Former Vice Presidents of GoDaddy Developing a Blockchain Payments System

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So as time goes day by day this blockchain industry attracting the big players from some of the most renowned institutions in the world. Whether to launch their own startup or join the other ventures, some of them even quit their lucrative posts to develop their own blockchain project. As they already aware of that blockchain is future.


Two former GoDaddy executives are about to launch their own blockchain based payment system for fast & secure payment from mobile as CELO. They said that with CELO people can send money so simply, they stated that it will as simple as just like send a text message.


Most Important thing is that they already received founding from some of the big venture capital firms and individuals it includes CEO of Twitter and Square, Jack Dorsey.

Blockchain is the future that's why big players are already developing their project based on it. Indian people are so talented but if our govt can't take action on the blockchain or on the crypto currency space immediately then india will go backward instead of going forward.

What do think about blockchain. Share your thoughts.


Dhanjyoti Kalita

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@steemitboard sir plz telll how to achive award

really appreciate your work

Its my pleasure buddy.

We should be more advanced other than any country then only we can be on top

Yes. we are still thinking about legalization while other countries thinking about how to take advantage from it. That's the difference

Yes no doubt..blockchain has a great future.

Yes bro it has

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Good information ....keep aharing

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Amazing information

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Really. ...
Its good information for all.

Thanks . I will try to provide more information like this.

Blockchain is future and this is the right time to accept otherwise we also live in developing country after this we will be more backward.

Yes you're right. Now or never

Ya there is no doubt it is the future it will b uses in every field banking medical it everywhere
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I use godady for domain buy sell

I also do buddy

Blockchain has a great a great potential. I am imagine a day when every businesses start excepting crypto payments.

Yes you're right bro. Blockchain has a great future. Lets see how indian govt react to it

So now all the Domain and Hosting Management Comapnies are entering in to the Blockchain technology. It's a great sign of the future of CRYPTO Market.

Yes it is. Indian govt have to take action on that

Useful information

So glad you liking my work.

This is something interesting

Yes it is

Your poin is right.the feture well be based on blockchain only.if india dose not accept for blockchain than the feature well be far behaind