Today I tried marijuana for the first time since...

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Today I tried marijuana for the first time since last summer, before that - highschool... And I'm 51 :-)

Here on the Island, we have a shop on every corner. They are very well educated in their craft, the lady was so helpful. I explained to her that I used to get high back in school, and it made me very self-conscious. I let her know I tried an Indica last summer and it went quite well. She recommended the Indica again... to relax me and put me "indicouch". After some discussion and contemplation, I instead decided to go for the Sativa, "I'm sure I'll be fine", I thought, "I'm a big girl now".

A Sativa is the day-time weed she explains, "you'll want to be busy. You may get a body stone and feel creative and inspired!"

Well... After being high on the Sativa... I now feel like I may have never actually been high before...Wow! I've been wanting to try pot again just as an experiment, to see how it will affect me now - at my age. I'm very curious regarding the effects it will have, and I'd like to have some fun with it ... so here's what I felt after two good hoots.

I settled in by my open window sitting cross-legged as I nestle into my morning read.

A peaceful rain chills my skin reminding me of the looming fall weather.

Within minutes I begin to notice certain things. I wee bit of vertigo when I turn my head. The top of my head feels really hot, like a noticeable tingling sensation. Then I really start noticing my thoughts. Every thought is very interesting and leads me down a path. I text my sisters and update them on my state. My older sister Carol is a seasoned smoker; my younger one dabbles here and there; while the other two youngins are pretty straight.



As I explained to them that I felt my body was really high, Carol suggests a walk in the forest... "So sublime... the smells, sounds and sights." she says.

Ah she's so smart, I'll definitely be bringin' my stash on my early morning walks.

At one point I thought, "What if my son comes home, he'll know I'm high." I started to see how easily I could think myself into a negative state if I allowed it. I knew if I were with a group of friends I might become self-conscious. That's why I thought best to be alone during this experiment.

Time seemed to slow as I enjoyed the party going on inside my head. I couldn't believe it had only been an hour and I was still really lit! While tidying my kitchen, (oh ya, I must not have been able to read my book) I misplaced the dish-soap. I keep it on the counter next to the tap. I had two bottles - one new one, and one that was almost empty. As I was filling the sink with water I continued to squeeze a generous amount of soap out of the bottle. So much so... I got lost in thought along with the beauty of the bubbles, and realized I had squeezed a ton of soap into the water...I had to chuckle.

A few minutes pass. I've cleaned some dishes, then empty my sink to refill with clean water to wipe down counters. As I reached for the near empty bottle of soap... it was gone... I'm perplexed.

"What the?... Didn't I have a near empty bottle here? Did I use it up?... No. I do not remember throwing out an empty bottle...My Spirit Guides are messin' with me. I know I did not throw that bottle out."

I look around and it's no where to be found. Nonetheless, I digress and conclude, I must have thrown it out a couple days ago, then return back to the party in my mind.

Eventually I settle back down onto the couch ready now to be swept away by my new book "Awakening of the Heart", essential Buddhist sutras and commentaries.

I just finished "Tao Te Ching" and now look forward to deepening my understanding and practice of Buddhism. Yesterday I began with, The Sutra on the Full Awareness of Breathing. Now I would begin by practicing the awareness of my breath and the process of letting go. It starts by becoming aware of ones breath then the body, the mind and thoughts. I was becoming very aware of my body as I sunk into relaxation. Then I became very aware of my thoughts...So much so, that I drifted off in thought... and would have to start over.

"Mindful breaths"...
"Relaxed body"...
"Awareness of thoughts"...

"I need to journal this." I pop up and grab my journal and begin to write when I realized this might make a fun post!

Soon I needed to take the dogs out!
Then I needed to eat!
Then my son came home!
I forgot I was high, I was too busy eating.

I told my son I was stoned, he laughed and we had a 'chat-sesh' as he schooled me on the art of gettin' ripped.

He soon leaves to go camping and I settle back on the couch to write.
It's now been a couple hours and I'm starting to feel normal again.

My mouth and eyes are so dry. I must snack, and guzzle lots of water.
Then it dawns on me...
I'll bet I put my dish-soap under the sink!
And there it was...

I got really highImages-check-mark-cliparts-and-others-art-inspiration.jpg

I had a body stoneImages-check-mark-cliparts-and-others-art-inspiration.jpg

There was a party inside my head, and was inspired to write this post! Images-check-mark-cliparts-and-others-art-inspiration.jpg

I lost my soapImages-check-mark-cliparts-and-others-art-inspiration.jpg

Then found it!Images-check-mark-cliparts-and-others-art-inspiration.jpg

Now here I sit, at my kitchen table polishing this piece.

It's past supper now.
I think I'll take a walk in the forest...
And practice my full awareness of breathing



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Wow what a detailed experience you had! Quite the journey, you even overcame your insecurity of your son finding out about your secret! You met it head on.
I'm glad you found your soap 😆 Will you do it again?

Lol thanks Kylaki! Yes I will definitely do it again.

This is hilarious! I know ll these feelings! Thanks for sharing! :)

It was fun, glad you enjoyed :))

lol to funny!

Thank you :)

Wow very brave and cool! I used in high school, but I graduated in 1984 lol. Went to school, got a professional job and never went back to marijuana....yet some days it was there in the back of my mind. Im in Michigan so now its not as taboo as it was in the 80's.

BTW I have heard so much positive about Buddhism/Taoism that I have thought of looking into it as well. This was a great read and I really enjoyed it!

Thanks it was fun! Regarding Buddhism, when the student is ready the teacher will appear. If it keeps coming up for you, it might be time. Namaste :)

Interesting and funny that the first brush was just seeing the cover of a book called "The Tao of Pooh" by Benjamin Hoff. I havent read it, but it got me interested as well as some folks on YouTube. So yeah, it may well be time. Namaste :)