U.S. Sold Over $54 Billion in Military 'Equipment' to Foreign Governments Last Year, Spent $700 Billion Total on Military

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Between October 1, 2017 and September 30, 2018, the Pentagon sold over $54 billion from military sales to foreign governments alone. The Defense Department's comptroller, David Norquist, provided this data to reporters on October 3. This constituted a 62% increase in foreign sales from the previous year.

THAAD misssile system, Public Domain/wikia

Norquist explained how much this "matters", but not in the way those who are anti-war would see it:

I don't know if it's a record, but if it is, and it's close to that, that matters. It matters, not only because it helps our industrial base, ... it helps our economy. Those are folks buying equipment that's interoperable, and those are allies that we're now working with on a close and more regular basis.

What matters to Norquist is forging tighter relationships with allies. Making a shitload of money just happens to be a bonus, I suppose, to fueling wars in the Middle East, such as the Saudi Arabian genocidal war on Yemen. All the selling of military equipment and weaponry signals a steady stream of conflict in the world. Tensions have risen with China, the top economic rival with the U.S., and also with Russia as sanctions have increased.

The U.S. has had the largest defense budget ever, at $700 billion. That's $94 billion more than the previous year, which is a %15 increase. This is the largest increase in military spending since 2002 when the U.S. declared war on Afghanistan, which saw a 26% increase totaling $437 billion from $345 billion. That means the U.S. spends two times more on military and defense now than in 2001.

And next year the budget is expected to reach a total of $716 billion. The two nearest competitors are China and Russia who spend less than the U.S. on defense and the military. Tensions with Russia and China will likely help fuel sales of weaponry, as opposed to decreasing them.

Not everyone buys from the U.S. Russia also makes a killing by selling weaponry to nations, such as India. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi just recently signed a $5 billion deal with Russia to buy the S-4000 missile system. Despite having sanctions on Russia, the U.S. won't impose any on India. Deputy Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan spoke on the issue:

The dilemma with India is forever [that] the Indians bought equipment from Russia. So you have to buy spare parts, you have to maintain it, and it's not like you cut that off.

The Russian-made S-400 missile system apparently has a longer range than the U.S.-made THAAD missile system. And it costs less. Turkey, a NATO ally, also wants to buy some missiles and is looking at getting the S-400 system as well.

It seems it's understood that nations (who aren't being targeted by the U.S. or are in close competition) gotta buy weapons and shit. As long as you're buying weapons and not in conflict with the U.S., then it's all good I guess... Go figure. Competing war machines help fuel the industry, and they all win by selling it abroad. Whatever they don't sell is "paid" for (stolen) through the taxes of the citizenry. What a great system we have.


Thank you for your time and attention. Peace.

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Military industrial complex needs feeding. On the bright side, large weapons sales are made yet conflicts are a lot rarer in this day and age.


Yup, and we keep feeding it with taxes. No taxes, no feeding :/

Dear @krnel , thank you for the wonderful material! The arms race is an evil of our time. Many people are simply starving and living below the poverty line, while arms manufacturers and traders earn enormous amounts of money by producing and selling death. You mention Russia as a participant in this arms race. But the fact is that Russia in the 90-ies, after the collapse of the Soviet Union completely abandoned this race and has initiated the reduction of all types of weapons and reduces tensions in the world, but the US, as a head of NATO is coming every year closer and closer to the borders of Russia. USA is the initiator of many conflicts and hotbeds of tension near the borders of Russia and in many other places the world. Russia is simply forced to respond to the challenges from the US and his allies. Russia is for world peace and détente!
Mass media often call Russia an aggressive country, but it is not true. We are a peace-loving people and for justice.


Yeah, USA does way more than Russia for sure. I think I agree, Russ is trying to put some balance in place to keep off the empire and globalization plans of NWO.

I wonder how much of this we subsidize. We give all these countries money every year, so looked at from that angle we the taxpayer are borrowing this money on our children's shoulders to give them a lot of these weapons. Of course we are currently paying the interest on the subsidies from the past deals.

What a deal for us, huh?


We pay for governments paying companies for contracts, to some degree we foot the bill... But I guess without taxes, they could get loans, make weapons, sell them, and pay back the loans. Then with the profits they can just keep doing it without any loans. I think they/us pay for much to be developed and then the govt authorizes it's sale to foreign nations...

Yep and that’s the known funding, they probably double that with their black ops projects and unknown tech companies, secret bases etc... how on earth do they get 700+ billion! Oh yea they rob the people of their money which they can just create by typing a few extra 0s numbers on a computer and pressing enter


That's a good point, is the CIA's funding public?


Yeah, black projects are deep and supposed to be accounted for with Senate I think... but who knows what's really going on. The money magic number game is such a con ...

700 billion... "but how do you pay for it?", says no one in the media

2.1 trillions spent on the "War on Terror" so far, or should we say the War for Terror (led to expansion of Al-Qaeda, rise of ISIS etc...)


Yup, the miracle of slaves paying for shit most don't want through the magic of taxes :P

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