Meme challenge #95 -Entry #1

in memechallenge •  6 months ago


This is my entry for @fibra59 latest meme challenge. You can enter on the original post here or check out all the memes in the challenge

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Think you got it pretty spot on. Gay superman landing does not work.

!tipuvote 0.05

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Honestly I’ve been trying to make rubbish memes hoping I win! Lol I’ve been looking at the winners lately and I can’t make any sense of it like it’s so cringe!

Oooh that’s a fancy pants move you pulled there how does that work? So you preload the bot with cash and then just go cow tipping?

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Yeah, seems they merged invest and deposit so some of it gets interest. @cardboard still needs to make the guides but I think the voting one although you technically lose on curation boost your investment value else I would just use tip directly and send the actual funds. pfft just playing, not real money after all haha.

Maybe .... It was that white guy.... or, this is not the black man you are looking for.

pfft like I said you pretty spot on, it is a tricky one.


Haha I just got what you meant with rubbish memes

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