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Hello dear steemians, today I am gonna share with you all a place where you don't sweat.
This is not a joke..

This state is called UTAH !!!
It is so dry that after a crazy exercise in the middle of the desert even when it is 95°f hot..
It is because most of it gets evaporated immediately in the air.
Sweat has always been a major problem for people like me. It forces us to take shower every time we go outside.
It makes you feel unpleasant and sticky and it smells.
But in these places of UTAH- The Salt Lake, The Salt Flats and in the Mountains, the weather is one of the driest in the United States.
It can be bad for some but for many people like me you can finally go outside, experience the beautiful nature, the crazy green mountains and the crazy white salt flats,
all without having to smell.

That's a small fact, see you tomorrow.

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Image courtesy- Google.


good collection of information and thanks for [email protected]

Thank you buddy.

Nice post keep it up bro

Really thanks mate.
Glad you liked it.

@pankuvirat this place is so beautiful 👌 & amazing. Nature beauty in UTAH is adventure & wonderful. Great article sir. Keep supporting.

I will buddy. keep supporting always.


Yes I you follow and upvote me


Why can you tell me the reason?


LOL, I have played a game once and there this character is there, what is wrong with it??? Interesting

I heard there's a desert there that if you go out in the sun without any clothes on you will be dead before you know it...

Yes it might be true.


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Wow.... amazing..place

Really is buddy.

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