Is it really better to GIVE than to receive?

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Most of us grew up hearing the phrase ‘it’s better to give than to receive’.

It’s a myth, it’s misleading and damaging. Let’s investigate this further.

It implies a superiority in giving. Therefore if you are on the receiving end, you are in a weaker position.

Receiving is vulnerable sometimes. Giving can sometimes be easier. One feels less exposed.

In order to receive we must feel WORTHY to receive.
How do we know if we are worthy or not?
You’ll need to examine your self talk for that one.
What story are you telling yourself about your deservedness to receive?
On a scale of 0-10 how worthy do you feel to receive?

open palm.png

Shouldn’t our ability to give and receive be a 50:50 ratio?
Like breathing. If we only ever exhale - how does that serve us?
In fact, you can tune in to your breathing now and check what your ratio is to exhaling and inhaling.

There is a huge element of TRUST that comes with receiving. Trust that we are deserving and trust that there is enough to go around.

Our capitalist society can make it difficult for us to trust the flow of giving and receiving. It fosters an element of hoarding and grabbing and a toddler-like ‘this is MINE’ quality.

Most importantly of all, receiving requires the ego to let go and surrender. With our current social conditioning, this can be extremely difficult to do and feel death-like.

If we can challenge our egos to let go of the tight control and the micro-managing then we can allow in, a way of living that is easier and less stressful. A way of living that requires less effort and certainly eliminates competition.

Then we can encompass a healthier ideal and feel whole and complete both giving AND receiving.

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I agree giving can have a negative effect as many people never break the cycle and remain subservient to the hand outs and never fend for themselves

Having said that I am still an advocate of giving as freely as I can! I’ve always seen it come back to me 10x over in the strangest of ways especially when I expected nothing in return!

I’ve had my fair share of people who have taken this and abused it but so I learn! I don’t feel it’s a reflection on me but on them and if we all adapt our behaviour because of a negative experience we limit the amount of positivity we can bring

Really enjoyed your post! Keep it up!

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Thank you.
Yes, the intention and energy behind the act of giving play a huge role.

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I agree in many aspects it’s a bit of a power struggle and their is dominant and submissive on either side! It’s a very interesting look at an action that may seem simple but become more complex as we give and take from one another at such a rapid pace in this new age

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