I would drive Mercedes

in #mercedes3 months ago

If I did not have a Tesla.


Blaming it on EV is a bit too simple IMHO.

Tesla is not dominating and growing like crazy because they offer EVs.

The reason why I love my my car is because it has great value. Amazing features no other can offer at a price much cheaper than i would get away if I drove a German car.

I am writing this as my car is driving me through suburban traffic. More safely than i could if I gave driving 100% of my attention.

No other car can do this.

It used to be Mercedes was technology leader.

They are now copying, like they used to be copied by cheap chinese and japanese junk cars.

The new S-class is now finally copying the model S. A big screen that goes top to bottom.

The problem is its a copy of the screen that was cool 15 years ago. Before the S-class will be on streets, the Model S will have screen that will go horizontal.

This is a problem.

Germany has to get their shit together.


At the end of the day its the value that matters and tesla seems to be providing that with every segment without any compromise

They simply are too slow to adapt to new technologies ... it's a pity, but these old school companies will not make it if they refuse to change.

Honestly I think they will end up buying out some new companies that haven't even made a name for themselves to catch up. It's actually how most of the big boys have stayed "innovative" over the years. For all of the money they dump into R&D it's amazing how often they need to purchase companies to gain their patents.

I wrote a relevant article about this concept, but about graphics cards.


I simply go over how despite a company releasing new products, the base technology is no longer growing or evolving.

And the chilling fact is that it wasn't always like that.

I sense some heavy stagnation from former market leaders, and I'm not surprised at all. Of course the old die to make way for the new.

But how can new technology companies even get funding for purely experimental, possibly primitive-in-comparison technology development? It's a mystery to me! Ol' Musky had Paypal bucks, but the rest of us?

Keep dreaming! =p

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Honestly I think that whenever there is a convenient way to get rid of jobs that a company wants to drop yet would have a fight from the union they take advantage of it. Right now EVs are a great excuse to trim away some fat and automate more production and outsource other items to companies that aren't being strangled by the union contracts.