New MinnowBooster Feature: Renew Lease

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Hey there, @therealwolf here to give all of you an update and detailed explanation on our new Features - starting with 'Renew Leasing'.

Renew Lease is my personal new favourite feature because it made the leasing experience with MinnowBooster A LOT easier and valuable!

How does it work?

As you might know - you currently get 75 SP for 1 STEEM per week if you lease between 1 and 3 weeks. After 4 Weeks and more - the price stays the same, but the amount doubles. 150 Steem Power per Steem.

So, in order to get the best return of invest - it is advised to lease for at least 4 weeks. But what happens when you already leased for 4 weeks and don't have enough Steem to lease for another whole 4-week period?

Extend your Lease with optimal price

Well - with Renew Lease you can simply extend your Lease for 1 week or more - without the minimum value of 4 weeks and still get 150 SP for 1 Steem/week.

But you may wonder, why is it suddenly just as optimal to renew leases for less than 4 weeks as it is to create a new lease for 4 or more weeks?

The reason for this is that after each delegation ends - the delegated Steem Power is locked for 1 week and can't be used by the lender. This time period has to be considered while calculating the price of the lease as the person who delegated the lease can't do anything with that SP during that time.

Delegator can cancel anytime

Another question you might have is:

Doesn't the delegator have to accept the renewal? What if he/she doesn't approve it?

Well - we simply expect the delegator to agree to the renew terms. If he doesn't - the lease can be cancelled and the already transferred Steem amount will be refunded to you. No questions asked!

How to Renew a Lease

Sounds good so far?

Great. Then let's move onto the way it actually works - how to renew a lease.

Step By Step

Step 1: Go to your Profile Page and scroll to "Market Delegations Received".

Step 2: Click on 'Renew Lease'

Step 3: Enter your desired week duration - at least 1 week.

Step 4: Click on 'Renew Lease'

Now - depending on if you want to transfer the amount yourself or if you don't mind using steem-connect (which I personally use and strongly recommend) - you have to do different things.

1.) If you want to transfer it yourself

Step 5: Open up a new window or tab and go to your Steemit Wallet Page. Click on the little arrow next to Steem and then click on Transfer.

Step 6: Copy everything from the previous Steem-Connect transfer window - that you saw after Step 4 and paste it into the Steemit transfer window.

Important: Make sure that you don't change anything in the memo text. The format should be like this:

For example: renew 1234

And that's it - however ...

2.) If you want to use Steem-Connect

Step 5: Then simply go back to Step 4 - click in the Steem-Connect transfer window on the Continue button and then enter your login details. That's it!

Amazing right?

I had a lot of fun programming the lease renewal feature and using it is even better.

If you have any questions - just ask them in the comments below and I'll make sure to answer them.

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Minimum Upvote5 SBDMinimum SBD you can send
Upvote comments?NO
Profit at 100% VP3 timesCheck VP at
Daily Limit5.0 SBDMaximum you can send in 24h
Weekly Limit15.0 SBD7 day maximum
Minimum SP Lease1 STEEM
1-3 Week Lease1 STEEM/75 SPPrice per week/Lease size
4-24 week Lease1 STEEM/150 SPPrice per week/Lease size

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Hi @minnowbooster, was wondering about the renew lease feature. If I still have a few days left on the current lease and want to renew it, do I get the pro-rated funds back for the old lease when I renew it to the new lease? Thanks.

fantastic! A great feature to add to an already great system.

I have one more request: please increase the weekly limit to 21 SBD. Current 20 SBD is very strange number. For example, "@dencentropia's weekly quota of 20.0 SBD was reached by 18.0 + 3.0, please stay under your limit!", 2 SBD difference cannot be used due to minimum sending limit is 3 SBD. Yes there can be arrangements such as 4+4+6+6, but 21 SBD is a magic number in that sense, at least one can use @minnowbooster once daily for 7 days a week. Anyway, thanks for great service.

Amazing service thank you so much @minnowbooster for everything you do for us!


This a great addition. I'm glad you guys are implementing it just in time for my lease being nearly up. 😁

Finally.... it is that easy.....but I missed a renewal by 1 day. should have done it yesterday. Thanks for posting this.

Nice feature indeed!

I think this is what I am looking for.. Replying this so I can reference it later.

Good informatin :D

I figure it out :-)


We can't control your delegation for you. Are you scamming yourself out of your SP, is that what you want to say? Hit us up on discord if you actually need help undelegating after we send you a link already ;)

@minnowbooster : tnx for your service

charming info abou minnowbooster

I've used this and it's great!

I intend to use it more as well.

Upvoted and resteemed.

I upvote all comments and replies to all of my posts to help my fellow Steemians earn Steemit rewards and more voting power. Consider doing the same to help the community.

So that's a Win-Win situation for both!
Great work @minnowbooster @therealwolf

if i renew lease before first lease ends so should i lost my first lease. or new lease will be added ? i cant understand. im new

Yes This a great addition,,,& great information.

Thanks @minnowbooster. Been making a little money thanks to you. Resteeming this for other Steemians following me.

Thank you.Nice post.Keep it up.

Great Feature. I will use when I can accumolate steem

Till some time before I was wondering about steem delegation. I still haven't found any clear answer to satisfiy myself.
Then I suddenly come to this article.

can anybody tell me what actually this steem delegation / lease and how to to it??

Or any links with a-z explanation would be a great great help.


delegation is giving someone else a part of your steem power and therefor upvote weight. It takes 7 days to get back but the other party can't power it down or run with it. Like leasing a car to a friend.

Thank you for this interesting post.

very informative

Bookmarking this one for later period. I am new here. After few days or months i will try to be in business

Keep it on. Roll more

Great post thanks x

Awesome feature but can we only renew for 1 week? For example we renew it for one week and at the end of that new week can we renew the lease again for 1 week?


Yes - that's exactly what you can do :)

Great post, again,! Thank you for what you're doing. Upvoted @ 100% my friend. Keep up the good work.go ahead.we are with you all of luck

Is there an upper limit for leasing SP from market?

Is it OK to pay 333 Steem for a lease of 49,950 SP?

Very useful information. And then I did not understand much.

Nice explanation very good

Really interesting feature we have here. @minnowbooster keeps doing great stuffs around here. Thanks for this one too that favours both the lessee and lessor...

Do you have a video tutorial on this?

thanks for the information

Thanks for the information @minnowbooster

The 7 day lockup does seem annoying. Any way to make it shorter?


No - the period is directly from steem and not made by us. Renewing is already one way to make this problem a bit less annoying for leasing/delegating.




It's not annoying, it's very practical. Otherwise, you would easily keep delegating dummy accounts upvoting , then moving delegation.7 days is the payment window, so avoids misuse

great information :)

Interesting story.Thanks to your article, I'm pleased.Good luck.

Hi. Can you tell me why you transfer back sbd to me but you approve others to upvote them?

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please upvote me
with best regards: adnan7813

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Hi, It´s great. But your "CURRENT PARAMETERS" are wrong and do not match the one on your website.

Great information, I have not used any of the minnow booster features. Your explanation on lease extension is sufficient and I want to try. Thanks for sharing

Great info! Thanks for this @minnowbooster @therealwolf

I love this info, what a fantastic business investment is this indeed....upvoted and resteemed.

unconditional service! A true decentralize attitude!
More power! God bless!

Congratulations @minnowbooster!
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Thank you so much @minnowbooster.. Follow - ReSteem and UPvote

I like you new website :)

always the same do not return my steem power after 7 days

It is already second time if I do not claim my steem power never arrives.

I transferred by mistake 3 steem instead of sbd 20 minites ago... please transfer back...

@minnowbooster return seems to be wrongly showcased in the web site. I just put 5 SBD, and the return was a mere 6.42, where as as per the web site, it should have been $1.746 per SBD. Seems your program is behaving weird ?


Check out this post:

sadly steem sucks in terms of how they calculate votes


But in my case it upvoted with 3 percent power, so there should not have been any impact of rounding. The return should at least have been 7.5 , isn't it ?


That looks fine. 4% would be:

And the rounding as happening when we try to vote 3.8% because then it makes it a 4% vote all the time. So we have to preemptively round down to prevent us from loosing up to $2 per vote. A fix for this is almost ready as we will split it into multiple smaller accounts voting in a bigger range.


Which site you are looking at ? Because the is not then showing accurate and true data.

Because it told I would get 1.74$ per SBD, so 5 would then have been 8.7. But you are telling its something different.

· is showing you a linear calculation. is showing you the buggy rounded calculation steem is doing. is correct in what you should get but we have to fit it in a full percent.

It is like going to a shop where the price is displayed $1.50 but you only have full dollars so you have to pay $1 or $2, no change. Do you blame the shop for displaying $1.50 if the money is to blame for not allowing it?


did I not pay in full like 5 SBD ? If minnow booster is correct and it voted with 3 percent , then I still wonder, where the rounding happens and how it reduces.

For me its simple math : 5 * 1.74 = 8.7

Whatever way you round, it should have been at least 8, if is correct , isn't it ?

And if is showing whatever steem follows, then should minnowbooster site not follow that, because that is the actual outcome ?


The problem is not with you paying 5SBD it is with that we can only vote 3% and 4% and 3% is not enough and 4% is too much. So we have to somewhat guess what the appropriate percentage is.

We don't know the actual percentages till we vote, that is the problem. So we can't really show what it will become, as that is all approximated. If voting power goes under I think 53% or so, all our votes randomly halve in value. And there is no way to detect that. And there are many such cases that we have to anticipate. We are working hard to do it but it will never be perfect. Also remember that changes with steem price and if you look at it a few minutes later, the value already drifted.

Thanks From @aponvhuiya
im waiting for your upvote

can any one tell me how to earn with lease SP with minnowbooster.

Hello good post my name is Yudexis Jaume and I am from venezuela can you give a vote to my last post? @minnowbooster

still don't understand this leasing @minnowbooster


What exactly don't you understand? Leasing means: you pay steem to get steempower for a period of time. Delegating means: you get steem paid out periodically to give steem power to some one else.

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Something very wonderful, well done, my friend
Very valuable information
You are a wonderful person

Hi, MinnowBooster did not upvote my content and the "refund" is only 0,042 Steem Dollars even tho I paid 6,0 Steem Dollars and only received 0.04 on my post.

Here are the screenshots.

I didn't receive help on Discord, mods went offline.

I want my Steem dollars back.

I need more seriousness after 2 weeks of cancellation, or my stim me will not be returned. and is second time. makes me think that they are taking advantage of my money. If these problems are not solved, I will begin to criticize and vote negatively on their work.

I like MinnowBooster but it does not work well it does not return my steem when it should .2 times use it and 2 times the same problem gives me thinking that they take advantage of my money and use it to win more.

Hi Reggae
I sent 2$ but didn't get any upvote despite of this message back

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 20.35.44.png

Do you know what happened ? Thanks


My bad it's just came through thanks =)

Hi @minnowbooster, I'm very interesting with your post. And I want to support with translate this post to my language Bahasa Indonesia.
Can I?


Sure our pleasure, go ahead and spread the news.

Really amazing I am really appreciate it.