To Save Time from Going to Waste, You Need to Slow Down!...

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Hello, dear Steemians!

As I have repeatedly said before, time is our greatest resource in life and the only thing that is of real value. Time is fleeting, and it will not wait for you to catch up to its cruel speed.

Most of us are not mindful about the passage of time. Days, months, and years can go by without any significant step towards a better life. But those who are mindful of time are also prone to a common misconception that can destroy their life.

When you are too concerned with the passage of time, you create a source of anxiety that can rival even the most traumatic events of your life.

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This is an affliction that many entrepreneurs and dreamers have.

They have a lot of goals and tasks, and come to believe that there is so little time to do any of them. So instead of actually doing anything, they are crippled with an ever-growing anxiety and need to manage their time as ideally as possible.

The passage of time eventually turns into a demon of the mind, constantly bugging you with its weakening grip on how you should spend your days.

When you simply have too much to do and cannot afford to allocate your time to each one of them, you will end up with no progress whatsoever.

The first issue that this mindset poses is a feeling of uncertainty. In order to reach your destinations, there are many paths, and with the little time that we have, you cannot bring yourself to choose one and walk down that path with faith and hope.

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The second issue is simply the amount of mental pressure that comes with thinking about time as a finite asset. It is absolutely encouraged to be mindful of the passage of time, but to think of your life as merely days that are numbered, you succumb to a much greater existential crisis.

The whole process is ironic, since with your insistence about not wasting time, you will wind up wasting more than you save because of all your doubts and uncertainties.

Imagine yourself in an open field chasing some rabbits. If you decide to focus on one rabbit and ignore all the rest, you will eventually catch it.

But if you decide to catch them all together, you will come to the realization that the feat is simply impossible. If you decide to catch one rabbit, but get tempted to leave to chase for another one that might seem closer, you once again lose time and receive no progress.

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Because the fictional analogy of rabbit is an indication that there is always too much to do, but your opportunities will not comply with your ambitions.

In this sense, there will always be another rabbit that might seem closer, but if you forsake your chase of the originally intended rabbit, you will live to get the other. All you do is wasting a time that you cannot afford to waste.

That is why, in order to save time, you need to learn how to slow down. Once and for all, think about all your goals and desires, and choose one that seems the best path to walk in.

Then, chase after that goal with utter certainty. Do not let your mind be distracted by all the other rabbits in your life.

Speed is not the key in saving time.

Sometimes, in order to not waste time, we must first learn how to slow down and truly think about our journey.




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Thanks All of You!!!!


They say hurry hurry has no blessings. Sometimes we hurry because we work with no plans. So what some of us need to do is to spend time planning not hurry. If you have things planned out why hurry? You know when to do what and where. But if you had a plan and still you fell the need to hurry then you mighty have not disciplined about following your time table.
However if you had a time table yet you still hurrying up, then something beyond your control happened and somehow delayed you somewhere.
Whatever the case lets learn to slow down our life in general, we miss a lot in haste and we make a lot of mistakes in haste

Thank you @pamoja550 for your kind words and great comment. We need more peoples like you in this blog! Thank you for your contribution. You are very Welcome and have my support. I'm give for you 100% of my upvote! You deserve! Regards @chbartist

Thank you too friend @chbartist

Says the man who has self promoted over 10 posts to the Trending category. Fucking narcissist.

Lots of good advice!

Over the years, I have learned to not focus on everything before me because it is overwhelming and it does lead to nothing getting done. Another thing I have learned, is that it matters what we spend our time on. Basically learning which rabbits to chase. Some rabbits aren't meant to be caught. This conclusion can be made when the realization of chasing something for so long and never really getting any closer to the goal occurs. I am an artist, designer, and many more creative things. When it comes to sharing my creative passion with others, through trial and error, I have learned what works and what does not. I will say, the outlets for my creativity & audience reach that I found to work was not at all what I had expected - but a pleasant surprise non the less. Those other outlets for my creativity that weren't really reaching people moved down the list until eventually I just spent time where it counted the most. :)

Great, don't give up your dreams and keep with positives peoples. Denied negative persons in your life every day. Regards and Success!

time, as you say, is the most precious thing we should have, and, it is the only thing that never returns, time, like opportunities, only happen once

As a council, I would say, that in order to truly save time, we must know how to plan that time, that will allow us to take better advantage of it, and make a correct use of it.

Thanks for this post...
Everybody want a comfortable life therefore we works day and night very hard. In fact I do not want a comfortable life because it there no such word exist as perfect life. I am a very busy person and I can not slow down my life because death of my father with cancer made me bankrupt, People, money and relation taught me tough lesson of life.

Money is biggest friend in hard time all other show their true color. those who says money is not important for a good life are fool, with money you can not buy everything but you can buy almost everything.

وانا كذالك اعاني من هذه الوهون

Dear @chbartist sir!
Good use of time is good but running behind time is riddance. Time is valuable and untouched, which always keeps pace with the usual trick. Working on time is always beneficial, but thinking about time is harmful and physically harmful. According to time goals need to be focused on setting goals because our unstable mind gets distracted very quickly. You do a very good example of it. There will be no hand in the effort to catch everyone at the open ground, therefore only one rabbit should focus on. Perhaps that indicates our goals in our lives. Mind contemplation over time, it also attracts depression in a way.
Thank you for your valuable teaching.

Doing important work implies that we will confront huge amounts of vulnerability self-question, fears of disappointment, not realizing what we're doing, being overpowered by a lot to do, needing to stall and rushed to diversions, managing an always moving scene and baffling collaborators.

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This notion reminded me of a phrase used in the cartoon adaptation of Don Quijote I used to watch when I was little: "Sancho, vísteme despacio que tengo prisa" (dress me slowly that i am in a hurry).

The alleged paradox resides in the fact that whenever we are in a hurry we tend to rush everything and make mistakes.

It takes some pause to focus and do what must be done as efficiently as possible.

Also the allusion to the rabbits is a perfect example. Actually, in Venezuela we used a similar expression only in allusion to infidelity: "he who roasts more than one rabbit gets one burnt". It applies to issues of time management and efficiency too.

Steemit is a perfect example of how much we want to do and how little time we have to do all those things.

At the end of the day we have to select only a few posts we can upvote and/or comment and only a few activities and projects we can realistically be part of.

To want more here may translate into doing less.

In order to really save time, what we have to do is make a baking of all the things we want to do, in addition to establishing real objectives, which we can achieve progressively. Meanwhile, the more people are planning, the more time they have, and the more we study and work to achieve our dreams, the less time it will take to make them come true.


Slowing down also helps reduce errors and less mistakes help your work proceed forward uninterrupted. This will improve efficiencies and lead to more time to focus on goals and objectives.

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Thanks for sharing your reflections that are always successful, regards

Thanks for sharing your
Reflections that are always
Successful, regards

                 - saludoalalma

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

@chbartist, Less mindfulness and overthinking both can take us to unproductive situations, so we need to hold the balanced mindset to hold the more balanced perspective. Stay blessed. 🙂

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En cuanto al uso del tiempo, existen demasiadas formas de aprovecharlo desde hacer ejercicio hasta aprender o crear nuevas cosas y esto respetando el de los demás. Aunque es verdad que tenemos que utilizar el tiempo para hacer cosas que nos apasionen y nos hagan crecer en todos los sentidos, recordemos que aunque pensemos que tenemos mucho o poco tiempo en este mundo, debemos pasar mas tiempo con nuestros seres queridos, porque son ellos quienes mas nos necesitan en estos momentos. No dudemos si tenemos la posibilidad de estar junto a las personas que nos han apoyado en todo lo que hacemos. Ellos también necesitan algo de nuestra compañía y vale la pena invertir algo de nuestro tiempo para agradecerles, apoyarlos y demostrarles nuestro cariño. Al final, somos lo que somos gracias a ellos y viceversa.

Si usted piensa que tengo algo de razón en este tema, por favor, deme su voto y comente :)

Good post, more is less. Time is valuable, but constantly feeling that pressure that time is slipping away from you will cripple you. I agree, it's important to just focus on a few things each day that you can actually achieve and stay focused in your life on what's important to you. You should already know what is important to you in life, so focus your time on that and forget all the extra noise.

Well written sir,
Time saved is Time earned.
In today's world Time is Money and most valuable moment. If you are not making to most out of it, someone else is already making a better use of it.
As you have mentioned it would never wait for you to catch up 👍 For me the better usage is with a better plan.

Just a thought a person wastes 1hr of time and 100 persons do the same = 100 hr wasted
Which is my 2 weeks pay hours.😀
Let's plan and play well. Our greatest resour2 time be our greatest asset.
Thanks for the post sir.

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This post is related to your blog "shifting paradigm".
We are prone of wanting all as opportunities come and end up in losing all.
There are opportunities that we can apply the "shotgun method" but most opportunities that lead us to success needs a "sniping method" approach of dealing with. Aim, fire, gotcha!
Speed is not the key but surety.

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excellent blog, thanks for sharing, no doubt the routine envelops us making us forget the beauty of life and taking away the time that in turn can not be recovered so we must know how to do things with planning taking advantage of every second we have to smile.

let's continue working together!!!

I would like, if you can see my blog inspired by your works :

really true, sometimes anxiety gets in the way then we freak out and do the opposite, causing delay

Welldone @chbartist
Like I always say, if you squander a million dollars, you can probably get it back even if it would take a longer time. But if you waste one hour of your time, you can't get it back. Time is valuable and non-renewable. However, thinking about the essence of time and trying to get many things done in a short time can leave your mind devastated. To summarize everything, we just need to take one step at a time while trying to achieve our goals daily. Remember, only set achievable goals. Thank you @chbartist

Thinking about not having enough time is a form of procrastination and procrastination is never a good thing


Awesome! This is the good stuff that I have been looking for...


In all our endeavors that will affect success, we need a positive mindset!

We are really thankful for this opportunity to grow the Steemit community. It really is a game changer for me. I hope it is for all the other Steemians as well.

I also want to thank the Steemians for their contributions in my GoFundme campaign...

We are glad to have you all as contributors. Our goal is 10,000 contributors that take a position to create wealth using cryptocurrency to pay the U.S. Public Debt of nearly 22 TRILLION DOLLARS!

That is my mindset... U.S. Public Debt is a financial resource to create wealth and end poverty.

Let's get it Steemians! GO HARD!! FULL CHARGE!!!


Thank you Friend! We need build Positive Mindsets, I'm really hard work to make steem/stemmit the best place to teach peoples grow their lives. We can do This! I'm sure that!

Time is money.. We need to use it judiciously. Taking things easy with a full positive mindset and belief in what you are doing is what may help us in achieving any goals or tasks we have! But, rushing may makes us stumble unknowingly and at the end lose everything, and then regret follow!
May we all use our time as supposed! Good motivational post!

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thanks man, as always great post, hope you get more people in 2019 because your content is life changing, I wish we have a bell to notify me everytime you post

Do you want that I include you in Community List?

if that notifies me I'm ready

Slowly but surely so to speak.
Now a days multitasking becomes a habit and doing one task at a time seems obscure.

An old man walks slowly and a young man walks fast. Who would reach the final destination first?

Sir I think through perfect time management result become a successful life a wise people focus on the results continued in her busy time. "Time is really money" it going continued don't waste management system beautiful use of this.

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There is a time to work and another to rest. And in our time of work we must be productive, establishing concrete and feasible goals and objectives. Always taking one step at a time at our pace. As the Italians say "Piano, piano, vai lontano" There is a time to work and another to rest. And in our time of work we must be productive, establishing concrete and feasible goals and objectives. Always taking one step at a time at our pace. As the Italians say "Piano, piano, vai lontano" (Slowly slowly you get away)

The lessons about time can't be over emphasize and to say you did a super job on it on this post... I'm enlightened.

Saludos @chbartist! Una manera eficiente de atrapar conejos seria organizando un grupo de trabajo, incluyendo a personas capacitadas "en atrapar conejos", y con la utilización de un plan estratégico, aplicando un método efectivo, se podrá atrapar la mayor cantidad de conejos en el menor tiempo.

Lo anterior se podría aplicar a propuestas de empresas.

Feliz día!

some problem people that i meet is they have a lot things to do and seem they dont have enough time to do that.

the problem is not how much thing you have to do , but you divide them according its priority

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Great post, thanks for the Knowledge.

Everithing arrives in due time, with patience and certainty that the goal will be reached.

Time invaluable we are need organised schedule managed for successful life.

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Probably wishful thinking but we can dream, right?

Very great picture 👍
I like the kind of art.

I love it / Me encanta!!

muy buen texto muy nutrido de conocimiento


This is an awesome post. Today I felt so overwhelmed by all the things I want to do. And yes I'm a dreamer and visionary with loads of ambition. And this post was spot on. First time on steemit after creating my account I clicked on life tag and saw this post. Life saver!

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Always do your best and keep it moving

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Sorry but I found this funny.
If you want to catch 20 rabbits instead of one just pick up a couple stones and throw them on their heads :) ahahah
Work smarter not harder kind of thing

Always do your best and move on

Really nice post.. If one can successfully manage time anxiety and depression decreases exponentially..However it is easier said than done...
P.S add me to the list...

Great post 👍

Una forma de ahorrar el tiempo es planificàndolo; es decir realizar las actividades a su debido momento, sin prisa pero seguro.

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