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in minnowbooster •  3 months ago

I got whitelisted by @minnowbooster. :) I get a check next to my screen name now. :) lol I didn't do anything to get whitelisted but it's cool that I did.



Minnowbooster Competition : So you wanna be a whale?

Dogecoin did well last month.
How did the Top 50 cryptocurrencies perform in August?

Saturday 9-1

236.973 SP
2,397 VP

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Congrats on getting whitelisted. As a whitelisted member you have two invites to allow others to join the whitelist. I know this because @johndoer123 was kind enough to give me an invite.

  • I just checked out that competition. It has already ended. Post says deadline for submissions was Aug. 31st :(

Awe. Are you using some or all of my old system? lol


LOl ... no... I'm using the same system I been using for awhile. The system has finally started working better and I hope to be at around 200 owned SP by the end of this month as long as Steem / SBD don't move up in value too much.

On a side note .. I remember mentioning @steemmonsters to you before and how some of the cards are worth hundreds of dollars. Well I just bought my first booster pack for $2 and received a card that is currently being sold on the market for $1300.


It might be a good idea for you to enter some of the contest giving out free cards. Who knows what they might be worth after the game has actually launched.


It was you, and the great things you do here for our community that REALLY got you whitelisted my dear friend. Thank you for the mention though. You're the one who did all the work, you truly deserve it!


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Coincidentally I also got whitelisted today 👌


Congratulations!!! I hope it helps you out friend!

So, what does the whitelist "check" next to your nickname do?


According to @rentmoney I can help whitelist 2 people but it might make me more likely to have my delegations filled.


I'm pretty sure it does make it easier to get delegations...but I'm not 100% on that. I hope your weekend was wonderful!

Awesome brother! I hope it helps you out with growing your account! I recently was white listed myself.