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9748EFAC-A8D0-478D-8528-141ED850C2A7.pngDespite the fact that we have been transmuting ourselves from "Dark Ages" to the Age of Modernisation, our print, electronic and social media is flooded with the news that mortify the entire humanity. Yes !!! You get it right, I am talking about the "Crimes against women." It is in itself is the manifestation of the fact that India's feudalistic mindset has not yet changed completely.

In my opinion obsolete customs, lack of knowledge and awareness is the reason behind this mindset. In order to bring equality and mutual respect in the role and relationship between the two sexes it is indispensable to inculcate true norms and values into the young generation.


Yes .. always respect women

yes you are right we respect to every women
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if no women then no earth

if you respect me i will respect you, no matter what you are child-teach-your-son-to-respect-women-everyone-8OFZT.jpg

MAN is only & only because of a women who gave his birth ! Every women need to be respected.

we must respect women that's a great truth

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you upvote and comment me

Great post buddy. Keep it up

Respect of women is necessary for all of us

Do agree with the statement made by you. thanks for sharing it.

Yes bro without women nothing life

Rightly said - "You are nothing without them."

Everybody should be respect women praised their work..i upvote u u do same

Yes everybody have to respect women.

womens deserve their rights

Of course, respect for women is our moral responsibility Of course we must think that our mother is a woman I think to be aware of the youth society to overcome discrimination
......What do you think.....
Thank you for your valuable post

I think this post is a timely post


i gave you upvote and comment
you upvote and comment me- dnt coment such kind of comments rather than you can comment like this- i appreciate your writing, keep it on..

Already done ✅ bro

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