Signs That Suggest You Are Ready for Change in Your Life… Part #2

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Hi, Steemians!

The signs that beckon an upcoming change of pace in your life may have been in front of your eyes all along.

To see them, you need to have the most conscious mind, the most serious attitude toward life, and an appreciation of time that should never go to waste.

Nevertheless, in one of our previous articles, we mentioned several signs that suggest you are ready for a big change in your life.

Here are several other signs that herald the coming storm…

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  1. People Around You Are Changing!

It wouldn’t be right for us to constantly compare ourselves with other people around us, but for now, you might want to reconsider that stance.

The people you communicate with are often a reflection of yourself.

That being said, if you wake up one day to find out that you’ve been deserted by your friends, you might find yourself drifting endlessly in a world of thought.

But duty calls, as you well know. So, the presupposition here is that they probably need to concentrate on their work and family from now on.

Evidently, this proves that a change is needed.

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  1. You Are Obviously Bored!

A healthy life is not all about having fun and playing around, but the fact that you are growing weary of everything around you clearly implies that the time for change has come.

Your typical idea of fun might not satisfy you as much as it did before. This is the point where you must ask yourself: Why is this happening?

Is it simply because you are bored?

Or do you want something more out of life? Get up and beat that boredom, unless you want to stay in bed much longer than needed.

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  1. You’ve Lost All Sense of Incentive and Hope!

Humans all have something in common; a drive that makes them believe they have been called for a higher purpose.

It always has to do with your motivation.

Motivation is what keeps everything in motion, and once it is lost, you will not be able to do things the way you did them before.

If you find it difficult to discover that drive which has been keeping you up all night, then your motivation is gone.

Sometimes you may think you are aiming for a higher purpose, and still want the same things in your life as you did before, but the way you are going for them isn’t just working for you.

Humans are creatures of habits and routines.

You need to come to the realization that not all changes have negative effects on us; on the contrary, they can contribute to your prosperity in the future.

It might not be as easy as it sounds at first, but you will get the hang of it as you go further, and it is going to be worth it!



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I would like to say that it is our mentality..!! Negative minds bring us negative results..!!

But if we decide to go for it and fight day by day, and no matter what the others say ..!! That is called Change..!!!

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I've learned that as you change, people who have known you the longest will fall away. They can't handle it, it disagrees with their limiting beliefs holding them back. If you can change, then so can they, but they'd rather not acknowledge that fact as not changing feels easier.

I feel that the boredom cycles in my career have come every five years which has been the average time I have been with an employer. However, my latest journey has been interesting as we are a Company of evolution which has kept me busy and avoided the boredom cycles because of it!

I like this, changes are not always well seen, but even so we must face it, it is opportune to know when we are ready to assume a new one, such is the case that forces us to go for a different path, post as these satisfy the soul and they are motivational enough not to faint on the way, thanks from Venezuela.

Yes you're right @chbartist as I've personally experienced this psychological effect about our personality is a sum of the 5 people with whom we're mostly surrounded with. So we need to make sure that we only get surrounded with positive minds if we wanted to be happy or to sustain that state of mind.

You are right, sir ... friends can bring us to change. Therefore we must make a friend with good friends so that we can turn out to be good people. Boredom can also make people look for something to avoid feeling bored. Enjoy your day my friend.

Yes! Change is constant because the entire mileu of life is constantly changing. Thus ,we must change, otherwise we become obsolete.

But in the midst of all these Hope, anchored on a better you , will vehemently drive the change need for advancement!!

It's great, if you want to chang of pace in your life, you must need serious attitude, conscious mindset and a time table to achieve your goals.

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Can you help me change my life? I usually just sit around smoking weed all day but i feel i have more of a purpose than just that.

At least you're on here doing something. First step would be to quit weed in my opinion. Coaching probably won't do much until you get sober. Good luck friend.

Nice advice great suggestions helpful for good lifestyle.

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Wow. This is great. A great write up to learn so much from

change is important and required in life to learn more and stay motivated. Keeping yourself in routine life might kill our creativity. We should always try to make change as and when possible. This will give us various opportunities to learn and grow.

"The people you communicate with are often a reflection of yourself.

That being said, if you wake up one day to find out that you’ve been deserted by your friends, you might find yourself drifting endlessly in a world of thought."

Very true words. All our surroundings are our dream. Every person that is around us is a reflection of ourselves. And if we see the bad ... it means in us. We can only see what is in ourselves.

Im ready to change.. 😘😘

What a drama!!!!

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@chbartist, I have noticed your work and following here on Steemit. I have a very similar mission (I think!!) to yours. For years, I have coached folks on positive thinking and positive mindset. Lately I am focusing on storytelling to accomplish the same end. Since I am so new to Steemit, I am Plankton here, and it seems very difficult to find a following or get the attention of those that would find value in my blog. Can you give me any suggestions? TIA!

Well said @Chbartist
Change is law of nature we have to follow change on daily basis to add small good changes in our daily life so that after long time those small changes will definitely provide good result.

After reading your post i got remind of Darin theory where he said if you not change you get destroy. take the change in positive way, it hurt people when they found that people around them are changing they are not like the way i want them, just accept it is quote bit natural that people and things changes.

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Change is the only constant thing in life. As the world around you changes, so one also has to change in order to get the best out of life.
Knowing when to key into this change is what determines our level of progress and by extension our joy.

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Wow I love this thread. Thank you sir for this quality content.

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Valoi cilo

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