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How I joined Steemit?

I joined Steemit by clicking the black colored "Sign up" button (jk). I guess you want some more story to it, right? Let's get started then.

To get it started with, we need to go back in time for 8 months, because that's exactly when I published my first post here on Steemit and my journey began. Click here to read the first introduction post I made.

Basically I could say that I heard about Steemit a few months before I actually started using it. At first I was a bit sceptical about it, although blogging has always been a hobby of mine. I got introduced to Steemit as a meme site and I was invited to join the site to post memes. I am not a meme person. Months later I looked deeper into Steemit and discovered that it offers a lot more than what I first thought and decided to add my quality content to it, so here I am. :)

What can be found in my blog?

By following me or occasionally opening up my blog by bookmarking it, you can find posts about random ramblings about my life, photos, selfies, gaming and everything related. See, I have played computer games since I was a little kid and it is still a big part of my life and I guess it always will be. I have made some livestreams even here on Steemit using the sweet @DLive streaming site.

On another note I try to make my blog feed look kind of styled so you know what the post is about just by looking at the small thumbnail.

Has Minnowbooster helped me and how?

I feel like I am a late bloomer, because I started using @Minnowbooster way too late that I could've, but I'm glad I did. Minnowbooster has helped me quite a lot to put my low Steem Power to a good use and earn some passive income by doing absolutely nothing, but being just me. Minnowbooster is also one of the main reasons I feel the need to build up my Steem Power more and more... to get more and more of that sweet income.


What I love about Minnowbooster?

I guess I just said it, but I don't mind repeating it again:

I love that Minnowbooster helps me to work towards earning a passive income.^^

The service I have been using is vote-sell since I feel like this works better for me than delegation. Not sure if it's true though, but I like to be the master of my Vote Power and have the possibility to disable the service at any time if I should have the need to do it.

Comment below:

How did you get here?


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How are you doin'? Haven't seen you for a while now at DLive Discord... 😊


I think I'm doing really good. I have had a really busy summer over a long time (usually I got nothing to do in summer :D) so not much time to sit behind a PC. : )

Thanks for still remembering me! <3


Haha! Got confused about your busy summer with nothing to do! 🤣
Well, hope to see you soon and have a little bit of chat there! We are having some fun and there are lots of changes! 😁
Keeo on Steeming and Stream On! 🤘😎


Nono.. to the max busy, haha. But the weather will turn to cold and wet soon and then there is nothing else to do than sit inside a blanked in front of a PC ;D


Oh! Now I get it! Lol! Anyways,
Hope you win at Minnowbooster's COntest! :D

So are you using your earnings to power up and get more SP and increase your returns over time?

I've been using SmartSteem to sell my votes since well I don't always use them all the time. I mean I do, do manual curation when I have time but there's voting power wasted when im not online so I give them a little bit of room to do it for me.


I think I have powered it all up yeah and this is what I want to keep doing whenever possible. (Note that there have been times when some extra fiat money has also came in handy, so Steemit has been a huge help in those situations).

I am not familiar with SmartSteem, but I haven't heard anything bad about it. : )