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Ok, this might sound as a joke. But well, you can select to mine for any (or all) of the next reasons:

  • For the lols
  • For the experience
  • To support (a little ) the coin
  • To hold


The other day I managed to mine 2 HTH with my 4 year old laptop. We can laugh at it or we can think of the people who mined 1 or 2 BTC when the difficulty was 100 or so instead of 7,454,968,648,263...

However, as an experiment this was quite fun to get working. So if you want to give it a try, follow the next steps, to mine HTH too.

Download a CPU miner

Find a pool

  • I find the most convenient pool with trial and error. Let's try first.

    As you can see, they have listed $HTH and they have a good amount of miners and Hashrate, so it won't be so difficult to find a block together.
  • The base line to mine with them is:
    -a x16r -o stratum+tcp:// -u <wallet>-p c=HTH
  • For me worked as well as
  • There are more pools, you can find them all in the HTH discord server:

Get your file right

  • Open the good old notepad in your computer.
  • Drag the file RUN-RVN.cmd to notepad.
  • Delete whatever is there and change for something like this:
cpuminer-x64 -a x16r -o stratum+tcp:// -u <your wallet address> -p c=HTH --threads 2

This is an example with my file:

cpuminer-x64 -a x16r -o stratum+tcp:// -u H7zeQUKuf18rtpvWH6uCELm5PBmnpz8N4B -p c=HTH --threads 2
  • --threads 2 means the number of workers, in my case my cpu has a processor of 4 cores, but if I use them all it goes crazy, overheats and dies. So 2 or 3 is better. You can try modifyng this, start with 1 and see how it goes, then increase.

If you don't have a wallet address yet, you should:

  • Download the official HTH wallet from their website:
  • Mine directly to a shared Masternode service like mintnodes.
  • You can try to mine directly to a deposit address in crypto-bridge. But honestly, I haven't tried it. (If you have tried it please let me know if it works or doesn't).
  • Point it to a charity

Help The Homeless Worldwide
HTH Address HF5rjaXU7s3QCKuSb6uYJvAeVa3qWC3MKm
HTH Address HFWpQU9VbEFMvEnNgdXjH6xC5zdUvKEadr

Grassroots Crisis Intervention
HTH Address HUrsYtBYQqCPCqezHN5k51vKWXpFiNpwrz

The Salvation Army of Athens, Greece
HTH Address HQvnLwk1wvzY8jPjVtDdx8JVBnD3i6G5zk

If you downloaded the wallet from their website

  • Go to Receive
  • Type any label you want and click in Request payment
  • Click in Copy address
  • Paste that address in the right place in the RUN-RVN.cmd file.
  • SAVE the file


  • Open the RUN-RVN.cmd file by double click on it.
  • You should get something like this:

In my case when I mine with bsod the stratum difficulty starts decreasing:

Until I start getting these yes!!

Check your balance

You can check your balance in the mining pool by checking your wallet there. Just go to Wallet in their menu and your wallet in the input box, you will get something like this:

Are we rich yet?


Bonus track

If you have 30 seconds you can help us Help The Homeles by voting for HTH here:
Also if you join HTH discord server: and send a screenshot as proof of voting HTH in the channel marketing-bounty you will get 200HTH.



It is not recommendable to mine with a laptop. They are not designed for mining, it would burn out faster. Do it at your own risk.

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Thank you for your all clear information also for the caution in the bottom. I voted for it, and will share in their discord. Should I have wallet download to get the address or they can send to any exchange site address? If I uninstall wallet, can i restore from backup?


I don't know about the exchange.
If you uninstall the wallet you must have a backup of the file wallet.dat
Also if you have any program to help homeless you can partner with HTH and they promote you and you can get donations in $HTH :)

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I am already there and received 200 HTH. You might get my mentions on discord, Thanks again for the reply.


Amazing! :) You're welcome, I hope you have a great day :)

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I don't know about the exchange.
If you uninstall the wallet you must have a backup of the file wallet.dat
Also if you have any program to help homeless you can partner with HTH and they promote you and you can get donations in $HTH :)

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I think it's much easier to mine JSEcoin nowadays. Have you heard of it?


I will check it! Thank you!


If you want to try it out feel free to use my referral that you can find in my article and you'll get $ ~1.3 in upvotes + 30 resteems! =]

I have a coin kinda like that. Been bringing in 1000 turtlecoin every couple days on a 4 year old, stock, desktop. It comes off as a joke at first, but, it's actually a really solid coin! Inherently private like Monero. More scarce than bitcoin. Super fast. Only 2 places after the decimal. It's my new preferred currency.


Sounds good! What exchange is it listed and how much is it?

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· is the official website.

The only exchange I know of that it's on is Tradeoger but it's fairly new. I've used Tradeoger a couple of times with no issue.

According to Coin market cap, it's at $0.000035 USD right now.

It's only been around since Dec. of last year. I think this is a good one to buy / mine and hold.