SBI Holdings Chairman Says Ripple (XRP) Is Next Global Standard Of Money

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As we are heading to the end of 2018, so many good news which are coming day by day. This time the great news is for XRP holders. CEO of SBI Group and chairman of SBI Holding, Yoshitaka Kitao at a major Blockchain Conference in Japan, said that XRP will soon become the global standard of cryptocurrency and money. He believes that blockchain technology will maintain its rapid growth trend.

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Yoshitaka Kitao explained that why he thinks XRP has great future. He thinks that it because of effectiveness and proficiency of Ripple tool, financial transactions are done seamlessly. At the same time he also mentioned the fact that XRP can reslove the cross border transaction problem.

Kitao noted that XRP is the only tool with “battle-tested” solution that can help augment banking transactions and operations. As so many big country's big banks are already patterned with ripple now its the time for asia specially india to come on board.

So now the main question is as we all know that XRP is not a fully decentralized coin so for that reason do you think that investor will invest their money for long time. I know XRP has a great future but i believe that's the big disadvantage of XRP.

Do you think this kind of news will boost up the XRP coin. What's your thoughts on this? Share your opinion by commenting on this post.


Dhanjyoti Kalita

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Thanks bro. I will definitely bring more content like this

Yes. XRP has a great future

Woww, great news. Even I heard this. I hope ripple will come strong again

Yes bro i believe the same

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