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MinnowBooster: Introducing Steem Keychain Integration!

in minnowbooster •  2 months ago

MinnowBooster: Introducing Steem Keychain Integration!

Hey Steemians! We are thrilled to be bringing you today what we consider to be nothing less than an epic announcement. Yes, you may have guessed it. That's right!

MinnowBooster now features Steem Keychain integration!

But hold your horses there eh...

What is Steem Keychain you ask?

Steem Keychain is essentially the new Metamask for Steem.

The Steem Keychain Chrome browser extension allows you to safely store your keys and access sites that are integrated without compromising them to third parties! What an idea!

A few things to point out is the fact that the idea for this new feature was conceptualised by @yabapmatt and developed by @stoodkev. It was first developed for use on Steem Monsters and now we are proud to say that MinnowBooster also offers it as an option.

To get a better look at the tool in action, check out this video courtesy of Steem Monsters:

BuildTeam and Minnowbooster are proud to support the growth of the Steem ecosystem through the integration and promotion of this fantastic new browser extension tool.

So if you want to give the new and improved MinnowBooster with Steem Keychain integration a try, use it to boost your post as depicted below (Pay via Steem Keychain) and have a blast!

Don't Have Steem Keychain?

Install it on your Chrome browser via this direct link and remember to rate it to help increase its visibily in the Chrome web store.

Firefox and other browser compatibility coming in future!

Final Thoughts

Working with industry leaders like SteemConnect, Steem Keychain and Vessel helps to solidify and increase awareness of a solid base of proven Steem-based technology.

Steem is on track to become the greatest blockchain this world has ever seen. Let's keep building a future we want to be a part of!



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I tried it out on steemmonsters and it did work like a charm, nice to see that you guys are adopting it as well.
go buildteam

Great to see a MetaMask like option for Steem! I hope this can eventually come to the Brave Browser which is becoming my preferred way to browse pretty quickly!


I think the Brave Browser would be a logical integration due to its crypto association. I hereby tag @stoodkev on this.


With the newest update to the Brave browser (Version 0.55.20 Chromium: 70.0.3538.67), chrome extensions are now fully compatible with Brave.

I just downloaded Steem Keychain in Brave this morning myself!

All you have to do is open Brave, search for the Chrome Web Store, click on extensions, type in "Steem Keychain", download it and it works like a charm!


That's fantastic to hear, glad Brave users can use Steem Keychain as well.


Brave's newest update now allows users to install chrome extensions directly in Brave! Check out the explanation that I gave to @thecryptodrive on exactly how to do this!

It's a huge improvement for the browser and is definitely helping to make it my favorite as well!

Nice to see you guys using it too. =) Keychain is a very good step into more security and a way to stop phishing.

Welcome to the Keychain Club! Glad to see another site using it.


We'll be joining soon enough.


The Steemchain revolution is starting! :)

Dear @minnowbooster, today I paid the application for the 50 SP and paid from the 1.333 STEEM wallet, but I received the entire 16.663 SP for rent. How to solve this problem?

Nice a metamask for steemit worth a note :)

I have already voted for you.
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Is it more secure than SteemWallet?

I really like the design ! Good job !
Also showing RC is really cool.

def love this, i will be using keychain with chrome. is it possible to integrate this into blockstack?I would love your feedback on my most recent post on an idea i have for improving the blockchain

thats a good step.

this already has made my life easier onm steem!!!!

Mind-blowing! I use minnowbooster for almost a year and now happy to know here is an opp to hold Keyes securely. MB is brilliant