You Should Avoid News and Instead, Seek the Truth of History!!!

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Hello again, dear Steemians!

Today, I have a question for you: Apart from one being in the past and the other what is currently happening, what is the true difference between news and history?

In our current society, you could always have access to news. There are literally tens of platforms that can deliver the news to you in an instant and with no difficulty.

You turn on the radio, you hear the news. You turn on the television, you hear the news. You take hold of your phone, and you see news everywhere.

On most websites and especially social media, there are news agencies working 24/7 to make sure that you remain informed!

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But delivering unbiased information is not what these news agencies are doing.

The whole philosophy behind a news outlet is gathering more and more audience, thus making money through advertising and other methods of public appeasement!

More so, such news can never be the full picture. Many news agencies hold their allegiance to a particular party, and dedicate their strong words in support of that party and their harsh criticism for those who oppose said party.

Nobody gets the full picture in a news coverage. And it must be no surprise to you, because you have already seen many paradoxes in a single piece of article from many websites throughout the years of being engaged with such outlets.

The last blow that I will deliver to the idea of remaining informed via news outlets is the fact that most of what they cover are bad and terrible news from across the world, which would in no way have good effects on your mentality.

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On the other hand, we have history. History is said to be the greatest teacher of all time. History shows us who we used to be. History shows us our follies and our mistakes, our shortcomings and our lack of temperament.

‘Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.’

This is one of the greatest quotes of all time, put forth so eloquently to suggest our lack of wisdom to hold together our collective knowledge of what should be important.

You have already seen the repetition of human atrocities in all the follies that have crippled us in the long history of civilization

You need only hold a small glimpse of history to understand that we are making the same mistakes over and over again.

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Here is a good suggestion: Instead of drowning in the senseless world of news and what is currently happening, which is never the true picture of real events, we should take a look at history and learn lessons from it.

The history is rich with ideas, schools of thought, and beliefs that could help us through our life. And when, in the real life, things start to take an imitating turn, you will be one of the few to understand and oppose it.

True wisdom resides in history, while all news can offer you is terrible and biased sense of judgement. History will give you sensible solutions for all the problems of your personal life, or that of the other people living on this planet.

Embrace history and live a life of revelation and understanding, as opposed to what the media of masses wants you to know and understand.




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Thanks All of You!!!!

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I disagree with about half of your post.

I agree that the news is biased. The mainstream is close to completely biased. Many of the alternative media are biased as well. The great thing about the internet is that we have so many sources of information. I have found a few websites and journalists that make a genuine effort to report the truth. There is RT America, Wearechange, and John Pilger.

Turn back the clock before the internet, the media was still biased but it was less obvious. People did not known they were being deceived. Go back further to what is refereed to as history. We have have accounts that are close to completely dictated by those ruling at the time. History also differs depending on where you come from. There will be some broader truths to history but with plenty of fiction mixed in to support certain agendas. There are people that have done some great digging to uncover some of the hidden truths. To access this information involves turning to more recent documentaries as well as the present day media.


I agree with your comment. There are many examples of bias and misinformation in history, with organised religion being a prime example of this.

In today’s overly connected landscape there are plenty of sources of unbiased information that discuss current events, there’s even a few accounts on Steemit that strive to provide such information.

This post, that is overloaded with paid votes which has drawn an absurd amount of funds from the limited reward pool, is a disappointment to say the least.

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It gives us some hope that we have people in the alternative media that are willing to challenge the mostly biased mainstream stories. Steem is perfect for the alternative media considering we are censorship resistance.

History can not be so easily challenged because of the monopoly of information at the time.

The arguments in this post are quite weak and should be fleshed out further. As it stands, I feel the arguments are simply a reaction to mainstream media.

I am also disappointed that most others commenting are simply agreeing with very little demonstration of critical thought.


This “author” writes to a schedule. He simply pumps out content rather than writing for the sheer enjoyment of it.

And most of his followers are spouting positive responses in the hopes of an upvote. The author encourages people to upvote one another which also encourages only positive comments rather than real debate.

It’s refreshing to see your honest comments here. Keep it up. :)

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I endorse your assessment spectrumecons. History like news depends on who the narrator is and the biases of the source/s. We should not depend on any one source but assess as much information as we can possibly gather if it’s an issue that we care about. From the body of material we may be able to find a clearer picture of the truth.

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I always recommend doing as much research as possible. There is so much conflicting information. Eventually we are able to distinguish between the more reliable sources and the ones guided by hidden agendas.


This I can agree with. News is also a historical source.

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Good counter points. History is always written from the winner's perspective.


Thanks. I hope I can stimulate some debate. I have yet to receive a response from the author.

I don't believe that all parts of history contain wisdom, because we had WW1 and we didn't learn from that therefore we had WW2. In some of this post u are just stating the obvious. From this speech i believ you have a good heart, just re-read what you state.

History is very hard to study as we can't get the point of view of everyone in a given situation; that's why people say "history is written by the winners", you can't really know from which side this history is told and how it could have affected its objectivity. That's what makes History study a job itself.
But you're right on the point that everything that happend today often happened in the past and we can learn from History about it ! It just needs to be done with a lot of relativity and objectivity.
(But this is just my opinion :-P )

This is a very well written article. Nowadays you can't really fully rely on what was being said on the newspaper, tv, radio ETC. as many of the news today are biased or will just say one side of the story. It's really unfair for us because we are judging things or people without accurate knowledge of what happen in a given situation. So it's always a must to think before you click, never judge a person just because you hear something about them, you judge them by getting to know what that person really is and what really happen to a given situation. THANKS!


Los medios de comunicación, se han convertido en un gran negocio; ademas, se están utilizando como armas de guerra psicológica. estoy de acuerdo contigo, en que hay que agotar las fuentes y los recursos comunicacionales antes de tener una opinión definitiva, de lo contrario estarás disociado de la realidad. Dios te bendiga.

Watched suppressed documentaries.
"Europa: The last battle"
"Communism through the backdoor"
"Adolf Hitler: The greatest story never told"

Find the lies and show me the real evil.

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I think the lies go back so much further than we can imagine. I do not watch any news today and pretty much stopped believing anything in history books. Who paid for that story to be told? At this point, I focus on my immediate surroundings and try to keep that going well. Most of the time, I can avoid the evil-doers.

I did watch a bit if the last film you mention several years ago. That was a stunner. It was in a lot of parts which kept getting deleted as I watched over a few weeks. I saw enough to realize we were played again.

Oh yes @chbartist, I completely agree with you, that only history will find us properly understanding life and will give us the recipe for our success. The news is now varied and often mislead us, the story on the contrary teaches us, gives us the invaluable experience of mistakes and victories that we are simply obliged to adopt and reach our dreams!

Excellent review @chbartist and you are right, the news is very different compared to the story and it is vital for us to understand this. Now there is a lot of false news in the world and that’s why history should be made our support in order to achieve your goal. Someone said, and I correctly, that a person who does not remember his history will not have a future!

Well said @chbartist and I completely agree with your thought about history. News is just recent incident which can even be manipulated by agencies but history is truth and was written very long back.

Thanks for the nice post @chbartist

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Any news agency should be attached to any particular party is absolutely wrong to keep them fair and whether the ruling party seeking opposition party be both that should not spread confusion in the news should not reach those people see the same vision that right News Agency Responsibility

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Bueno eso puede verse en corporaciones como CNN, BBC, FOX, entre otras, que están al servicio del gobierno norteamericano y son punta de lanza en las guerras de tercera generación. Eso es un ejemplo.

Currently that happens in Venezuela, the media are biased by the government, since the government has taken them all and the information handled in the country is not true. Likewise, they want to reflect to the international media, everything in favor of the government, there are few media that do tell the reality that happens in the country.

Hello @chbartist I have been following you for many months now and I have not stopped for a moment to comment on your publications because I focus more on reading than on the opinion that I can give, and it is not only because I like the ones you transmit to Through your messages and teach about your experiences as what is supposed to happen to us.

In this specific event about the news agencies and everything about it, I would say that all these agencies publish the most negative or the most shocking things at the accident level just for one reason: (The views). and it is a bit sad but we have become accustomed ourselves to that happens .. we are more affected by a murder than something positive that a news platform can provide.

And good to finalize I want to greet you in advance and wish you the best and many blessings.

You are right. Every day we see thousands of news thet only thing they do is create discomfort and negative thoughts. We must be clear that most of them don´t tell the truth or only a part of it, we always have to be objective and look for the real story.
"From what they say you, don´t believe anything and from what you see, creete only half"

My greetings to you @chbartist, it is very true, at times we over rely on fake news instead of real news which had happened in life, the history tells us of things that took place life and coloured.

Sir nice article actually current satution news is not completely faithfully and real that is my opinion.

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I agree with you!

What social networks we are using nowadays , these are good and bad also sometimes we get wrong information and start reaction based on him . New get alerts what are happening in this world and this is good but we should not forget our history , we must know it and also we should make some changes in future whatever we learn by history. @chbartist

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There are many rumours in the news, we must seek for truth behind the scenes.

It's sad but unfortunately history is usually only taught from the side of the victors and how they want to be portrayed and what story they want to tell. I agree with ignoring the news because it is all lies and mind control techniques owned by the elites.

Hey @chbartist, thought provoking and so apt a post in this day. But I must add that true wisdom is not tuning into the news in the first place. I find the relentless reporting of atrocities and deaths a very overwhelming sadness that pervades my whole being. Let's hope that everyone learns the valuable lessons of the past and we all start looking at the positives and well being of each and every individual.


congratulations good content

I totally agree with you, as we open news channels, only rapes, murders etc news are highlighted, nothing else.

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Yeah!nice blogg @chbartist news must be true and real.fake news cant be acceptable for long terms

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This reminds me of a common saying that Insanity is when you expect a different results from doing the same thing! History is proof that we are not a collective thinking society and we can often be irrational despite knowing otherwise.

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Yo soy nuevo en esta pagina , y he leído algunas de tus publicaciones y me parece muy interesante su forma de pensar y opinar sobre diversos temas, este en especial por que es demasiado cierto las noticias de ahora ocultan demasiadas cosas ya sea que estén compradas o sea corruptas.
Y es verdad en las historia se pudieron ocultar algunas cosas pero es mejor mirar ese pasado para poder cambiar algo de nuestro presente que mirar un presente que nos oculta cosas.

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People get interest in negative news, for their business they broadcast this type of news, I'm completely agree with you that lesson must be taken from history. Thanks for your excellent article.

muy buen consejo pero la mayoría de las personas creen lo que dicen en las notícias y por eso la mayoria mantiene controlado. solo sale alguien hablando bonito delante las cámaras y con eso los calman a todos definitiva mente las noticias se an convertido en una religión si dicen algo entonses es verdad que tristeza que los controlen tan facilmente

I personally see many more news about the situation in my country Venezuela, but I do not settle for a single source, but I also read history, in general I read a lot reading nourishes the soul, I even enjoy reading your articles thank you very much for nourishing us with your experiences @chbartist a hug.

This is why films and TV plays need to be approved by government departments before they are released.


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Thank you for your attention.

in my opinion philosophy behind news is manipulation of the masses. Reading your country's history may help you answer some questions and put the puzzle pieces together. Reading global history and make comparisons will lead you to some "safe conclusions" about "what" is happenin and "how" it is happening. On the other hand , history is been written from the victorius ones and you must be very careful concerning the objectivity ..
Have a nice day !

felicidades buen contenido

History books vary depending on who wrote them. Which one is accurate; who is to decide?

Trump was the worst mistake we have done so far.
Hopefully history doesn't repeat this.

Very well written article, I'm new to steem still learning, and looking to become part of a wonderful community. @mrchuckles

Hi friend @chbartist here is I am seeing a nice subject welcome I like your valuable suggestions.
This is real facts about history preserve lots of ideas trustworthy reliable news currently available present subject. News have a great power currently affect people.

This is great suggestions embrace history and live a life on revaluation and understanding.

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You are right.....Working is important

Muchos congeneres afirman que la historia se repite; haciendo alusiòn a algunos aspectos de la historìa que han servido como aprendizaje, lo positivo, lo real, lo bello y hermoso de algùn momento que dejo huellas que valen la pena retomar, corrigiendo y continuando hacia la conquista. Las noticias casi siempre conllevan a un impacto emocional que muchas veces pueden ser negativos o positivos. Asì que comparto con el autor que la historia debemos tomarla como un acto de verdadera sabidurìa, en la cual podemos ser capaces de discernir.

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History has important lessons. But we must not forget that news of yesterday becomes today's history. Its just that time selects for the important events and forgets the silly ones that we drown in today. Many times history too is written from the place of bias and distortion that feeds today's mainstream news outlets.
History provides a model of the world and human nature, but to fit the present on to that model, present news has to be known too, because just like we should not circumvent the present without the wisdom of history, there is no point in relishing the wisdom of the past without an present to navigate it with!

Yes, all people should learn history. History gives you wisdom to look into the future. But, sadly, Sabah and Sarawak people knew so little of their own history.

Yes! You are absolutely right @chbartist i am already read your all content. Thanks for your good presentation with us. Yes! Radio and television is not matter in every viral news. When we haven't radios and television, then we are read news to our newspapers. It is very good for our knowledge. At last my lust talk, your are right.

need to know the date

I became a much happier person when I stopped watching the news.

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Completly agree with your thoughts bro @chbartist.great blogg...

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Very good and thank you.
Here is a thought. "You are not what you think, but what you think you are."

Congratulations @chbartist!
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So true.

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Please like back nice post

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Hola me gustaria participar en la lista que debo hacer?

I guess news could be compared to gossips. There is no perfect truth in it I would say.
And when we watch bad news, it affects our well being. It makes us sad and worry, which is not healthy. But there are also good news but a lot of advertisements which would make our time wasted.

History on the other hand is a lot to learn, but getting knowledge from history would lead us to truth and purpose in life.

Well, remember that saying " Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it. ". I thought I would never life to see the day when this seems to apt a saying. for example The MESS in USA Politics right now is directly connected to this saying. I really think there is a whole NEW generation who simply have not bothered to learn the basic fundamentals of what has happened in the past. They are simply tuned into their smartphones and not READING any books! There is a lazy attitude of NOT wanting to learn because they can Google it -- so time marches on and the SAD realization is that it is not that they FORGET or could not remember their history lessons, it is that they are not learning it at all in the first place. We live in a frightening World right now and I fear for our future generations. I have had converstaions with 20 year olds ( and I am 52 ) and they have a blank look on their face when I ask them who is Prime Minister John Curtin and why did he bring the Australian troops back from Europe in WW2 and why then did the American's come to Australia's rescue from Japan .... absolutely NO idea!

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Dear @ chbartist
Presently, through Information Communication, there has been a lot of increase and published the same thing in different ways in different newspapers.
Many times it has also been seen that there are considerable differences in the articles of two people.
It is not possible for all the people to go to the spot and check the reality, so the media needs to resort to it. I am not completely convinced that whatever news is received through radio, television and social media, it is absolutely true.
It will not be wrong to say that media is being marketed by the people, people are losing the quality of their products to increase their TRPs. Fair and fearless products seem to be feeling under pressure.
Although it is not appropriate to say so about all the newspapers, it can not be ruled out that people are relieved from printing the truth due to pressure.

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oooohhh joosss post,,love it received_302811977259078.gif

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Normally in history they also omit important events, placing characters as heroes because they liberated lands from a supposed yoke, but the truth is that they also entered these nations by force seeking riches. The news at the moment is somewhat amarrillistas but that if, who does not know its history this prone to repeat it, therefore it is obligation of each one to explore on our ancestors

@chbartist this article is an unfinished product. Very much unlike you! However you do make a case for the importance of critical thinking. We are all susceptible to confirmation bias in all we do. Our job is to recognize it and acknowledge when the facts presented don't fit our preconceived thinking. Only then can we reach a real conclusion. Though we'd like to believe otherwise, the media we consume reflects the viewpoints we'd like to have confirmed. It is up to us to dig deeper to learn more about the "why" and "how come".

I agree with you sir but is not 100 present true .
Some falls in the artical

You are perfectly right. Instead of getting into the wrong news we should invest our time in history.
History would even help us to conclude the events happening currently. Awesome thought dude :)

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We find this view especially true in the US. News corporations are for-profit corporations that will cover what draws the most views. This is often negative news that really has little to no use. This negative news is often blown out of proportion.

We would agree that learning history is much more useful. Unfortunately, a lot of people are simply too ignorant or lazy to truly study history. It would be great if people could learn it in a more engaging and interesting way. Check out "lessons of history by Will Durant" by the way; it's a very interesting read.

This is one of the main reasons why we created our project "". So content creators could come and share news & history in more meaningful ways. Come check out our website, and we would love for you to post content there. Cheers!

Dear @chbartist

What certain words I have just read in this article. In my own flesh I have lived in my country how this huge tide of errors has dragged because a group of people has been carried away by what they see in news from state channels, which have undoubtedly been brainwashed by a good amount of people.

In my country Venezuela, especially where I live, (since I live in the internal residences of a government company) I can see the frank deterioration in which we have sunk very closely, at the expense of seeing news from state channels that here "Nothing really happens"; that "everything is very good". And really, the effect on people is totally adverse, because their eye is on those "news", not on what the story says, not only the one written about other countries that have already had the totalitarian domination of governments, but our own, that we have 20 years in this, enough to realize that things are not as we see them in the news of certain media, but really have been 20 years of resounding failures.

I really loved this publication. A big hug!

It is true. We must embrace history, but for that we must approach it, look it in the eye, feel its breath, be part of it.

Then we must look for it.


Obviously it will not be in the news agencies.

Do you know where I get the real story? In the elderly.

We would be amazed at everything we can learn from listening to grandparents.

In his stories there is experience. We will find details of the story that will not appear in any book.

Hugs for you, dear @chbartist.

Estoy de acuerdo contigo. hoy en día las noticias son manipuladas de tal manera que se manejan para cambiar la forma de pensar de las personas, puedes manipularlas y ponerlas a pensar en favor tuyo o a desfavorecer un contrincante que tengas.

En la política, se esta notando mucho este juego y lo veo muy peligro.
Es un arma de doble filo.

Es la población la que debe ser audaz y buscar la información correcta desde su raíz, desde su inicio, o desde su manantial, su origen.

Saber la historia de un acontecimiento te enriquece, te hace libre y te permite opinar y tomar tus propias decisiones, en pro o a favor de algo... Pero según tus conocimientos.

Conocer la historia impide que puedas ser manipulado, vejado o sometido.

Aprenderás a manejar la información que tu quieres y no la que los medios te induzcan a creer.