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in memechallenge •  2 years ago

My first ever entry inspired by these Steemian topic sources:

Many thanks to the #MemeChallenge 17 Sponsors:

As well as:

Thank you for your consideration. Dawn

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My sister's name is Dawn Marie. Now following you. :-)


Well there you go. Is she a Capricorn too? ;-) Following right back.


Yes. As a matter of fact she is. Jan. 18. It's amazing that you picked that up. I don't follow astrology. I was named after both my parents. My youngest sister was named and my Grand parents. I'm not sure why they chose the names for the other two sisters. I'll have to do some research.


She just makes it in near the cusp. Mine's the 6th. I was the firstborn. Dawn was a very popular name given in the 60s and early 70s. It's funny to hear or read that people look at the name now and think it's old fashioned. Ethel, Gladys, or Estelle? I don't think so.


Thanks you!