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Hey there,

@reggaemuffin here speaking for @minnowbooster with our next update post.

If you missed our intro, read it here:
(Be wary that some details changed since then and it is only an overview)

We took a quick nap and are back bigger and better. Upvoting will resume in a few minutes.

We added some limits to the upvote feature so that all minnows can enjoy a chunk of upgoatiness.

You can only receive up to 2SBD upvote per day. And 10SBD upvote per week.

That means you can gift other people as many goats as you like but you cannot drain the booster all on yourself.

We will monitor the system and tweak the limits based on your feedback.

We are happy to hear your feedback on where to improve. Leave a comment below and join our discord server and we will listen.

We will try to make these updates a regular thing to keep you posted on the latest happenings for @minnowbooster. If you have something we should cover in the next update, tell us.

And last but not least we now have a cute little footer made by the most epic @ryivhnn! Yes, there are cute little minnows floating around!

Minnowbooster is a @buildteam project by @thecryptodrive @cryptomancer and @reggaemuffin


Do you have a source for that image?That looks really epic!

Just perform an Image Search in Google and you should find the source.

that is not the point 🤷

Sorry, it didn't get that. The image is really cool. As I understood it belongs to a Russian model called Ellen Sheidlin and it's uploaded in her Instagram profile.

Is delegating still working? Mean can i delegate you my power and earn back?

Is this a 100% rate? Mean if im doing 60 cents each day by my own upvote, will i earn same or nearly?

Depends on many factors I'd say

good post

Wow really appreciate your work , it is really helpful for minnows out there , including myself

Thanks Steemit Community

half of the time, upvote does not works and then " you are in cool down" after a failure.

you sure that us our bot? Because we don't have that message


Discord is a company that produces a chat application. I don't think they are having a steem bot.

And the prices are the same?


Recently I sent about 1.504 STEEM POWER to Minnowbooster and I thought that I would get some daily earning. Its been more than 24 hours and didnt get any. Can you tell me when can I expect something?

It could be your investment is too low. We can only send 0.001SBD and if your payout is lower, we have to wait till it passes the cap.

OK. I'll wait for few days and then comment the status here.

And I also wanted to know can I invest a little Steem Power each week? Like a SIP kind of thing.

@reggaemuffin could you give me a detailed description on How I Could undeligate my SP from minnowbooster I have been searching Google and steam for a long time and just cannot find a good answer? Your help would be greatly appreciated thank you.

We have a tool to delegate and negative amounts remove that many sp from your delegation. So entering for example -1000 will most likely remove all your delegation

thanks i like what you guys are doing

good going,, your service is help lot of people.

Thanks for informing me! Love the content:)

Glad to see that my idea went through. Although 2/d and 10/w seems a bit too low it is worth it.

We will monitor these values :) They ensure no one person drains the pool ;)

Great post and I like this post. This project is very good.

Great initiative, helpful to all of us ~little~swimmers~ in Steemit Land ! Thank you !!


I'm new here, really appreciate your work, great! Upvote and follow please.

This is a good idea, so that it would really benefit the minnows.

Hello, looks like I sent the wrong link with the first order not long ago and I tried again but it was sent back due to limit.
Can you check that for me?
The correct link is:

Thanks for the heads up, I'll exclude failed votes from the limit soon.

Just asking again, nothing happened, $2 disappeared

I fixed the limit so it won't count failed votes. If you send a wrong link, the bot cannot detect that, sorry. But I can refund you for the amount this one time :)

That would be fantastic, so maybe I have one more chance with that

I refunded you from my personal stash :)

You are a gentleman, thank you :)

Your support for minnows is greatly appreciated. Thank you and keep steeming

Wow follow me

I sent 4 SBD to @minnowbooster and never received an upvote. Please fix. Thanks

I suggest you read your messages

@reggaemuffin Where is the message option on Steemit? :)

You have to send steem or sbd to message someone

Thanks for all the upgoats, minnowbooster rocks!

here are some ideas
1.perhaps you should start a membership

  1. you could ask for ever reply to be upvoted This will increase the pool

What will a membership help?
And I really hate asking for upvotes, because minnows are exactly the ones who don't have that many.

"You can only receive up to 2SBD upvote per day. And 10SBD upvote per week."

That's a good way to control people abusing for themselves - nice idea. Still gameable if people make agreements to mutually boost for each other, but a great step to a more communal approach.

I didn't read the post properly before I sent you 2 SBD and 1 SBD, and have exceeded the quota but not received a refund. Will I simply get a 1SBD-value upvote tomorrow, or do I wait for the transfer back?

It should transfer back. If not tell me when did you send it.

It was about two hours ago - one for Interesting People #7 and one for Interesting People #8.

I just got it back - thank you very much

I sent 0.5SBD like 23hour ago and not received any upvote. Is there a new rule or...?

NEVER MIND. I DID A MISTAKE. MY BAD :), it seems I wanted to upvote your post "update log #3", well this project is awesome, so consider it as donation.

Some people complained about failed sendbacks. Send me your transaction and I will check and refund

Sounds pretty logical. Drain limitation features were definitely missing.

Posts that attract friends greetings know from me @ abupasi.alachy

How do I undelegate SP?

Thanks for the very useful information @minnowbooster
don't forget to follow me @hattaarshavin

I can't undelegate my SP, I keep getting error. Can admins please undelegate my SP? my username is silent.screamer
I tried using both key and password, and tried delegating 0 SP or delegating negative SP.
My SP is stuck in the bot, please help.

This is a steem issue and will be solved in the 0.19.1 update.

I have 10 SP loaned to minnow booster now, the SBD payback is quite small, is this because of the very low price of STEEM DOLLARS?

probably because the bot took a nap. Profits will ramp up till tomorrow

If people need to pay to get upvotes then this site may as well be be dead already as it's certainly not going to go mainstream. While services like this exist, this site will never take off.

Year old jizz mixed with dogshit is better than facebook. That doesn't change what I said though. Service like this are bad for the site and bad for minnows. The more they're used, the more they need to be used to gain viewers.

I think selfvotes and powerdowns hurt steem more, so I am offering a better alternative.

Is that so much better?

No, it's not better but selling upvotes doesn't solve those problems, it just introduces more. To solve the self-upvote problem, just don't reward self-upvotes. That's already been proposed and it is being discussed.

Well minnowbooster offers whales an alternative to selfvotes and powerdowns

How does minnowbooster offer an alternative to either of those?

Really simple: Why selfvote your comments when you can delegate the SP to minnowbooster and get rewards. Why power down if you can invest your steem into minnowbooster and make that money work for you (while keeping it invested in the chain).

Im glad to know that you will join the steemvoter team , it will be huge , thank you for all efforts , steemit is more powerful with this great colloboration ( sorry for my english:))

Thanks for the information :)

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