⛔️Enter The Minnow-Contest And Win Some SBD💰⛔️ — Getting Minnows And All Users Involved🧠📝 — Contest #1

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Ive been around for a about 7 months now, and I’ve realized 1 big thing: Minnows dont get recognition.

♻️The Need For Change♻️

I used to have another account before I switched to this one to start new and try to help the community. But even with some of the minnow support programs and communities, minnows still dont get enough attention. It’s hard to get out of the status of being a minnow because the Steemit system is geared against you. Basically the rich get richer, while the poor fund the rich. I’m not proposing a fix to this issue, but i want to try to help more minnows get attention. Maybe this project will take off. Or maybe it will fail. It takes just as much effort on my part as it does for you so we can make this work for everybody. This is not a change that will fix the issue, but it can help people overcome the system that benefits whales.


It’s time to change things up here and start something new that I haven’t done before. This contest will be a simple one that anybody can join and take part in, unless you are whale. In that case, it would be great if you would be willing to help me sponsor these contests and run them. All you need to do is create a post about the topic i am going to introduce down below.

But first, lets set the rules for this contest.


  1. You must upvote this post to be entered into the contest

  2. You must be following me in order to be entered

  3. You must comment a link to your entry post here, so i can easily get to it

  4. You must use the tag “minnow-contest” (without the quotations of course)

  5. You must not be a whale — I am hoping that whales will decide to help sponsor these contests in the future

  6. Upvote, Follow, and Resteem other participant’s posts (lets create a community that helps each other)

⚙️How It Works⚙️

To participate, you must do what was required above. After that comes the fun part with making your submission for the contest. These contests will be held weekly on Mondays, starting today, and run for 5 days. After 5 days, no more submissions will be accepted. Once you create your submission and post a link to it on this post, i will resteem it for everyone else to see. This gives you more visibility right from the start. I also encourage all participants in the contest to resteem, upvote and comment on their fellow participant’s posts.


After writing your post i will read it, leave a comment letting you know you were entered with some feedback and probably an upvote. I’m not asking for professional posts or fancy formatting or anything and spelling and grammar dont need to be perfect. Just take your time and give some effort, because after all, this is for the betterment of you.

After reading each post, i will collect the top 3 that i feel deserve to win. Of these top 3, i will try to narrow it down to just 1 winner, but of course, there can be more than 1 winner because sometimes more than 1 stands out. After deciding the winner(s) i will create a post on the 7th day after this contest began congratulating them and promoting their entry then i will send them their prize.

The prize will be the post payout generated by voters like you + 2 SBD (i will be paying for upvote bots, so this amount will not be included in the prize, but everything else will be). If the post gets 100 upvotes, the prize increases by 1 SBD. I know this is starting out small, but i am trying to get support from whales and larger accounts.

💡This Weeks Contest And Topic💡

This topic will serve as a sort of “introduceyourself” type of post. But instead, you will be describing your story to finding Steemit and what your experience has been since then. The post can be any length, but of course 5 words wont be worthy of the reward. So take your time and try to tell a story worth reading since your post will be resteemed by me and fellow participants.

Try to describe how you got to Steemit and if a friend brought you or you saw it on social media. If you just stumbled onto it. If you were looking for some quick money, but realized this wasnt quick etc. Talk about your experience here and if you plan to stick it out and work hard. These are just basic things, of course you can add much more. I want to learn about you guys and how you got here.

Also be sure to include the required tag for your post, which is “minnow-contest” and maybe even add this optional tag “steemit-journey” so all the posts for this specific contest can be grouped together under a tag.



Upvote this post, use the “minnow-contest”, comment your post link and follow me. Let’s get this thing started. If you have any ideas on how to make this better or to completely change it, please let me know, I’m open to doing what the community prefers.

I have already received one interest by another account to help pay for the contest. Let’s thank @ginquitti for his willingness to help me out, which helps all of you out! @ginquitti has agreed to resteem all submissions for this contest!!!! This means more visibility for your post, so you can earn more!! He was an old friend from my old account and it’s awesome that he’s helping kick this off. Thanks man👍 I hope more accounts, especially whales decide to help me fund and promote this project/contest

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I love this idea, I'm new to steemit but I am already absolutely loving this platform. I will work on my draft tonight and submit it by thursday

Nice idea.i will try to submit a comprehensive writeup later


Here is my submission took some time but I followed through

Thanks so much @average-joe. I really appreciate