Voting Weight, Voting Pools & Account Break Down

@minnowbuilder is getting ready to launch within the next week. To give everyone a few days to review the concept and make plans we are laying out the concept now and providing some in depth details of different parts of the program.

Today I want to cover the 2 Voting Pools and how we will use multiple accounts to move people from 15sp to Minnow Status with 500sp.

For a general overview of the program take a look at Laying Out The Plan. This will give a good overview of the entire plan and how it works.


Voting Weight Per Share

There is a little math that gets applied to all of this to figure out how each person is upvoted on a daily basis. For now this will all be based on simple math based on daily votes for each share owner.

First thing is the total voting weight per share owned which is just (Voting Power/Total Shares) Voting Power is 500%, so as an example at 1000 shares it will look like this (500/1000) or 0.50% voting weight per share owned.

Next we need to figure out how many shares you own which is just (Owned Shares + Delegated Shares + Management Shares). So for example if you Send 10 steem (10 owned shares) and delegate 100sp (50 delegated shares) you will have
(10+50) or 60 total shares.

Then we take the voting weight per share and apply it to the total shares. (Voting Weight Per Share * Total Shares) or in the example (0.50% * 60) for a total of one 30% upvote per day.

Voting Pools

Each @minnowbuilder Account will have 2 voting pools each sharing equally in the total voting power. This means each voting pool will have 500% total voting power to use for the day and those in the respective pool.

The first pool is for those who own share in @minnowbuilder. This voting pool will have equivalent of 500% of total voting power, that is 5 upvotes at 100% power. Votes will be split among the share owners on a daily basis. This voting pool is very cut and dry as it's purely based on the shares each member owns. Below you will see how your shares factor into total votes.

The second pool is the one that I have gotten a couple messages on discord about. This pool is here to Pay It Forward to some great steemians who are posting original content that the @pifc and @minnowbuilder teams feel would make good Minnows. They will not pay anything to be part of this program and only will be asked to upvote the accounts posts and to power up earnings while in the program. We are supporting account growth, not trying to feed the matter how noble that cause is it's not the purpose of this account.

During the Beta Phase of the Community Pool we will actually focus on those who have been curating great content on a weekly basis. Who is included will be picked by the long time judges of the @pifc Curation Contest who each week review entries. Also automatically any Judge who isn't at Minnow Status will be added to the Beta Phase as they are using their voting power to better the steemit community and have proven to be worthy of a little assistance in their growth.

To move out of Beta Phase we will need 6 total accounts powered up to at least 1000 shares sold and everyone will be split into their respective levels. More on this in a minute.

Once out of Beta Phase we will use the @pifc curation contest and discord room to find quality content producers who are writing posts with original content and have shown effort in building their accounts vs taking money from the platform.


MinnowBuilder Accounts and Levels

Success isn't achieved without goals and written plans on how to achieve those goals. There will be 6 levels and accounts for the Minnow Builder Program. By creating levels it helps build goals for those who are growing along and graduating out of different levels and into the next.

The written part of these goals will come in the form of a post written by those joining the program confirming they understand the rules, explaining where they are currently in terms of steem, SBD, and SteemPower. Also they will outline any commitments they have like delegations, sponsorships for ongoing contests or other. As the community is paying to help build their accounts these people will need to be upfront and transparent about their activities on steemit.

Onto the levels. The first level will not start until a person reaches 15sp. This amount shows they have proven some level of commitment to the platform and are more likely to be around long enough to move onto level 2.

Here is the breakdown of levels:

LevelSteemPower Range
Level 115 SP - 49.99 SP
Level 250 SP - 99.99 SP
Level 3100 SP - 174.99 SP
Level 4175 SP - 249.99 SP
Level 5250 SP - 349.99 SP
Level 6350 SP - 500 SP

There will be 6 total accounts which we will sell shares to. Each of these accounts will be 1 level in the program. Will get into the plans for share sales tomorrow. Think for now this is plenty for everyone to digest.

Because some people don't understand what CC0 Creative Commons, Free for commercial use, No attribution required means I just let you know both of these photos are from Pixabay and are CC0.


where they are currently in terms of steem, SBD, and SteemPower.

Some don't where this can be found. If they ask me I will tell them what they have and how much. also check there delegation if any

You've been working hard, planning all of this. Thanks a lot for your efforts!

You've been working hard,
Planning all of this. Thanks a
Lot for your efforts!

                 - trincowski

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I believe this project will be a huge success. I am all for the building of more minnow.
On a personal note I am at level 3. The goal is to be in the 6 range by March. Hopefully bumping minnow.
We should all help keep an eye open for any of our members to reach 450sp. They will at that point be eligible for the minnow maker project.

I think that if we can work hand in hand with the minnow maker project this could greatly increase the speed of growth for those we are trying to boost to minnow.

exactly what I was thinking 50 sp is nothing to sneeze at

I was going to buy a few shares on this program... but I couldn't resist the prices today. I have bought enough STEEM to almost get to that 500 SP mark. I have 476 right now... and 8 more that I was going to throw at programs like this.

That is great! Congratulations in getting so close. I for one will put your name in. I'm sure others will speak for you as well.

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