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RE: Voting Weight, Voting Pools & Account Break Down

in #minnowbuilder4 years ago

I believe this project will be a huge success. I am all for the building of more minnow.
On a personal note I am at level 3. The goal is to be in the 6 range by March. Hopefully bumping minnow.
We should all help keep an eye open for any of our members to reach 450sp. They will at that point be eligible for the minnow maker project.


I think that if we can work hand in hand with the minnow maker project this could greatly increase the speed of growth for those we are trying to boost to minnow.

exactly what I was thinking 50 sp is nothing to sneeze at

I was going to buy a few shares on this program... but I couldn't resist the prices today. I have bought enough STEEM to almost get to that 500 SP mark. I have 476 right now... and 8 more that I was going to throw at programs like this.

That is great! Congratulations in getting so close. I for one will put your name in. I'm sure others will speak for you as well.

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