Just Bought My First @SteemMonster Pack And Look What I Got --- WOW ! ( Rare Steem-Monster Card Giveaway ! )

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I was gifted some some booster packs and cards over the past few weeks from allot of generous Steemians such as @simplymike , @o07 , @dosdudes , @ngc , @doctorcrypto and possibly others I am forgetting, Thanks for the cards everyone. These gift packs and cards got me started with the @steemmonster bug that has been infecting the Steemit community and today I finally decided to buy the starter pack.

And because I caught that @Steemmonster bug I couldn't just purchase the starter pack. I needed a booster pack as well ( Which only cost $2.00 ). So directly after purchasing my starter pack I buy my first booster pack and low and behold, I couldn't believe my eyes. What luck to have ....

It's A Legendary Gold Foil Dragon

I instantly ( out loud ) say, " Holy Shit " and proceed to do the
Carlton Dance.

It was under the very first card in the pack. I also got two rare cards the Haunted Spirit and Water Elemental. Below is a screen shot of the five cards I received.

I still can't believe my luck. Getting a Legendary Gold Dragon in the very first booster pack I purchased. There are only 21 of these currently in existence according to the @steemmonsters market and is currently being sold for $ 1190 - $ 1337 on the market. ... Unbelievable !

To pay it forward I will be giving away the Rare card ( Haunted Element ) that I received in the same pack. All you have to do is tell us in the comment section what was the first @steemmonster card that you attained. If you don't have any Steem-Monsters yet then comment with which one you think looks the coolest. Each entry will be assigned a number upon entry. On the 7th day of post creation I will use a random number generator to pick the winning number.

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The gold dragon looks the coolest.

.... Dude, thats too much luck😭😭 Congrats though, just don't make wagers with it around your nephews or you ll lose it just a fast😂


I will try not to wager it :P ..... Thanks !

Woohoo! Congrats buddy. You’ve got the golden touch. You should buy a few more to test and stretch your luck. If u keep hitting it, can I send u money so u can buy me some with your luck, haha?


Hahaha .. I am tempted to buy more but unfortunately I used a pre-paid reloadable card that had just enough on it to purchase the starter pack + a booster pack. So I will have to wait until I reload my card before I can purchase anymore. I don't own a traditional credit card.


So we can buy Steem monsters with credit card? Could you then trade the monsters for Steem?


The Steem-monsters website just included paypal .... so essentially we could buy steem with paypal via buying monster cards and then selling them for steem.


Yes, I bought mine with a pre-paid credit card. The starter pack is $5 and that gives you a 15 standard deck. A booster pack cost $2.

The @steemmonsters site has a market where you can put them up for sale. Some also sell them here on Steemint using @steembay.

Congrats... Iwish I had your luck ;;0)

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Thanks !

What !!! Wow!


That was my exact sentiment when I seen the card.

Rexxie was my first card, I thought he looked really neat with all those teeth. Maybe I can max him someday. steemmonsters account is @sardonic


Rexxie, cool first card.

How in the world did you manage to pull that off? GF legendary? Wowzers!


I have no clue ... Just plain luck ...

Post successful resteem

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Thanks for the resteem.

My first gold foil was a Zintar Mortalis.

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Cool card ...

That will pay rent for a long time!!! Awesome pull.


Thanks ... .. Landloard offered me 3 months free rent for my card. I told her to go pound sand :P

Awesome pull, just pulled a Angel of light Gold foil Yesterday.....


Nice .... congrats !

Wow @rentmoney gold on your first try! Congratulations!
I have been reading about steem monsters a lot lately but I still don't have any cards yet, out of your booster pack I think that the water elemental looks the coolest


Thanks ...

If your interested check out the #steemmonsters section there is a bunch of giveaways going on. You may win a card or two.

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wait, at first I tought you just got the legendary, BUT YOU GOT GOLD FOIL OF IT.

Holy crap, dude you are lucky

I haven't got even a gold foil epic yet with my 123 packs opened, and you got gold foil Legendary with first back !!!

OMG Congratulations.

Btw my first card that I got was a Giant Roc


I just updated the image to reflect the correct card. Thanks for pointing that out. I was a little excited while creating this topic and posted the wrong image :)

Dang 123 packs ... that's allot. I got unbelievably lucky.

The @giantroc was my first card as well.

My first card was Rexxie! I've since bought a pack and a booster pack. No idea how to use them yet but they are pretty cool.

Not as cool as your Gold Foil Dragon! I think you must have been living right!


Rexxie is a cool first card. My first was @giantroc.

wow I think I fall in love with that golden dragon since I saw it the first time! Is that the true love?🤤

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It just might be ....

Wow what a grab man congrats on that.


Thanks .. it was a lucky one that is for sure.

I feel a gift of steemmonsters coming my way ...


I got the bug and want to buy more lol

Wow, a Gold Foil Legendary Gold Dragon! I'd be doing the Carlton Dance over that too! Congratulations @rentmoney! My first #SteemMonsters cards were gifted to me from @erodedthoughts, and were the three rare Azmarian  Monsters, Medusa, Water Elemental, and Frozen Soldier. This is what got me started in SteemMonsters in the first place!

Ever since then I take a screenshot of every booster pack or single Monster / Summoner that I receive, and every booster pack that I buy. I always open them individually, never "all at once", although that's not hard considering that I have never been able to buy more than one booster pack at a time, haha. But even if I could buy multiple packs, I think I would still open them one at a time and screenshot each one. It is so much fun seeing my collection grow!


I do the same. I was gifted 3 - 4 packs total and a few cards. I always open one card at a time. The legend card started shaking and made a different sound then any cards in the previous packs I opened. At first I thought the site was freezing up but then low and behold .... a legendary.

Nice set of cards you got there for your first ones.


I'm yet to experience that shaking myself, although I have seen it in DTube and DLive videos like @reseller and @clove71's streams. I have never opened a Gold Foil  or a Legendary  in a booster pack yet, but the Rares  and Epics  are fun to open too now, with their animations and sounds.

I don't remember what my first card was, but I do remember my first Gold Foil card was the Naga Warrior. Nowhere near as awesome as your Gold Foil Legendary though. Well done.


Naga Warrior is a nice one also. A cool one to get for your first gold foil.

You are on a roll, Rentmoney. 😊


😂 😂 😂

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I like Golden Dragon and Minotaur Warrior.


Those are two cool monsters.

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Congratulations @rentmoney! You got extracted in my yesterday's Free Resteem Daily Post and you will receive a ~0.2$ upvote! =)

Your a lucky man my friend. I bought a pack but never get a good one.


I certainly did get lucky ...

The dragon says: burn baby, burn!


Congrats, @rentmoney - that is some crazy good luck you have there :D

That dragon looks so sick! Great collector's item - sure to be worth way more in the future!


Thanks .. it was very lucky. I plan on holding the card and hopefully the price sky rockets with the release of the game.

Wow. Well done @rentmoney. I'm soooo happy for you. That's brill! 😁

I don't know what the first one was I got but my favourtie I have is the Divine Healer.


The Divine Healer is a cool one :)

Thats Right!!!

Hah!, found your post in the TSMG channel on discord and after reading about your unbelievable luck i remember a contest by @steemmonsters about a month ago where i participated and then almost forgot it.. and then i read odd things on discord about me like "onetin84 rekt it" until a Steemian wrote me that i won the golden Angel of Light.. and i think that was a similar moment like yours.

After that i added up some boosters to a contest by @o07 to feel less guilty .. because i won the second price in one of his great contests with 20 boosters too.. now retired from contests to not stress my luck again.. 😁