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Western Japan is facing its worst flood disaster since 1983. Western japan received three times more rainfall than the usual, which makes millions of people to be forced homeless. More than 70,000 people have been deployed for rescue operation.
image source: www.firstpost.com

Here are some of the factors which contributed for flood disaster!!

i. Geography:

Most of the japan land is made up of hills and mountains, which resulted in house built on steep slopes.

ii. Wooden houses:
wooden .jpeg

Most of the houses in japan are built using wood, though its effective for earthquakes, but can't face the floods!!

iii. Typhoon:

Japan faces on an average six typhoons every year.

images credit: www.pixabay.com

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japan is very sensitive country but hard working people.

@pushpen you are right:) they are very hard working people!! and a very close friend of india too:)

@tipu thank you for your support:)

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