is tricky with posts, but not so much with comments.
  3. Respond to the person that comments on your post and do it in the first 24 hours. Not everyone will take a look at your response like I do. Many will just blow you off because they saw your upvote of their comment was .003. If they were smart they would upvote it, but not everybody is reading my posts. When people see that you responded they experience an emotion called, "a need to reciprocate". This is a natural human reaction where we believe that those that do for us should receive something in return. It's in your DNA. Think about the last time you got a gift at Christmas from someone and you didn't have a gift for them. Yeah, I bet you felt like shit. Don't worry. We all do.
  4. If you run out of VP (by run out, I mean you have less than 80% because less than 80% is ZERO - learn it, live it, love it), then don't upvote comments on your post and don't go upvoting other people's posts - you're broke! Instead, include in your comment that you sincerely appreciate their comment, but you're a plankton with no VP to give them a good upvote on their comment. However, you will follow them and read and comment on their articles. Think of it like this - You go to a restaurant and you want to leave a REALLY good tip for the waitress, but you only have 10%. Instead of just leaving, you explain that you think they were very lovely and enjoyed their service, but this is all you have. That's the humane thing to do. Most people will understand and those that don't aren't probably worth your time anyway.
  5. Comment ALL the time on people's posts. Especially people that have some freaking SP. Quit wasting your time posting 20 times a day on other plankton's posts. It may seem heartless, but they don't need you! They NEED me or someone like me. YOU need me or someone like me that is going to appreciate your comment and RECIPROCATE. Should you be supportive of others like yourself? Yes, of course but not to the tune of spending all your precious time around them and their posts. It doesn't move you forward. Much better that you go back to them and explain how you went from .25 payouts to 10.00 STU payouts. At that point you can REALLY be supportive. Right now, you're treading water.

Strategies for Those Over the .03 Threshold

  1. You have more flexibility, but comments are still very key to you growing your account. Use your VP to upvote every person that writes something intelligent in response to your posts. Be a hub for discussion. Everyone that has read one of my posts knows that EVERYONE that writes an intelligent comment gets an upvote. Everyone! Even people that I disagree with. Why do I do that? Because I want you to return. You want more readers. Engage with them. Give them an upvote reward for engaging with you. In this way you'll attract good commenters (coincidentally, these commenters tend to have better voting power).
  2. If you see a plankton upvote your comment for peanuts, upvote your own comment to .03 so they get curation for it. You say you want to help people, then help them even if it means "oh no, don't say it" SELF VOTING your comment.
    3a. If you're a "poster" like me, then make your posts a hub of activity. Respond to every comment and suggest other people's comments to them. Imagine you're hosting a cocktail party and nobody knows each other. You're the host. Be a host. People will remember you for introducing them or suggesting good communities or resources, etc.
    3b. If you're a curator, then you need to be posting 25 plus comments a day and responding to comments of others in the same posts. You're the social butterfly that know EVERYBODY. You're introducing commenters to each other, to resources, to tools, etc. You want to be a curator, then learn how to be a socialite also. I tried it this last month and it pays. See my curation rewards for the last 30 days versus forever.
  3. Don't wait over 24 hours to respond to comments on your posts. When people read my posts they are often highly motivated, inspired, and excited. I want to be speaking with them during this period before life and reality gets ahold of them again. I want them to associate this bliss with my conversation so they remember it. On the flip side. When I piss someone off with my posts, which happens (I know shocker, huh) I want to engage with them as soon as possible to find some common ground. Also, I want a response on my post so others can see my side of the issue.
  4. Last one - Respond to posts even when you think they might be SPAM or dummy accounts. Sometimes people are just poor communicators. In which case they need to see my new friend @reonlouw for some pointers. However, we can't help that many people lack some social grace or communication skills. Ironically, I won't say who this was but one of my best buds on Steemit (with a decent SP account to boot) gave me a "Really nice post. Great job!" comment. I responded with, "Thanks for commenting, what did you like most about it?" He responded to that and the rest is history. We exchange upvotes and comments daily. Most times, your gut instincts are correct, but if you're not 100% positive, then give them a chance to elaborate. Keep in mind sometimes people just have a lot to do, but they want to say something positive. Read some of my comments to the 124 people in the #payitforward contest last week. I'm sure some of them sounded awfully spammy after a while.

Overall suggestion - The minimum conversation in a post should be - Post, comment, return comment.


Concluding Remarks and Recap

THANK YOU JESUS, we're almost done - I know. Sorry.

  1. Get your upvotes on comments boosted to .03. You can do this by upvoting comments of people like me (500 plus SP)
  2. Comment as much as you can and on posts of people that can grow your account.
  3. Respond and interact with your guests - people that visit your posts.
  4. Be a social butterfly when you are engaging in popular posts.
  5. Use Comments instead of upvotes when your VP is under 80%.
  6. Make intelligent comments on MY posts to make easy money.
  7. Upvote my comments when I grace your posts with my presence. lol Just kidding, but you should upvote my comment for easy curation.

Just for some validation of these strategies. Look at how I used them in the last 30 days (see below). Over half of my curation comes from comments. The rest is from my own posts and pre 30 minute vote-buying. I upvote a lot of people but the amounts are negligible in comparison. Comments are a significant factor in my curation improvement.

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 18.53.43.png

Have a fantastic week and comment with questions and ideas.

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Once again good points for helping out the new members of steemit. One nice thing about comment voting is you don't need to factor in the 30 minute period where the author gets part of the curation.


Now that is new to me! I didn't realize that the 30 minute rule didn't apply. Very cool. I will have to go back through and edit a bit I think. Thanks so much.


;) I managed to read the entire article and only come up with that one thing to pick did good! I like to know the rules of how to maximize my efforts when dealing with my investments.


I edited it -

Note, you need to wait until it is 30 minutes old for my comment or anyone else's . This is tricky with posts, but not so much with comments.

Thanks for pointing that out to me.

I am VERY proudly the second upvote my Friend! I absolutely love the post and information. I still have so much to learn here on this AMAZING platform. I feel so VERY blessed and grateful to be here. I am VERY glad that I found you on @sydesjokes posts. He is truly an inspiration! He is helping so MANY People. Your story here and journey is so VERY inspiring! I myself is more of a comment guy than a post guy. I absolutely love to interact with the AMAZING STEEMIT COMMUNITY! It is so VERY kind and helpful. STEEMIT is truly the Caring and Sharing Social Network. Joining STEEMIT is one of the VERY best things that I have ever done for myself. STEEMIT is giving so MANY People hope and help. It is such a BLESSING. Please keep in touch my new Friend. As I will do the same. I'm VERY proudly resteeming, commenting, upvoting and following! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)


I'm excited that you stopped by and commented. I'm glad that you found the post useful and also happy to hear that your utilizing Kryptonia. Wish you all the best. I just went to your page. Why don't you post anymore?


I also wish you all the VERY best! I'm taking my time and trying to come up with ideas for some new posts. I'm trying to figure out my own little niche here on this AMAZING platform. I want to bring as much positive energy that I possibly can here. STEEMIT is truly the Caring and Sharing Social Network. I will have some new posts asap. Thank you VERY much for stopping by my page! Please, keep in touch! I will do the same! All the VERY best! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)


My pleasure. Hope to see you soon.

I think it's also important to note that voting for your own comments on other people's posts is a bad idea and likely to get you flagged.

Comments are sorted by their value, and upvoting them is how the author and the community maintain positive and fair discussion within the post. When you upvote your own comment, you're making an announcement that your comment is more important than that of anyone else in the discussion. That's not only rude to the other posters but it's preempting the post author's ability to moderate their comments.


Thanks for stopping by! I am very excited that you have visited. I'm a big baseball geek and poker fan also, but hadn't found you yet on Steemit (my fault).

Here is what I would answer to that -

First, I can order my comments (and I get quite a few, nothing like the whales, of course) in 4 different ways - trending, value, age, reputation. I can also hide comments I don't want to look at.

Second, my suggestion to "posters" is to upvote ALL their good commenters to encourage return visits.
My suggestion to "commenters" is to upvote responses to their comments to show appreciation and build rapport if they have the VP and if they believe that it will get to .03 (otherwise it is wasted).

I do upvote my own comments, but only after 3 days have passed. I do this for both selfish and altruistic reasons. I make more money using some of my VP to upvote my comments (100% of the reward in many cases). I also do it so that the hundreds of small fish that I curate over the week (upvoting their content) will actually get a curation reward for upvoting my comment at .001 or whatever it is. My upvote coming in after theirs boosts their curation reward as I demonstrated with @krusper in the post.

3rd - Most of my readers on this post have very little VP and their upvotes of their own comments often don't even reach .01 so they don't advance up the comment tree anyways. When I look at big payout posts like you have, most posters don't really even care about who is upvoting their own comments. Case in point - Your Avengers post's top comment is from Bitcoinandcoffee. They upvoted their own comment to .18, but never even upvoted your post. (I have visited, read, commented and upvoted it by the way - very cool recap of events)

Long story short - (although I've rambled here, sorry)

You and I have more flexibility because we have much more SP than most of the readers here. If they get flagged for upvoting their own comment, what does that really amount to? Less than a few cents maximum. If they are making quality comments just like anyone else, those will be appreciated regardless of the upvotes.

Lastly, I sincerely do appreciate you stopping by and I'm glad I found your blog because I like your post ideas. You got a follow from me. Wish you all the best.


I do upvote my own comments, but only after 3 days have passed.

I don't mind that as much, since typically any discussion has passed. Though I would point out that you make plenty of comments on your own posts to use all of your voting power if that's what you want. I'm also a lot more willing to let it go on quality comments, which you usually make, though it will generally lose you my upvote on them.

Case in point - Your Avengers post's top comment is from Bitcoinandcoffee. They upvoted their own comment to .18, but never even upvoted your post

Turns out it isn't anymore.

Most of my readers on this post have very little VP and their upvotes of their own comments often don't even reach .01 so they don't advance up the comment tree anyways.

Yeah I don't care if a plankton does it. The guy who came into the minnowbooster whitelist post to demand an invite and upvoted himself to $2.40 can get bent though.

Besides, anybody who self-upvotes below $0.02 is just wasting their voting power anyway. That comment won't pay out unless somebody else comes along and helps them. Plankton by and large shouldn't be upvoting comments at all, but sticking to posts, where their vote will matter.


I love this!

Yeah I don't care if a plankton does it. The guy who came into the minnowbooster whitelist post to demand an upvote and upvoted himself to $2.40 can get bent though.

I don't get too many people visiting me with $2.40 upvotes. lol I hope to have these problems in the not too distant future. lol

Yes, I saw that you handled bitcoinandcoffee pretty quickly.

I don't use ALL my voting power. According to Steemworld, I'm using a little more than 1/2 my voting power on self-votes. I think that is a good range. To be honest, I'd like to be at 60%.

I post good articles that are 100% original so I fear very little in any backlash from the community.

Of course, if I could ever get an invite to the Minnowbooster whitelist, I would probably change my strategies on upvoting considerably. I'm on the Smartsteem whitelist and that helps, but availability there has been a little inconsistent at times. It would be nice to have both in my pocket.


Of course, if I could ever get an invite to the Minnowbooster whitelist, I would probably change my strategies on upvoting considerably.

I've gotten a little confused over which people I followed because I was evaluating them. I must have had some other reason to follow you. Next time I get one - probably later today sometime - you can have it.


Wow! That would be fantastic. You would do that for a Royals fan? lol

Thanks for considering me.


Royals fans should have something to look forward to.

You've been invited.


Thanks bud! I can't thank you enough. My fingers are crossed. ;)

Now I see why you were so adamant about my ability to upvote the comment section on my posts. I wanted to let you know about something I noticed earlier.

There are people who are commenting on posts, relevant comments that reply to one or more of the topics of the post. They will shower the post with praise, but if you watch Steem Now as I do, you see they loved it so much they didn't give the post an upvote. I had that on my latest post, from someone I am a little shocked to find is doing this. I have actually upvoted a few of this persons posts in the past, but she has ensured there will be no more engagement from me on her posts.

I first became aware people were doing this from one of your previous posts where it happened to you. But what shocked me here is this wasn't one of those normal ones where you know they never read the post. People with what appears to be good standing are doing it as well.


Yes, I've noticed many of them. The way I figure it is that the vast majority of people just are that good at faking it. If someone gets over on me a few times, oh well. I'm usually (and you too) smart enough to see through the BS. I will give that girl some credit for trying though. At least she is working at it with little resources. Most of them just spam stupid shit. lol

Yes, this is the research I was doing that made me so insistent on getting you to .03 or better. I know that with your communication skills your account will start leaping. I'm confident enough to invest in it.

Social Media butterfly, visit and pollinate a post with some comment that is relevant to the topic on hand.

If someone writes on a subject, time and effort has been made into research, preparation no matter the length of the post.

Totally agree with you and learned some new pointers in this post, more into how they derive the final figures, well done @energyaddict22

Good long indepth looking into this one, I never voted for myself before starting to read posts on this topic.

Always go back to read replies, upvote the good ones on topic, now I have learned some new strategies here... WOW


I'm so happy that you found the info valuable. Thanks so much for the detailed comment and compliment. I hope that we can count on your thoughts on these subjects in the future since I know that you are definitely a "social butterfly" on the platform with some useful information on the topics. All the best.


It is always healthy to see things from a different perspective, all too often you do not even think of ways of benefiting both yourself and minnows.

Saddened by the lack of discussion at times within topics, it is like some only have time to post, hit a few quick links, barely express themselves and move on. To me this is a waste of time, adding value is what is sought.

Perhaps a little old fashioned, bloggers used to chat in 2008, really long winded discussions at times, no mud flinging, constructive ideas bantered about.

Thanks a lot for these suggestions. At the moment I am above 500SP, but most of it is going away in two months. 😜


Absolutely my pleasure. Glad you came by and checked it out. Sorry for the long read. Lots of data here.

Wow. Thank you. Have been searching for this information for a while.


I'm so happy that you found us here and that it is useful to you since I see that you've been on the platform for quite awhile now. I went by your page to check you out. ;)

Loved the multiplication post.


Thank you @energyaddict22. Yeah been here for a while.

Thank you @energyaddict22 for the mention and the valuable info. It baffles me that it can be so complicated and then not explained anyway. So we do not know, and then when we do know, we still do not know because we do not understand...

Because of the low value of my upvote, I have not been paying attention to upvoting comments. You have changed that....


Good deal! I'm happy that it was useful info for you. Thanks for stopping by as always. Cheers.

This is the second of your posts that has made it into the #information this week . The next post and you will receive a hug :)


Hugs are GOOD! I like hugs. ;)

Another terrific post. Quality..thnx


Thanks bud. Please tell me things are going back up. This roller coaster is causing additional hair loss. I don't have enough left as it is. ;)

I came to this publication by these coincidences of fate, the law competa and I want to tell you that I clarify a few doubts, was clear in the payment that was made in sbd but had no idea how to calculate the earned sp, now I know that is calculated directly with the price of the steem at the time of meeting the 7 days, and this leaves me something clear, and that we all seek to increase SP, I loved all your recommendations and I appreciate that you are sincere and quite direct! I felt that math teacher telling me to please study!!
Anyway I almost don't publish, since I go better with the comments and although not everyone is rewarded I have fun interacting with everyone I can, thank you in advance for your teachings and if I have any mistakes it's because I don't speak English and the translator helps me, happy night.


Hello and thanks for coming by. Your translator is working pretty well and I understood you perfectly. I appreciate that you took the time to translate your comment. It is very nice for me to hear that my explanation was helpful in your understanding of reward payouts. I know it can be confusing and I even feared that my explanation of these topics was difficult to follow.

You have made me feel much better about it. All the best to you.


on the contrary! I hope to keep learning from you, good luck.

This is awesome information! I knew a few things going in, but I have learned a lot just from this post. It got the gears turning for a whole new approach to growing my account. I really appreciate you taking the time to thoroughly go through this information and present it in a manner that is easy to understand.

I will try to implement some of if not all of these strategies going forward!


Thanks for stopping by and for the compliments. Please keep in touch and let me know how these adjustments are working for you. I'm always interested to see if the things that I do will have similar results for others. All the best.

O "cruel, demented educator"! (Maybe it's the wine, but I'm giggling way too much over that and plotting my next post to be about the beach with Grandma since you "have" to upvote it. Hahahaha😂 kidding!!). I highly appreciate that you did the experiments and worked out the math, since that's not exactly my favorite thing or strong point.

I'm seriously one of those "I'm just here for the comments" folks and I spend far more Steemit time on replying to comments than I do on writing actual posts...but it honestly never occurred to me to have a mapped out comment voting strategy. It was just automatic to me to upvote and comment back when people say something and I love it when a conversation strikes up as a result...I'm a much better keyboard blabber than real life talker.

The only drawback to the strategies is that I'd need far more dedicated, and consistent, time on Steemit than I can currently manage.

I especially appreciate the tips on what to do if your VP is basically nothing, since I'm enjoying borrowed SP and quite aware that my vote won't be worth anything once the rightful owner takes it back! :)))


Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I always love to get your feedback. Going backwards -
I understand that it can be difficult to manage strategies with the amount of time we have to dedicate to the process, but at least you are armed with some facts that you can use to the best of your ability based on ALL your other responsibilities that I am aware of (Twins being the biggest).

I know you're a conversationalist, which is why I enjoy your visits and vice versa.

Somehow, I know when I write something like that, you will be reading and finding humor. Maybe you're my invisible muse. lol

Talk to you soon. Remember that I owe you and 2 of your authors for my contest last week.


Invisible muse, I like that :) I always appreciate reading posts that educate me on Steemit and/or crypto and lay it all out in an understandable way...and the humor makes it more memorable!

You legitimately have your own section in my OneNote notebook on all things Steemit lol - I copied the strategies down for quick reference as well as the images because somehow I apparently did not get that - hence, my ill-fated power-up posts to all SP strategy 😏

I think I've been doing ok with commenting with the limited time that I have. Posting could definitely be more frequent as well as time spent in Discord. That's all a work in progress as I often find myself going down rabbit holes of learning right now instead of actually doing things.

The whole voting thing I am sure is still going to be an ongoing work in progress, especially where upvoting my own content is concerned. I put a lot into my posts and do support them and think they're worth it...just am not good at patting myself on the back, so to speak. (I notice that you upvote them though - thank you for that. It works, too; everytime I see GINA pop up your name I go find out what you're up to!!)

Now, I just need to figure out a way to find more time - for posting everyday, doing more comments, etc while still managing to get all of my 'real' writing done...🙄

BTW - This is a bit off-topic but do you have any advice on leasing SP or going about having some altruistically leased to a plankton such as myself? I see people doing it all the time and have seen downright begging for it which I'm not good at.

(Sorry - I'm officially attaching myself squarely to your advice at this point!!)


I'm hoping that you have read my post on Leasing SP at this point. However, today I am making a video for my post and walking people through the whole process of leasing SP from Minnowbooster AND delegating SP to another person or community. Take a look at my last 2 posts and my post later today and you'll have your answers I think. If not, you know that you can ask me questions anytime (Discord is the quickest way though).


I've had it open in my browser since I first saw it. My first thought was wow that was quick! lol - The past few days have been incredibly crazy so I need to reread it but I wanted to pop in and say thank you. I am sure I'll have a lot more to consider and say when I get a break and can get back to what I want to do...aka Steemit. 😏

Something I also noticed is that people with huge steem power can come in almost on day 7, drop a huge vote and take almost all the curation rewards. It sucks but it is a reason to keep building.


Thanks for stopping by again and commenting. You bring up a "hot" topic that I believe is very misunderstood about curation rewards.

Later voters on a post or comment can't "steal" curation rewards. The system is setup so that early voters always benefit more than later voters. There is a complex algorithm that I will discuss this week a little more, but as you saw in the demonstrated rewards in my post the little guy did benefit from my vote. @krusper voted first with .003 and then I came along and voted with .32. He ended up with .002 SP, which is a curation reward of 66% of his upvote. My voting behind him actually helped. When a whale does that to a post, it has the same effect. All the people who voted earlier benefit from the whale coming along at the end. 25% is divided amongst the upvoters. Your share of 25% whether it is 25% of 10.00 STU or 25% of 1.00 STU is going to be the same as long as you upvoted before the "whale".

Some of the people on Steemit are either lying to us about how the system works or they are idiots and they just want to look smart.


just for the sake of argument i will throw out this example becasue i have been doing a lot of searching to maximize my curation rewards and this is what i have found
this is me voting at 29 minutes with a $.13 vote
it says i should make .057 steem power
curation for me.JPG

what i made .042 SP

Now lets jump down the rabbit hole.

A whale comes in and drops a $220.61 vote at the very end of day 4..... day 4.... just to repeat, well after my primo 29 minute vote

results on steem bot tracker estimator? 11.547 SP

result 11.678 SP ccccccc.JPG

So as a result of this and i can repeat examples of this at least 100 times a day i will stick with my statement that your curation profits lie more in line with your steem power than your timing of when you upvote. Would the whale have made more by voting when i did? A resounding yes from me, BUT the fact still remains that you get more curation rewards by being the big fish in the pool at the end of the day oposed to having a perfect voting strategy and timing. My goal is to build my steem power to god like levels so i can be more willy nilly with my vote timing. Just my $.02

Have a good day.


So, you made .042 SP on a .13 upvote and you're unhappy with that? 25% of your upvote amount is .0325. You made more than your valued share of curation and you can thank that whale for it for upvoting after you. If I upvote someone at 1.00 and get a straight share of the amount of the post rewards, I could expect to get .25 in curation. Depending on when I vote (time) and what position my vote is in the order, the amount can change. However, anything that is over 25% of your upvote is doing well. Most people get about 12.5 %. The whale also is not getting 25% in curation because they were late to the party. Also, comments don't have a time frame so 29 minutes or 2 seconds doesn't make a difference. Just the position of the upvote. Your whale here made a 220.61 upvote and received 11.678 SP. Let's say Steem was at $4.00 market price. That would be a value of $46.71. 25% curation for the whale would be $55.15 so he/she lost out.


To much is never enough.


I always want more. Lol.


I know my upvotes are practically useless. Thus why I do try to make an effort making a comment in return. I love your posts. And I did learn something about this, as author rewards and curation are virtually the same.

Your knowledge is appreciated :)


My pleasure to share what I know with you @ecid. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading the post. I appreciate you comment and I'm glad this was useful for you.

Thank you very much, was looking for that information already. Stil pretty unsure if i used react to comments like "now upvote me" ?! But i will have a look on that now more objectiv


A friend of mine called this FB conditioning, but I think it runs much deeper. Thanks for the comment and let me know what your objective assessment yields. I'm always interested. All the best to you.


Since i'm still pretty small, i decided to give everyone an upvote. I'll just try to exclude bots and nasty spammers. Just read your "4 month post" and i think you right with upvoting your own posts. It is like Kanye said something like this : "if you can't appreciate yourself, how should other do so?" Thank you for your advice !


Every once in a while Kanye says something brilliant. It's what he says in between that often bothers me. ;) Glad to hear you checked out the other posts. Glad to have you here.

I want to print this out and read it over and over. I somehow found you via the #payitfoward contest which is excellent! It's beginning to come together for me. What I need to do! Thanks I'll be watching your content!


Thanks for commenting and stopping by. I'm excited to see that you visited and I'm looking forward to more of your comments (and maybe a #payitforward entry?). All the best to you.

Damn! Your posts are really very informative and i have tried out the comments option for some days now and its really working out......Thanks for sharing knowledge i'll look out for more of your posts.
Kryptonia @bitcoinpaul


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Thanks for stopping by my fellow kryptonian! Glad you are trying out some of these strategies.

ya that was missleading but now i clear.
informative post for all

very important this publication thank you for this initiative

thank u for this @energyaddict22 it really helps me a lot .. i am a newbie here on steemit .. and for this kind of learning it keeps me growing in mind ..


Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I appreciate it. What things did you like best about the post? Any questions?


i think sir .. all about the title of this blog and your explaination is very clear for us to understand the whole message .. and thank you
for sharing your knowledge ..

@energyaddict22 thanks for sharing your experience and great ideas


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What's this about? Is he spamming?


posted his comment like 2 minutes after the article hit Steemit. Comment spammer. So, I went to his feed and flagged his best post (a whopping .07) Cute avatar though. ;)

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greeting,s me up vote from @fauzan11🙏🙏🙏🙏👍

thanks for this piece of information, is very interesting to know about it..


Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it. I noticed that you're an international journalist. I saw one of your Steemit posts featured here -


yes, I really like share important information...

Really useful post. i appreciate your effort.

The first part of your post could be apply directly with use of bot. 75% / 2 is what you really obtain in money, so it is important know that when paid for a bot.

Respond and interact with your guests - people that visit your posts.

Done :)

Be a social butterfly when you are engaging in popular posts.

Done :)

Use Comments instead of upvotes when your VP is under 80%.

Ok, understood.. is a shame be a plankton

All good strategies and staying active is key.

Intersting facts and it is a great way for helping newbie like me ....from kryptonia@everdope

On behalf of all the newbies and not so new newbies, who will come across this post, I say THANK YOU!! I find this article to be very informative. There is definitely more to all this than what meets the eye. Your effort and time is much appreciated. I only recently started to upvote my own posts as an experiment just to see what the result would be. But not much effect as my SP is still low. With your information, I will now try the comment upvotes and see what happens. There is much to be learned and I am willing and open to learn. I dont really like the idea of upvoting my own stuff as I think it more meaningful to give what I have to others. But in restropect, there isnt any harm in testing the waters especially if it is something that will help me to help others in the long run. Here goes nothing.....Thanks again @energyaddict22...I am still on my way to your post about Curation rewards, lol.