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It's slightly more than a week since the Malaysian General Election (GE14) is over, where the world witnessed how millions of Malaysian citizens finally stood up for their rights and went out in full force to vote for change. For the first time ever, the nation witnessed history in the making as after 61 years of federal rule, we finally have a new government installed that we hope will uphold the rule of law, justice and defend the rights of every citizen of this country.

Back in Steemit world, it was business as usual for #teammalaysia where once again we organised our monthly 100 Degrees session on 16th May, Wed conducted by none other than our de facto Steemit in house trainer, @maverickfoo. This time though, the event was jointly hosted with @buzz.lightyear who is also part of Bitcoin Malaysia group which has more than 5000 strong members.

The introductory event which was held at the Oasis Discovery Centre in Ara Damansara was a nice and beautiful place. Though I've seen pictures of the place on my Facebook feeds in the past, I've never set foot there until that night. It was certainly a sight to behold with a soothing and relaxing ambience and makes one feel at home instantly.

The nice and soothing ambience @ Oasis Ara Damansara

Since I was there early, I took the opportunity to walk around and discovered a strip of restaurants fronting the water fountains. Among them are Rakuten, Old Town White Coffee and San Nae Dul (Korean BBQ). Behind these restaurants are rows of eateries and shops serving the local residents.

The moment I stepped into the event space, I was greeted by indoor trees and benches that separates the event hall from a cafe. The space consist of 2 floors where the event hall can be extended out to overlook the water fountain, while the adjoining section housed a spacious cafe that served some of the cheapest drinks in town with cakes, cookies and food in the mix.

IMG_20180516_195920.jpg ODC Cafe @ Oasis Discovery Centre

Maverick was already there preparing and updating his presentation slides while Jason aka @buzz.lightyear was busy tinkering around with the sound console and the mic to make sure the sounds system was properly set up. The food caterers arrived shortly, bringing along various finger food including sandwiches, pastries and tarts together with coffee, tea and bottles of mineral water.

Soon, the crowd began to trickle in. As this particular introductory session was jointly organised with Bitcoin Malaysia group, we have a sizeable amount of crypto traders and blockchain enthusiasts as well as blockchain startups in the crowd. I even managed to bump into an old ex colleague of mine whom I have not seen for almost a decade! A small world indeed.

The event started promptly at about 8pm with an introductory session by Jason who gave the audience a quick roundup of what blockchain is all about. In his Blockchain 101 session, he used the analogy of a donut to describe the blockchain much to my amusement.

IMG_20180516_200635.jpg @buzz.lightyear giving his welcome speech

@zord189 flashing his vicory sign from afar

A good turn up for the 100 Degrees Introductory Session

Up next was Maverick's session where he explained why the current social media we have today is not incentivising us and how we can flip this around by switching to Steemit. As usual, Maverick had the crowd in stitches with his trademark jokes. He would have make an awesome comedian, if he had not found his first love in marketing. By the end of his session, a small crowd had gathered around him. All eager to know how they can get started on Steemit.

After packing up, we adjourned for drinks at the nearby Mamak place for some drinks and food. As usual, the conversation swung from jokes to crypto talk to digital marketing before ending with Malaysian politics. I guessed when Malaysians get together, there is really no stopping us from speaking on the matters that are closed to our hearts eh?

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-16 at 11.41.38 PM.jpeg Happy smiles on everyone's faces

Pix by @zord189

IMG_20180516_223707.jpg William finishing off his entire plate of Indomie noodle

We finally left the Mamak when the shutters came down at midnight.

KarinzDailyGrind is currently juggling between the demands of work, blogging on Steemit and working on a venture with her business partner. On her off days, she runs a non-profit initiative Wholesome Living which champions healthy eating, exercise, meditation, cultivating a positive mindset and sustainable living.

Occasionally, she can also be found in various events organised by Steemians in #teammalaysia. If you happen to visit Malaysia, you are welcome to join the coffee meetups, food gatherings and get-togethers held all over Klang Valley.

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waaahh.. good luck for you all. if it is not too far, i wish that can join you

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