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First of all, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the Steem platform, as well as those who have been supporting our development all this while. After much struggle, hard work, sheds of blood and tears, we have arrived this important moment and take this to the next level. We understand there will be much difficulties in future, but we fear not on the challenges because we know you got our back.

About Steem Express

We are a global shopping platform based on Steem blockchain. We are looking forward to bring this business to the wider range of cryptocurrency market. Unlike most of other blockchain projects, we already started business in the pipeline. Today alone, we have already started sales on our soft launch, please do hit the follow button and stay tune for our very near future announcement on our updates.

Integration of rewarding shopper

As far as we concern, Steemit owns vast majority of attention from Steem blockchain users and stake holders. We will be continuously increase our SP in order to empower the team in terms of rewarding our future customers by way of free upvotes. One of the best example would be client who make a post feedback on their puchase and help to promote #steemexpress shopping platform, we will reward them with upvote. Note that it is not neccessarily to make a post on your purchase, but if you do, and the promotion ingredient suit our curator's taste, chances of getting an upvote from us will be greatly increase. Promoter/existing customers who help to resteem and make promotional post for us, may have a chance to get randomly selected and getting an upvote from us as well. Other than upvote, we are implementing point accumulation system. All spending on our platform will be accumulated in a point system, and these point will ultimately worth a value. For now, it is only a point system because there are sensitive wording between point and "currency", but who knows if we able to.

Soft launch and trial operation

For now, the website are not fully functional yet. We have decided to kick it start and work along the way. We could not wait until everything to be perfect or else we will never be able to start anything else. We will be leveraging on Steemit platform, our client's feedback to continuously improve your shopping experience with us, and to grow together with the entire community.

Beginning from today, we will be having a month of trail run. During this period, your first five orders are free. After which, the following orders are entitled 5 to 10% of rebateds. We do not have a statistics yet for our client base requirement at this time, we know not the product in demand. If you find the product offered by us are off, please do inform us and we will do our best to reward those who leave us suggestion for improvement. We will be launching a survey soon, please do check back and help us improve our client database so we can benefit you more and reward you more.

Here is the first product item we have uploaded for our soft launch. Please do check it out and inform us how do you feel and what do you think about the site. If you do not see, it probably have a hiccup and you should check back in a moment.

Direct purchase link:
(If you did not see the link working, not to worry because we are still ironing out some detail. We will be back online as soon as possible.)

A hidden gem if you managed to read until here

This is a good news to all of our early adopters. We have prepared 50Steems and randomly pick those who resteemed/upvoted us on this post. We have a mechanism behind the scene and those who cheat will be disqualified. We will use the post payout to make a random calculation on those contributors and select a winner. Prize announcement will be after post payout from this post.

About our team

Our current investors are mainly companies from Hong Kong.
Our technical consultant has served as executives in several well-known Internet companies.
Our technology partner has been being one of the leading ERP engineers of well-known foreign trade e-commerce for ten years ago.
Our trading manager was once the head who managed all Chinese suppliers for a famous European chain stores company.
Our logistics partners are experienced in import and export logistics.
Sounds a little off? We will introduce our founding team in details on our coming articles. You will probably find us updating more often on our official website as that is where our strength is. This Steemit platform will remain as our best valuable channel of broadcasting and rewarding equipment.



Your account has delegation from another account @steemscan.
Generally if you want to launch a project on steemit, become active on steemit and legitimize yourself. Familiarise yourself with how other projects are launched and how commenting that you upvoted posts isn't the best way to promote your project. People flag unwanted copy paste engagement on their posts. If they write an article and someone doesn't look at their post and only wants attention for themselves it doesn't look well. You could have engaged with other users on the site for several weeks or months and then launched your project.

To promote post you could invest in post promotion in services on so that the payout from the post rises and your post becomes more visible on the site, up higher in the rankings on trending on the topics you pick.

The other problems with your post are we don't know who you are or who the user @steemscan is, we don't know if we can trust you, you promise a giveaway but don't have the funds to give this money away.

And above all we don't know if your project is trustworthy or not.

In your next post, try to explain it in better detail and don't comment about it under other people's post. Let it be found organically by people on the site or use post promotion.

Thank you for your advice.
We have stopped those incorrect promotion methods.

@steemscan is another of our projects that are not online yet. These two accounts temporarily have the same avatar.
Furthermore, this project was launched first,so we took the SP for this account.

I agree with @imisstheoldkanye. You start dropping links on peoples posts, and they will downvote you to oblivion. Two things that you might investigate, or think about, beyond what has already been said. You might try to connect with a few of the Higher Ups in the steem community or at least someone who knows the ecosystem, otherwise, you will be lost. Unless you throw an ungodly amount of money at the platform.

I understand that you are not a native English speaker which is fine, but you should be aware that another quick marker of typical spam/scam is a poorly translated/written post. Especially when it is supposed to be from company's marketing efforts. There are some communities on the steem blockchain that can help with translation services as well.

I promise the @steemexpress and @steemscan belong to the same team!

Greetings from Hong Kong

Thanks, friend.


You post me a message pretending you upvoted a post of mine and would I...the usual scam newbies think up.

Scam? Yes. You set your upvote at 1% so that you upvote me to the value of absolute ZERO.

I will be flagging your comment so that everyone sees it.

Sorry! I have change upvote to 100%!

We have stopped those incorrect promotion methods.

It was an honest mistake. Apologised for the inconvenient caused.

Upvoted and resteemed. Thank you. Following.

Sounds interesting. Can’t wait to learn more. Thanks for sharing!

Welcome to Steemit @steemexpress!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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Oh yea, I have upvoted you and followed you. Many blessings!


Following, upvoted and resteemed.

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