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Hey followers, hey steemians, hey random readers,

Firstly, I want to say THANK YOU to everybody who reads or interacts with me incl. especially upvoting, commenting and resteeming.

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So what to say after 4 months? I think it's good time to evaluate this platform. Firstly, I wanted to earn some extra money as I wasn't able to earn a single penny using ads from Infolinks ads and Propeller ads on my website promisingcoins.com. My traffic is around 50 visits a day. On the Steemit I made some money (not much), but about 90% of profit is due to price fluctuations of STEEM and 10% because of writing. If I wanted to make money by speculating I would use Binance or Cryptopia for buying some STEEM.

Ok, it's tough to make money here and it's more about good marketing, begging for upvotes (espeacially on steemit chat and Facebook groups) and buying followers and upvotes (I mean paying to upvoting bots to attract some people to your post) rather than making money by good quality posts.

Everybody cares about looking for upvotes rather than about writing posts that are worth something. It's clear - if nobody knows about you, you can write high-quality posts and nobody knows about you. So I understand that. Of course, you can spend 5 hours a day by studying and writing great posts and you'll finally earn some money. But you'll earn more money as a housekeeper for 1 hour a day. No offense, I was a housekeeper in US two years ago :-)

But on the other side - if you use Steemit instead of Facebook or Twitter to interact with people first of all - it's good platform. I like that there are no ads, it's easy to use environment and mostly friendly users :-) I decided to use it instead of Facebook rather than make big money so I'll stay :-)

PS: I think my posts about cryptocurrencies are good quality and worth reading so don't be lazy to scroll down :-)

Have a great day!


Hi @mmaarrttiinn11 , nice to meet you! I got your message inside the wallet..I.m just using Basic Income if you know the steemit account/program and steem auto, I'm using the tags too:). How is Manna going, would you mind telling more too ab it? Cheers:)

Sorry, I don't understand - what do you mean with "I.m just using Basic Income if you know the steemit account/program and steem auto"? Is it related somehow to accounts upvoting you?

I see you're using interesting tags like a esteem ocd-resteem curie...what does it mean? :-)

Actually, I have 6 approved referrals on Mannabase and you can check how much I earn. Note that the first two payout were so low because of no referrals. I'm not happy with the fact that the first payout was 9 MANNA/person referred incl. myself. Second payout was 8 MANNA, 7 MANNA, 6 MANNA, 5 MANNA and I guess it's gonna be 6 MANNA on May 10, 2018. How is your Manna going?

Read about them here https://steemit.com/@steembasicincome and how you get upvotes from them, they.re helping a lot the steemit members. About ocd-resteem and other comunities you can find out more by easely searching them on google..tags allows your post to be found by specific communities regarding what you are posting about too and how well your posts are made. There are more tags for other communities to be used to take some time to do a bit google research, that.s how i discovered too and started using. I.m not using Manna program, i saw in your posts and i was curious ab it. Good luck my friend. And btw, for the steemauto, info is here: https://steemit.com/guide/@scrooger/steemauto-full-guide-and-how-to-register

Congratulations for not giving up and believe on this awesome platform.

Yeah, thanks for commenting. I've learned something from you as you have 8times more followers and you have your own blog as well :-)

Congratulations @mmaarrttiinn11 on reaching 204 followers in only 103 days!

I wish you continued success!

Remember high quality articles are the key to continued success and getting even more followers!

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I have followed and upvoted you.

Congratulation on making progress with steemit. Keep it up.

Thanks, I'll do it. Following you on daily basis :-)

Seems like you're not doing bad for 4 months :)

Thanks, but you're making a quicker progress, congrat too ;)

Congrats 👍

Your thoughts are very similar with my thoughts for this I follow you !!!

For example? :-)

هل هذاَ تحقيق أم هُوَ جَوَابُك على التَعليق !!
قرأتُ ما قُمتَ بكِتابَته ولا حظْتُ أنَّ هناك تَشابه في ما نُفَكِّرُ بِه !!!
!لم تَقُلْ حتى شُكراً !! وهذا يُظهِر مدى تَخَلُّقك !! يلزَمكَ دروس في الأَخلاق

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