Who is the team behind VIVAcoin ?

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It is not easy to dig into a new project like VIVAcoin.
There is a group of enthusiastic people knowing very well each other, here, on steemit, posting about the VIVAcoin ICO that will start May 1st.

But why should you take the time to download and read about this project. A new cryptocurrency project, do we need a new cryptocurrency ? Why is it so complex ?

On things that make me deep into this project is when I saw that @kevinwong and @virtualgrowth looked very interested about it.

Before that, I read the 4 initial posts about VIVA and my opinion is that it was much too complex to explain to the crowd. I have been a teacher for 6 years and I know what I am talking about !

On the other way I do not understand how my computer is working either and I am using it every days.

These who are following me know that I am looking for new way to finance renewable energy projects. If we do not succeed rapidly to transition from fossil fuel to a renewable energy economy, the world will be a chaos. Europe will receive 200 millions of climatic migrants and we don't know how to deal with the first two millions who are coming.

I was reassured to see that the VIVAcoin team is a seasoned team of experience people.

Let me introduce them from the VIVAcoin white paper page 39 and 40.
It would be a pity if you did not reach that pages and missed this opportunity.


It is also nice to see a team managed by a woman.

So I decided to join this brilliant team as a social network addict and I would suggest that you download the VIVAcoin white paper and make your own opinion.


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I keep saying that the VIVA team is really impressive but you just said it the best right here! Great job! Up voted, resteemed, FB ad Twitter in a second. :-)

Thank you.

I'm really flattered and thanks for this! Upvoted, resteemed and followed! Can you please add the vivacoin tag to your post BTW? That's the one we use to keep track of everything.

The V2.0 of the VIVAcoin whitepaper is impressive, you did a great job.
I added the vivacoin tag.

welcome to the viva world, @chrisaiki ! :)

It is nice to meet people who build a better world.

Thanks for this detailed post about the VIVA team!

What's Vivacoin?

"VIVA is a new type of economic system, one which wastes nothing and rewards participants with a basic income they can enjoy for life by means of a price-stable digital currency called VIVA coins. Unlike other cryptocurrencies which employ mining to create new coins, VIVA coins are created by mints, which are given a license to carry out their activities by a group of people known as Crownholders. Crownholders set the economic parameters that control things such as interest rates and the total number of VIVA coins in circulation. By participating in the VIVA ICO as an investor, you are purchasing Crowns, the digital tokens that allow you entry into the group of Crownholders." from @cryptomancer

Thank you for this coverage and support! Welcome to VIVA!

On the other way I do not understand how my computer is working either and I am using it every days.

^^^ THIS

Excellent post! I like your work My friend