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Throughout the day you're going through moments of stress, tension and anxiety, that can be one of the reason you're running when you're facing a problem.

What is the best way to manage these negative experiences to prevent them from affecting your health and mind? Everything depends on each of us, we are different and obviously the methods that relax us are different. Let me tell you how I am relaxing my mind when I am stressed.


Go for a walk

When you're feeling overwhelmed, when anxiety and everyday worries bring you to the verge of despair, you should go for a walk. Go on the streets, smile to others, go to the park, to the beach. Go everywhere you can find people, all you need is to see them, feel free to talk with them, feel free to feel the freedom.

Search for a personal space

On the other side, when I am stressed, sometimes I love having my own space where I am relaxing. Everyone needs a private space to relax and feel at ease.

Listen to good music

And I am not talking about music considered good by others, listen what do you like. When it's raining I am listening sad music, I am almost crying.

Watch some videos

I am not that type of person who's watching movies or series, but I started to watch almost daily some vloggers. They just give me that good vibes to start my day, together with my coffee.


Do you have a kind of satisfaction while you're watching the last picture?

Let me know how are you relaxing.

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i'm actually in much stress these days about work and everything, i'll try to do as you've said... thanks for sharing this

I am glad this an help you! Good luck!

It is relative from person to person and you give some good examples. I think a nice way to relax is playing some video games togheter with some friends... really take your mind out of everything!😉
A nice cigar and a very good coniac its another way plus in this case we can add listen to good music...
One of my latest ones is browsing the feed section here on Steemit and reading great blogs like yours!😉
Iti doresc o zii superba!

I'm relaxing while i'm chatting with you 😁😁😁😁😁
If seriously, i like to relax in some deserted place, without people. I like to be alone with the nature, to walk, to feed doves or ducks on the lake...something like this.

I did it too :D

Yes, a walk on the beach, lets you forget about the stress. A long relaxing bath and recently battling a bit of depression, when I am really down instead of thinking all the negative thoughts and spiral further down that big black hole, I take my mild antidepressants, pray, leave my worries and negativity at Jesus' feet and sleep. Tomorrow is another day!

oh yes, Carpe Diem!

I will try your suggestion until high steem value back 😂 nice post bother

haha, Thanks bro!

It is not to relax in this world ehheh

lol maybe you are right :D

Videos work quite well for me and sometimes a walk too...thanks a lot for sharing this article for people to benefit

Thank you! So we do have something in common!

Nice ways to get relaxed and calm the mind .I do hope i will get on to one of those ;)

What vloggers do you watch?
I am courious because i am in search of 3 vloggers, about personal development or info that can be use in order to become better :D

Thank you!

Hey, I am watching some from my country... in roumanian, that won't help you..

Hehe :)) si eu sunt roman :D deci s-ar putea sa prinda bine :)))

Thank You! :)

Pai, Mikey, Selly, Backpack chiar si Ilie uneori :))

Chiar daca nu suport unele chestii ma mai amuz :D

O relaxare de dimineata, e mereu bine venita :))


Nice mind

Thank you!

i agree with you...sir

Thank you!

much needed post...I always listen to music whenever I need to relax...

I am glad you like it!

I seem to do relaxing like this every day natually while my husband has a mind that he has to work extremely hard 'to' relax. His mental stress is through the roof all the time over mainly bills and now his health (back surgery) 'and' more financial worry due to having to take unpaid leave. I think it must help to have true faith in a higher power. Either that or naivety...;)

Thank you @jwolf for the good advice and your experience! I'm on a journey in such moments and I love being alone with nature!

Glad to know that i have one ;p

I hang around and discuss with friend in order to relax.

please drop your Electroneum link, i wonna sign up and buy!

I am not using any affiliate links on Steemit, we can talk on Facebook!

Facebook and a few social media have been blocked in my country and i use a VPN to access them but it doesn't works well all the time.

Just leave me a msg on Facebook with the link so that i will see it when i'm online there, rather than contacting you again.