Steem for Students and Non-Profit Empowerment

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Watch the Recap of our Workshop at Temple University

@sndbox was in Philadelphia this past Wednesday for a Steemit workshop at Temple University. Our incubator has been busy on-boarding graduate students who are currently using Steemit as sounding board for their historical research. Behind the scenes, @sndbox has generated Steemit accounts for 15 students and 2 new communities. Here they are, say hello!

@hourofhistory, @dduquette, @engledd, @jfeagan, @cheider, @charliehersh, @tmaust, @chelseareed, @johnesmithiii, @gvgktang, @yingchen, @connellgregg, @xiaonanli, @peartree4, @landy-yinan, @phillyhistory, and @phillyculture.

Each of these students are currently using Steemit to blog, document and share their ongoing research for the course. A community account, led by [@phillyhistory] is being used to compile student research, share it with the wider community and accrue funding to support a series of grants for the Philadelphia History Museum and programming for historical research institutions in Philadelphia. The precise criteria for these Steem-powered grants are currently being debated and will be decided by entire class over the next few weeks. 100% of @phillyhistory’s Steem and SBD will go towards this program. You can read the full mission here.

@phillyhistory is a Philadelphia History Initiative. This crypto-experiment conducted by graduate courses at Temple University's Center for Public History and MLA Program, is exploring history and empowering education. Click here to learn more.

Intro animation sequence created by @leotrap

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This is fucking fantastic I must say. Glad Steemit is being used for good!

Yeah.. Steem you rock! :D

Way to go! It's extremely important that steemit is made attractive to the student community, it's one of the fastest paths towards exponential adoption. Well done!

I must say these are the best application of steemit platform. Bringing the whole world together. In India we really need these things to happen due to illeteracy rate and poverty. Steemit could really change its future. @sndbox is the best community here on steemit. I am really proud of you. When you have any plan to come to India, please let me know I will surely join you guys and whatever I can do to support you, I can.

Yes, so many struggling with limited education! Good on you for putting your name forward.

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That's what i need to do as well. thank for this post!


What is it?

Check it out! @steemitworldmap is a great project that provides geography for your Steem content >

This is an interesting plan. Science connections could be made as well with Steemit. Students could study at-risk ecosystems or endangered species, and then design and and implement a multimedia campaign to educate the community and raise money to be donated to their cause. There are many opportunities for student engagement when the outcomes are real and quantifiable.

Yeah, this is a great platform to reward both non-profit and student work. Getting the community involved in the projects could go a long way to completing them.

Absolutely @blerdrage, Steem blends two powerful features... the audience + the funding. And we haven't even talked about delegation yet, which could also be used to support non-profits and philanthropic organizations even further.

Hi @sndbox, i am a follower of your work and i appreciate the novelty and importance of what you are doing.....I work for an International NGO based in Watertown, and recently we are exploring new ways of creating awareness for the non-profit work that we do globally as well as accessing opportunities for crowdfunding opportunities beyond our reliance on our traditional donors which for the past 50 years has been the USG....Since u are based in Philadelphia, i would like to contact u and share ideas with you on how we could collaborate with your initiative, using it as a pilot for a new model of engagement and funding for international NGOs...I will appreciate if you can reach out to me coporate email is [email protected] .looking forward to hearing from u.

It definitely opens up a lot of possibilities. There is a very real philanthropic atmosphere here, and I think it could open up a lot of avenues for what would be one of the first truly global and instant funding methods.

I love that it would drive kids to really think about the quality of their work. I look forward to seeing the evolution of this. If the block chain can truly disrupt education in a meaningful way then that would be a net win for everyone.

Everybody wins working together on Steem.

Educational initiatives are the ones I think can benefit the most from Steemit, these are completely necessary if we are to help our world thrive and become richer in the sense of culture and social progress!

Absolutely. There's a lot of opportunity for people all around the world to share knowledge as well.

Agree 100%. I've been thinking about it for ages and finally come to the conclusion that Steemit is the best platform for an education revolution.

Very cool that cryptocurrencies are getting recognition in the academic community! I think Steemit would benefit greatly by becoming a valuable resource for academia. Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms are all infected by garbage and false information, so this is definitely a breath of fresh air!

Welcome aboard newcomers!
Nice to see such projects taking place, in universities!

Very encouraging! Can't believe students started to use Steemit for research discussions! I used to be a PHD student. Wish it was around during my years.
@sndbox, I just resteemed!

Absolutely, thanks for kind feedback! Steemit is such a great forum to catalog work, collaborate with peers, and explore new ideas :)

It's amazing to have a group of University student using Steemit!

Great initiative. I hope and wish this great project get extended to the universities in Ghana.
Over here in Ghana, you will have to fund your research. Making us pick some shady topics that won't benefit our society. But with this project I hope we will be able to do a thorough research. I quite remember, when a friend of mine was doing a project work in the Northern part of Ghana. They wanted to do a urine culture of malnourished children aging from 1 year to 6 years and their sample size was to be 100 children. They got funding for only 15 children. So what they did next to get their 100, is a big question.

I really hope this project come to Ghana.

Great post, would love to have more fellow students using steem.

That is so cool. Finally students can be productive and earn money for writing.

Thanks @braxton101, definitely! So much of historical work is surrounded by content, visual stories and artifacts. So even though Steem rewards content within a 7 day window (mostly contemporary stuff) it can still be used as a powerful resource for extracting new value from the past.

Awesome use of steemit for educational grants! As a grad student this could become a new way to incentive grants using community support funding through platforms like steemit :)

I really like this idea. Our public history program at UNCG is happily also quite devoted to innovation. I played a mega-game with some of them last fall.

good work, I wanna make it on hacettepe university but my people realy closed for crypto currencies, It's really bad.

No worries, it takes time to warm people up to the idea of using cryptocurrencies. There's a lot to unpack and a lot to explain! But, the tides are turning... and more resources are becoming available to help newcomers understand all of the utility built into the blockchain economy.

Start simple. Create a meetup and get a conversation rolling :)

To grow the wide spread demand! :D

I've tried , my 6 friends started steemit.. and my other friends call me with ''swindler'' ,This is a desperate case :D

Wow. Nice one. Let's keep promoting Steemit in all areas and most importantly serving humanity and impacting lives by promoting Steemit.
Atleast with the help of Steemit, some intelligent students who don't have funds to pay for their education can do that now. This inturn yields more solution givers in the world.

Honestly I'm expecting @sndbox here in Nigeria where one can't even boast of $1 a day.. Though Steemit has helped solve that a bit and that's why I keep promoting Steemit like I did here few days ago.

Wow on a smartphone is insanely clean and nice now. This is so slick amd now nicer than youtube... so much more inviting and less toxic than youtube... no one is making as much money on youtube as new users can make on dtube! #exploresandiego #exploresteem and yeah students ahould just be keeping the money for themselves wtf why do government funded museums get the money the students worked hard to get? I hate that when teachers make students raise money and then tell them how to spend it... dont lie dont say the students are gonna be allowed to choose where the funding goes... man you just admitted youre gonna tell them which museums they have to give their money too... LAAAAME steem is the museum now! Museums are a pre 21st century concept that need to be skipped when it comes to funding... people are starving and you wanna fund a museum?? Ahhhh noooo man come on let students keep 100% of the steem they earn ... are u not letting the students have their own accounts or what????

I wanna support this sounds cool just make sure we clarify why students wouldnt be 100% in charge of their own steempower.... we cant start stealing from children just because their poato g for school... im against the school getting a dime out of any kid the kids should keep all of their money...

Other than that i loved the intro video and hope to see more professional looking projects like this...

This gives me an idea to atart making both dtube and youtube videos about what im activeky doing with team ghana @tj4real @mcsamm @steem4depoor @kofpato and how we just sponsored a local soccer team in ghana with steem logos printed on the jerseys and how were feeding chdren at school and on the street and giving kids cash for creating content for us on camera even wiyhout a steemit account

I like that you brought up the distribution of the funds. I expect quite a lot of thought has gone into it, but it's nice to be able to talk about these things openly.

A very very good idea,,,, if only i was a blogger, well I'm working on creating some nice articles, but wow, this is great idea if there was one. Well played temple University!

I like your words that are highly motivated ,, I want to ask for tips and tricks
from you how to write interesting ,, please help.

good posting brother..👍👍

Guys i just wanted to let you know my experience when i boiled bleach and tasted it!
Plus there is more hilarious videos on my channel if you wanna check them out!

WTG Philly
up vote
promote promote and then promote Steemit again

Go Eagles ;)

Now there is a historical event....Happy happy happy

I'like it.. This is about literation story's in education the world..very good !!

Nice...just followed n upvoted..thanks...
Meetup ok

Congratrulations, very good video.

Great @sndbox. 15 students and 2 communities. Wow that was amazing

Nice...!!! But we need you to visit Nigeria. Most people here are not aware of steemit...!!! I recently heard about it and gave it a try and found that it was awesome...Now I can read endless articles...#spread the word...!!!

This is really amazing to see student using steemit for their research, It's unfortunate that during my undergraduate time I wasn't on steemit. But i'm excited that the future generation will enjoy this platform while doing research on campus and beyond.

Awesome following on twitter...

love your post keep it up

Hello from @sjob
It seems a good idea to use steemit for communication between students for research/ projects. It is a new information for me. Thank you for sharing.

Hey, my friend. Watched your video. I'm really interested in learning how steemit and blockchain can be used for non-profits as well. And in particular, wondering if there's a way that churches can somehow use this technology. I'm a pastor ;)

Guys, read this article. ITS HILARIOUS!!

Plus there is more hilarious videos on my channel if you wanna check them out!


It is a success that graduates who currently use Steemit as a sounding board for their historical research are incorporated and that each of these students is using Steemit to blog, document and share their ongoing research for the course. Excellent post, congratulations.

This actually sounds like a great plan!😀

As a teacher who uses steemit, Ill continue promoting this platform to my students. Education is costly, and to many Filipinos going to college is really hard to do. If they will use Steemit, they will get higher chance of sending themselves to school even if their parents cannot finance their education.

They love posting... Now they should love posting as well as earning. :)

Oh wow, another teacher! You're the second one I've found on this post. I'm new here and this is very encouraging.

There are many steemian teachers here. Best regards to you and welcome.

It's very exciting. These workshops (and the technology) can really fuel open science movement as well!

I support the initiative. Excellent luck in your work leaving the borders with steemit.

Post yang bagus

Your work for the community is highly commendable! Thanks to such active participants, a great future awaits the Steemit. Look at my last post, I'm trying to make my little contribution to community life too. A little idea for creative people who came here.

Amazing..pliase follow me

No doubt is the best example to show students, colleges, teachers, etc how to start using the Blockchain in pro of the community. Once you start thinking about possibilities is just incredible how Students can grow. Every niche needs a specific example, close to them... to understand the Blockchain and talking about study this is the perfect case. Must say that the first time I saw this just blew my mind....

This is incredible, I think it's fantastic! ☻

wow this is great innovation, endorsed with a resteem, please when will sndbox come to Nigeria we looking for ward to see you guys here as we have alot to offer. thank you.

Nice job! :)

An inspiring and eye-opening example of Steemit's potential to do good worldwide.

I'm new to this. Will you guys come to South Africa please. my people are struggling for free education and my fear is that they are not aware that we do not need degrees, but knowledge that is beyond the value of certified qualification. I believe that if you can help me with my project of building free wifi in the hood, rural and suburb it gives us free and high quality education. i believe that the historic experience of free education from early universities in Mali and Egypt and Chad needs to be explored as a reality. Shoutout to the work your kicking in Phili, but we needs you @snbox. i believe that your funding program can go further, becauseyour dollar is strong her, but we love Americans here. Steem on my sir..

Many people still aren't aware that you don't need a degree anymore, but the words getting out there. I hope it gets to your people soon.

Thank you @carolyn.eichler. I'm glad you see this..

This is a great idea! I'm thinking that local NGO should sign up for a Steemit account that managed by a team and publish posts that are related to their clause to gain more exposure within the community at the same time gain additional SBD for operation usage.

Thank you for all is amazing

nice ..
This is an interesting plan. Science connections could be made as well with Steemit. Students could study at-risk ecosystems or endangered species, and then design and and implement a multimedia campaign to educate the community and raise money to be donated to their cause. There are many opportunities for student engagement when the outcomes are real and quantifiable.

good luck and succes

Congratulations, I always saying Steemit is the best platform for students. They can fund their selves for their projects. That's what we trying to do with @tach, in Turkey.

As I want more and more to partitipate I understand a few things about the project. How can dolphins help or get help with sndbox?

Is it a Philippines only project or a global one. would love to get an answer also is there a discord?

your post is very good and I touch my heart and pleased all that is in our post

This is a great concept considering the fact that students are using Steemit to document and share their ongoing research for the course. This will help them to improve more on their project and get more eyeballs.

I wish success and success in this program Thank you for this participation and I am happy to be in your posts always

I wonder if Banker of The poor ever thought this could be used

This is a viable non profit organization, God bless you for taken the burden to help the orphans in pak. This is purely divine direction. Many are dying with hunger, sickness, sleeping and leaving their live on the street without home. I believe others will buy into your vision and initiative and sponsor this worthy course.

Es muy innovador tienen mucho que ofrecer. Gracias por compartir

Sangat bagus

Thanks @sndbox. It is great to be a part of this #exlpore1918 project @phillyhistory. Hopefully other universities and historians will be inspired by our work and work together to create an academy in which innovation, collaboration, and technology work in concert to expand historical knowledge!

great idea, also give kids a new look into the future and i think the young ones will be quick to adopt crypto currency and platforms like steemit that are reinventing the social media platforms

please help me to follow

Well done team @sndbox , how do a newbie become a member?

This is really nice... as it will enable those with similar problems to get solutions from the Temple university students research

I hope there's an activity like this here in Philippines. This is so nice.

Yes. Value for knowledge is valid, and the free access is a fine balance between state funded and private educational institutions and resources.

Steam because of Students or Non-Profit Empowerment.How?

I Love SNDBOX!!!
And YOU?

Excellent, high quality content

Keep up the good work.

The information is interesting, steady. Please for my follow up, thanks

Thats such a great initiative, I am sure that it would work great and welcome to the newcomers on steemit.

Such a great post love your channel keep up the good work 👏😎👍 you got my sub

I'm excited that steemit is being used in an educational setting. This is definitely setting a new trend especially about the students sharing their research.

This is great.... Nice work sir

nice work on steem promotion.

I aslo discussed this platform to my 40+ students. Most of them are still waiting for their accounts to be approved. Too excited for them. ☺☺

A teacher, wonderful! I had this horrible fear I wouldn't find teachers here, or anyone interested in education.

I personally know more than 10 teachers here and we come from the same school :) There's a lot in this platform actually. :) Try to search for the tag #steemiteducation , you'll see most of education related stuffs there :D

Encouraging to see people with the forward thinking to link education, non-profit AND the blockchain. Absolutely delighted to find people here with similar interests as my own. Keep it up!

This is so dope. It's really nice to put a face to @sndbox , forgive me for not seeing your face earlier. This really excites me, as the manager of a not for profit project myself, i have been talking with the Universal Hip Hop Museum about how we could possibly utilize Steem for our works. The Universal Hip Hop museum is set to be finished in the Bronx by 2022. A part of the museum's mission is not for profit organizations, they are currently in over 40 countries & are known as "Generation Hip Hop" . With Me being the manager of the New Zealand chapter. So for us, exploring the history of Hip Hop is really important, and is what the Museum is all about. The museum will also include affordable housing & create hundreds of jobs. So yeah, I think to be able to work Steem in to what we are doing, would be a dream come true.

I'll be really interested to watch this develop! Good luck with this project.

visit my channel.

Vote back and follow me👌

very good info and it is a good platform for student to make extra income. keep it up the good work @sndbox

A very interesting topic excellent quality content

great work

Hello, can you please give me your support? I am new to the community, Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

This is really wonderful, using steemit to promote great ideas from beautiful minds. With initiative like this, students, youths even adults wont have to wait for the government to help in a project research or even wait all their lives for a grant. I pray the grants be decided on time and granted...Welcome newbies to steemit

If steemit will help me make money while doing what I love then I'm down to do it for a while.

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