Minnowbooster Series: The Blacklist

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Hey folks, @trev03 here writing to you from the Minnowbooster customer support basecamp. I'm back to discuss a topic that comes up daily in our support chat and the topic today is the Blacklist.

Quite simply, the blacklist is a database of Steem users that have broken our Terms of Service and often stay in this list if they fail to remediate their actions.

So here are some questions that are asked by our users and answers to guide them to hopefully keep them off the blacklist. Please note that these rules are specific to Minnowbooster and if it applies to Steem in general then we will explicitly say so.

1. Can I post single pics that are original and taken by myself with my camera or mobile phone?

The answer to that is an unfortunately, no. There are many quality artists and photographers out there that post legit quality art and photography, however it is very difficult for Minnowbooster to sift through every single image and check which are legit or not and therefore we do not accept any posts that have single pics. You CAN however post a single pic with supporting text that shows significant effort in terms of the production, subject and quality of post. Failure to abide by the above will definitely land you on our blacklist.

2. Can I use pictures off the internet in my post that is of great length with my own personal wording and quality?

Yes, You can use pictures off the internet however it is important to add the source of any picture you use and quote the url that the picture is from to make it legit.

3. Do you permit copying news and important articles to my blog which I want to upvote?

This is probably the most important question and the answer is no, besides this being frowned upon and called Plagiarism , It isn't just not allowed by Minnowbooster, this isn't allowed in the general Steem blockchain community as well and you will most likely get flagged by the Cheetah Bot, SteemCleaners and trust me it isnt good publicity for your blogs to be flagged. You can however put the new content into your own words and open a discussion on topics with loads of personal touches and that will be allowed, both by Minnowbooster and in the wild on Steem.

4. How do I know when I am blacklisted ?

You will be notified via memo when you try and upvote a post and you are refunded your money, note that after 10 attempts that your money will not be refunded, please make your way to our discord and check on the reason that you are on the blacklist.

5. Who reports me to be blacklisted?

We have a Minnowbooster community as well as a whitelist community that post quality blogs and they take offence when someone posts a poor quality post that is clear abuse of the upvote system, so they often report this in the #mb-abuse channel on our discord server.

Apart from that we also get other good Steemians that come from all parts of Steem to flag abusers to try and keep the Steem eco system clean. So my advice to all users on the Steem community is to abide by the rules.

6. How do I get off the blacklist?

Depending on the reason you are on the blacklist, most of the time we find that giving a user a 2 week review period whereby they post quality content in line with our terms of service and then come back to one of our moderators to review and the moderator will then decide if the user gets removed or stay on the blacklist.

Okay, so we talked about stuff that can get you on the blacklist and how you possibly can be removed should you remediate your actions however it will be fitting to remind you guys of our terms of service so that you can read and ensure that you conform with our rules and standards.

Terms Of Service :

Photography Post Rules:

  • Single photo posts are not allowed
  • Photography posts must contain supporting text and show significant effort in terms of production value (location, setup, lighting and subject) to be considered boostable.

Art, Video & Animation Post Rules:

  • Posts must be originally produced by the author and contain supporting text.
  • Memes are not considered art.

Public Domain Content:

  • Sources and Authors used in posts must be correctly cited and linked to original content

Forbidden Topics:

  • Violence, self-harm, gore
  • Politics & political opinion
  • Religion
  • NSFW
  • Drugs and other illegal substances
  • Scams and pyramid schemes

Use discretion in upvoting posts, using a small MB upvote for short content may be okay under some circumstances but think about the content you are upvoting and decide based on the criteria we have laid out.

What is @minnowbooster's new policy in dealing with abuse? Users who violate our TOS regarding upvotes will face the following consequences:

1.) Your post will be unvoted by Minnowbooster
2.) You will not receive a refund for the original upvote.
3.) Your account can be blacklisted

User errors while using our upvote or delegation services are non-refundable

Violation of these TOS can result in a temporary or permanent blacklisting. In case user is blacklisted, the first 10 transactions done by the user are returned with a warning in the transaction memo.

Any amounts sent won't be refunded after 10 warnings.(edited)

That's all for now folks, stay tuned for more tips and guidelines from me in the coming weeks. I hope this has been informative for you.



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@minnowbooster and @buildteam, this is a great post and will help Steemit blogger understand what the laws are so that they don't innocently fall victim of the law. I have been cautious myself of what am posting be one can never but one can never be too sure. With this it is clearer what you can and can not do. Thanks

Thank you minnowbooster for making Steemit better! @Buildteam makes really great job for all Steem community!

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Thanks @travoved we appreciate you too :)

Hi! Thank you for such a detailed explanation of the terms of use of your service! I just joined to Steemit at the begginig of Sptember, but I will definitely use Minnowbooster service!

Hey @minnowbooster. Thanks for the more detailed expansion on etiquette. I've only been here a week, still figuring it all out. Few quick questions.

  1. Is it alright to repost my own stuff that I wrote or made from my own website, or other sources if I mark it like I have done here
  2. I cut and pasted bits and linked to an article earlier because it was significant and relevant to another thread I'd seen. I marked it as 'not original content' - was that ok? Or am I in trouble now?
  3. Why aren't memes art? Some of my memes are megaclassy...


Hi @ann-narkeh

Firstly let me welcome you to Steemit! To answer your questions, you may indeed post your own content on steemit. Perhaps just give a little explanation of what you did in the past article. For example, I run a personal YouTube channel and when uploading my old videos I gave a brief description of what it was all about.

Unfortunately your earlier article would not be allowed to be boosted using our upvote services, but we cannot stop you from posting this on your blog.

Memes are a tough one, we can't sift through all memes and since 90% of them are copied and regurgitated throughout the interest we have made the decision to ban all memes from being upvoted.

hi @nelkeljdm thanks, great to be here. :D

Thanks also for explaining.

What do you reckon the best etiquette for fixing my gaffe with that article would be? Would editing it with an explanation and replacing the original text body be sufficient?

re: memes - do you reckon it might be worth starting a new tag then, like; 'originalmemes' or 'freshmemes' as a simple, lo-fi etiquette fix for the 10% of meme creators?


GoodJob @minnowbooster ! As a photographer I wouldn't want to see one of my works in somebody's post which he upvoted by himself using Your services.
All the lazy bastards should be banned! Why lazy? Because these days everyone has at least smartphone and can do his own shots. Practice make masters - I need around 8 years to get here where I am now in photography - if someone think that can just borrow one of my works the answer is - not a chance.

Good luck and full support from my side!

Thank you @photovisions Keep doing what you're doing! We appreciate you too :) Love the Aurora photography on your IG!

Hi friend i am new on steemit kindly guide me how can buy upvotes.

Articel. Al the best

Thanks for the information. I did not know all this rules on steemit. It is not good to have a fault in this community. So thank you again!.


I have always wanted to ask how anyone can use this Minnowbooster??

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