1000+ Instant New STEEM Accounts created by Steem Ninja!

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1000+ Accounts

First big milestone is achieved. We have sold more than 1000 accounts since the inception of STEEM Ninja. We feel that in order to strengthen the blockchain, we should have easier ways to onboard people on STEEM. Which is why we created Steem Ninja in the first place. Our next target is to have 10,000 accounts made through us. We are now planning to onboard more DApps to use our widget on their website to provide an account creation policy.

Source: February '19 New STEEM Account Report by @paulag

We are also in the top 2 account creation services on STEEM in terms of most accounts created in the month of FEB 2019. We hope to see the numbers rising drastically with every passing quarter. Stay tuned!

If You Run a STEEM DApp

Use our widget here: https://steem.ninja/widget.html
Get in touch with us on discord: https://discord.me/steemninja
Read widget announcement post: Ninja Widget & NINJA Airdrop

Steem.Ninja in a Nutshell

Steem.Ninja provides the following services as a complete turnkey package:

  • Easily purchase instant Steem accounts for $2.50 (minimum) with card payment.
  • Each account automatically gets a 15 Steem Power delegation for 90 days.
  • Easy purchase of 90 day Steem Power delegations in varying amounts with card payment.
  • Instant purchase of Steem using USD credit card payments (coming soon!)
  • Referral program (anyone can earn money for selling Steem accounts)
  • Account recovery in case your accounts get hacked.
  • Website Widget for easy implementation into any dapp / website front end
  • Easily sell Steem Power Delegations and earn a percentage.

If you are interested in integrating Steem.Ninja into your website/app/dapp or project please go to the Ninja Widget Generator and feel free to join our Discord: https://discord.me/steemninja if you have any questions.

Please check out the
Introductory Steem.Ninja post for more information!

You can also implement the Steem.Ninja widget into your blogs, by simply posting your widget link into the body text of a blog

If you like what we do please vote for us as a witness: https://steemconnect.com/sign/account-witness-vote?witness=oracle-d&approve=1

For any issues or queries please contact us on: [email protected]

Buy a Steem Account

STEEM NINJA is powered by @Oracle-D.


Another job well done guys!
If many witnesses would follow the lead of @Oracle-D, Steem would skyrocket exponentially.
I wish you all the best guys!

jejejejejejeje lleguee tarde

very interesting greeting from venezuelan nice post

Great work guys. I used it to get a project account and was extremely happy with the experience.

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Is that the account who's name is like raspberry pi shortened?

Yes, how did you guess?

Location field gave you away :)

Not that I was trying to hide it....

Haha, have fun with it, bots are fun until they go haywire.

Will be a long time before I make it autonomous....

Still manually done? Enjoy the coding process, its fun until you encounter bugs :)

Over 1000 is awesome work. Do you have a rough E.T.A. on the buying STEEM with credit card function "coming soon"?

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  1. Goto: https://cryptovoucher.io/
  2. Buy Voucher with Credit card (They have many reseller)
  3. Redeem Voucher for Steem

Hello Sir, This service was made available by the great @cryptovoucher. Please see link below:

Wow! This amazing ❤️ 😍 I have been directing to Steem Ninja as a means of creating a Steem account in all my Participations in campaigns and dApp reviews so far. I am very delighted to read this update.

Cheers! 🍻

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This is amazing. Within this short period, Steem.ninja was able to achieve this great feat, I know that the 10,000 target will be an easy ride.

Incredible. Congratulations steem ninja

great news for Steem Ninja, when i applied for an username, did not know that you are existing

Enhorabuena y buen trabajo, ganais vosotros y ganamos todos ;)

I love you, @steem.ninja: you made purchasing a Steem account a very Easy and instant task: thank you so much!

Everything is okay! 👌

You received an automatic upvote, because I believe in you and I love what you create! 😉

A huge hug from @amico! 🤗

😍 I love promoting @steembasicincome, even with #sbi-skip! 😜

If you dislike this automatic message, please let me know: thanks! 🙏

A great article (y)

This is really good news. I'm happy that we've made this much progress in such a short time on steemit but most importantly, I'm glad there are more people joining the platform(steemit).
There's only one ninja for the job after all haha

its odd how many problems happen when u wanna make acc here

What problems did you have? Maybe we can help?

Wow!!! That's huge! Im in awe considering the fact that Steemninja achieved this enormous milestone in a little time. More milestones ahead 🏆

@steem.ninja you have a typo on the title,

1000+ Instatnt New STEEM Accounts

should be "Instant"

Hey but thanks for helping to create accounts, now if you could only do 10,000 accounts a day!

And hey so @partiko is creating accounts? So when you download the partiko app for the first time can youy get an instant free account? @partiko.app

Ok so if you have around 250K SP delegated, and if you need around 3k SP to make a free account once every 5 days, then you should be able to create CLOSE to 100 Free instant accounts every 5 days, using a simple tool like https://steeminvite.com by @pharesim and id wish we had a new feature on that site to alow someone to delegate their Mana, which you cant do yet, i think pone has to delegate their SP to delegate resource credits

anyway I just wish whales not using their resource credits could lend them to someoen who does want to create accounts

SO to make partiko accounts, do you need an existing facebook account? What ius yoru way to avoid people trying to grab multiple accounts even though there isnt mucf h of a point in doing that anymore?

All that's needed is email, desired username and invite code (partiko)

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AHHHHHH Very clever, so you need an invite code from another partiko user? ands you only give a finite amount of these? if so then I like this, its like the early Gmail invite system in a way.

So do you have a capacity of a few hundred new users a day maybe? Anyway to boost that without actually finding million SP whales? There has to be some sort of way to leverage existing partiko user SP and guide partiko users to go use their free accounts on @pharesim 's https://steeminvite.com maybe a que can be created and you could earn a steem-engine token for steem-invite or partiko tokens for creating accounts for users in a backlog needing free instant accounts, IF the line ever gets too long....

Congratulations and wish you to celebrate 5.000 accounts soon! :)

Wow,it's really nice sir. Steem ninja have sold 1000+ account in the short time.👌👌👌😊

Congratulations. Good job. Thanks for this information.

Milestones are reached with small, consistent achievements that, when added up over a period of time, equal something greater, something more than a goal. You are becoming a trendsetter here in Steem.

Congrats and resteemed :-)


Congratulations! That's quite an achievement and I'm sure the community is grateful.

really amazing

what do you think about ? @cleverbot @banjo

Everything. Mostly about drinking blood.

About 111.8$ has been spent to promote this content.

Great work, 2 of those were referred by me! Thanks for the referral bonus.

You're always welcome!

This article introduced @Steem.ninja 1000+ Instant New STEEM Accounts created by Steem Ninja! to Japan.


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Nice work guys! *Resteemed

PS. We really need to get @steem.ninja links off of the Facebook and Twitter blacklists. It would go a long way for referrals and growing #Steemit.


which blacklist do you mean? I had no problems posting a link to the https://steem.ninja website on twitter.

That is indeed a great news and glad to see people are using Steem Ninja to come aboard this awesome platform. Will use the link to invite users to use Steem Ninja. Keep up the awesome work guys.

Sounds soo good!

Nice job @Steemninja

Congratulation @steem.ninja .. I made this steemit account with steem.ninja

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Wow 1000 accounts that real awesome,great work real hope to see more interesting stuffs from you guys...

great work...this is really amazing :) Good job!!!

@steem.ninja Team, Congratulations and good wishes for the next Milestones and these numbers are definitely showcasing the rapidity and effective on boarding process. Keep up the productive progress team.

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Keep it up, the more the merrier. I'd be happy to sign up 10 people. Hopefully the numbers pick up and we can beat the activity from a year ago. Active Steemians are what is most important.

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Yes, I certainly didn’t even think that there is a good project))) I accidentally found out about this project and it became interesting. I began to learn info but there is little useful information on the Internet, but such posts provide an opportunity to learn more about Steam. So author thanks, I like the repost and the subscription. Let's still useful posts. I will wait

Wow. That's an amazing huge number. Congratulations

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Glad to see you still getting your ninja on!

@steem-ninja i like yours big project..i will join this soon

Yes. Do you have any concerns?

Great , I'm one of 1000+ ;)

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Firstly let me say great job and well done I have account already. Do I still need to create another account. Just need a clarification on this

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You have a spelling error in your title..

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But you are unable to change your owner key correct? how do we know you do not have those stored?

@steem.ninja you are a ninja milestone achieving can be your hobby
Ninja showed them right path of success
Awesome work always appreciated by steemians
Keep achieving ninja milestone

Great work guys.

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An Amazing news..!!!
Congrates Ninja!!

Great too see steem growing day by day

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congratulation on the achievement ! btw will u guys add buy steem option with CC ?

🚀 🌕

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Amazing!! Great work guys. I have been directing to Steem Ninja as a means of creating a Steem account in all my Participations in campaigns and dApp reviews.Incredible. Congratulations steem ninja.

excelente informacion saludos desde venezuela
maria mari.jpg

I just found this account, and I have followed it, I am happy to be able to share it here, I hope I feel at home with @ steem.ninja

Well done guys, do you know what? I gained more people into the steem blockchain and opened an account using steem.ninja for two. So we have two new steemians @ayopeju and @kayda-ventures

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Thank you very much For your great Support ;) 👍

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Hi @shastajade!



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fair play, nice to get more people into steemit

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