Soul searching

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There comes a point in everyone’s life
that we have to take the time to simply
find ourselves..

April Peerless



The spiritual path is not something we have to walk
alone in a sense.. Other Spiritual people will cross
our path, for example right now in this moment..
This gives us strength, encouragement and sometimes
even joy. It is a reminder to each of us of our




Nature is a reflection of the majesty
of our Creator. May each part of it bring
to us a grateful heart.

April Peerless



During our life journey we meet all kinds of personalities. Some good some bad, May we appreciate the people that leave footprints on our hearts.

-April Peerless



Children naturally live in the moment
and they allow that moment to be what
it is; ''magical and beautiful in every way.''

~April Peerless____blue-butterflies-divider.gif



Good morning miss! :)

these were beautiful thoughts to ponder this morning! I really enjoy reading them - and then seeing them displayed in images too! :)

just a little tip! hehehehe Don't forget to say where you get the images from. I know that you're editing them - but I always leave a little image source link (even if its a free image - it makes cheetah and steem cleaners happy and gives them less work to do hehehehe) and then i put a little "edited by dreemsteem" after it so people know it was a little collaboration on the image ;)

If you use the tags ... around the link - it can be a nice little bit at the bottom without being obtrusive to the flow of your page! :)

That's understandable thx

yeah!!! :) no problem :) just a tip

These are such a beautiful collection Tink! Love it. And yes, that a great tip to source images - that was one of the first things I learned when I got onto steemit :)

How are you doing my dear?

They are good thoughts to think about in the mind. You talked about being mindful in our ways.