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Hello Minnows, redfish, orcas, dolphins and whales. @nelkeljdm here with another great video showcasing our Minnowbooster website and all of it's features.

Let's let the video content speak for itself on this one.

I hope that you all have learnt something from this and that this video will allow you all to use our Minnowbooster services more effectively. If you have any questions or would like help with any of our products please don't hesitate to drop a comment or get in touch with us on our discord chat.

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Fascinated with all the different names these bot services takes: minnows, whales, etc.

That was quick but very clear presentation ,, IT's very helpful thank you.

Minnowbooster as always great! Keep it up!

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You are very helpful.
Thanks for your support

Wow, I always use upvote's jonno @minnowbooster. I think steemit is doing very well in @minnowbooster To join Steemit, join the biggest @minnowbooster.

Minnowbooster is cool, thanks for inserting :)

Hi @minnowbooster.... You are don steemit and your are very nice job

too bad, I´m just seaweed....


Minnowbooster is very helpful for a new user on streem.it proves very beneficial for me.

Hi, how do I get automobile upvotes?


Doing upvotes from the Minnowbooster website now... Thank You for helping the minnows..

Congratulations @minnowbooster!
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we love @minnowbooster thank you for the good work you doing.

Does minnowbooster also accept steems?
I mean can we also send steem in place of SBD?

I'm a sucker for cute cartoons.

I liked these new features