Steem Meetup in Nashville Saturday SEPT 9!

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Nashville Steem Meeup.jpg

Would you join us in celebrating Steem in Nashville, Tennessee from 12 pm to 3 pm on September 9th at the Residence Inn Nashville SE/Murfreesboro because we will have a chance to meet in person?


1409 Conference Center Boulevard
Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37129 USA,_Tennessee


From 12 pm (noon) to 3 pm, we will talk about Steem and build deeper relationships as we did in Florida at At the time of posting, the only person I can guarantee will be there is me which means if no one except you and I go that you will get 3 hours 1 on 1 with me talking in the lobby. I believe we will have 10 to 20 of us there even with this short notice!


Why did I just throw this meetup together at the last minute instead of planning in advance? Read my last post at With suddenly being kicked out of our home because of hurricane Irma incoming, our family decided to take a road trip to visit my mom in Mississippi. She just let us know a few minutes ago that she is too sick for us to visit for the next few days. We felt guided to travel to Nashville and do a Steem meetup with this free time!

Join us?

If you will go, would you please leave a comment saying so because that will help me know how much food to get and whether we need our own conference room? If you know a friend that might like to go such as @papa-pepper, would you please tell them about the event because they would appreciate the referral? @artbyjessyca appears to have been working on a meetup in Nashville but has not posted anything in the last six months?

Jerry Banfield

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aww is it whales meetups? goodluck to all of you guys. Have fun!

Thank you Haley! I will be happy to see anyone that shows up!

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Aw man wish I woulda knew about this sooner that's not far from me!

You wanna go @haleyaerith :P

I want to, but can't afford to travel wahahaha.

Hahaha yeah I know what you mean :P

Maybe in the future :)

Talk soon.

yeah in the future for sure. We'll have to grind first. 🤗

I'm in Nashville and should be able to attend. Just need to make sure the mini me is taken care of. He's got plans within plans so it's lust getting logistics worked out.

I know there are a few other Nashvillians out here I have interacted with, when I can see well enough to go back through my blog to find them I'll tag them. I want to say @luke-stokes is in this area. But I could be wrong. Slightly doped up from having Lasik today, but didn't want to pass this by and not respond.

Hope to see a few people out Saturday!

Awesome Mike thank you for letting me know you are in Nashville and hoping to go! You're right @lukestokes is in Nashville and he was kind enough to let us know he will not be able to make it this weekend!

Hey @jerrybanfield! Considering it looks like no one else is going to confirm, and I need to get my son around town to a couple of things, I think I will save you some time hanging out in the lobby, and not make you wait around for some random minnow.

I hope you get a chance to enjoy our fine city. Let me know if you would like to get a tour of the Opry House or Ryman, I can get you setup for that.

Hope everything goes well for your properties in Florida this weekend and you can make it back safely.

Be well sir!

We moved to Texas from Near Nashville Three Years Ago. Tell Everyone We Said Hello They Will Know Who We Are....Joking but the people are so lovely there. I grew up just north of Nashville And My Grandfather often played at the Grand Ole Opry so we were in Nashville All Of The Time.

Be sure to check out the Ryman Auditorium While You Are There and If you love to party and hit the Honky Tonks 2nd Avenue has so many clubs it is wild.

The Chueys In Murfreesboro was great and A little local Italian Chain Called DEMOS is fantastic for a nice evening meal. Wish I could fly over and hangout and attend but unfortunately Hurricane Harvey has disrupted our plans. I need to do a full write up of how @jerrybanfield can help change your steemit life on

Our prayers are with you and all of the Floridians in the path of Hurricane Irma.

@binkley thank you very much for sharing your recommendations for Nashville here! I will share them with my wife @laurabanfield!

Hey Jerry, good work doing these live meetups! Im unfortunately a few thousand miles away but ill be there in spirit, feel free to print off an a4 picture of me.

Thank you Ashley and I am excited to hear about the work you are doing with @tomasgeorge to organize around Leeds!

I can't go but will certainly resteem to spread the word. Glad you got out of Florida safely

Thank you very much Dave!

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Sorry to hear about the hurricane that made you leave your home, am sure this meet up will make you forget that horrible experience a little. Try to enjoy every bit of the event. Better days ahead.

Thank you @cutedicta!

Hey Jerry what do you think about the next meet-up you host in Ohio somewhere. There is a lot of interest out here and was going to set something up here by the end of the year.

Would love to collab with ya.

Keep doing great things

@chiefmappster I visit Detroit every year and a hoping to have meetups in Chicago for sure! I appreciate the invitation to do Ohio and maybe we can one day either with or without me!

O heck yeah glad to hear you are hitting the Midwest. We are trying to turn the Rust Belt into the Crypto Belt :)

But sounds good. Will keep you updated bud.

God bless.


I would love to on behalf of #thealliance, and as much as Steemit means to me... Family comes first and we have here in Cookeville (about an hour from Murfreesboro) what is called Fall Funfest and we go every year would be a pleasure to join you and mingle with like minded folks but am going to have to decline the invitation. How long will you be in Nashville? Maybe we could arrange something else?

Thank you for letting us know what you are up to! We will be heading out Sunday I think!

I think @lukestokes lives in TN. You might want to see if you can contact him on

Thank you Brian for letting us know @lukestokes lives here! He was kind enough to let us know that he is camping with his family this weekend and cannot make it!

No problem @jerrybanfield Hopefully you guys are able to get a good crew together despite Luke not being able to attend!

You're coming to my town, but unfortunately I won't be able to make it. We're going camping with the kids this weekend so I won't be around.

Luke thank you for letting me know and I hope you enjoy your camping trip!

Waiting for the one in Chicago!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hoping to have one in Chicago at some point with @joeparys!

That sounds good!

Have fun, I'll be having a hurricane.

Good luck Mark!


Yes Jerry!! There's a few UK Steemit meetups that I'm going to soon! Steem on!

Am not gonna be there but I will definitely resteem.
Agenda 1) should be how to make Steem as popular as it deserves to be.

I pray all goes swiftly.

I''l love to be there, Good luck and have fun.

@jerrybanfield you are guru of crypto world. Love you. 😗😗😗

I am also the subcriber of jerry banfield and i love his video

Keep up the good work Jerry. We had our first Meetup in Kuching as well.
First Steenit Meetup In Kuching And Other Firsts For Me

good job

I''l love to be there. Enjoy

Ahhh. Jerry, you've had me moments away from buying a plane ticket twice now. I can't make this trip.

I'm going to make a Steemit meetup someday. With bells on.
Cheers for all you do.

PS good luck to you and your fam during the storm. That is a pretty wild thing to have to deal with.

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I wish I can join... :( but thats so far ...

oh my God @jerrybanfield !!! I wish I could meet!!!! But I am traveling in Europe, and USA is too far away!!! :P

Hope everything goes perfect, and wish you to have a great Meetup with steemIt people!!!!!

i wish all the success meeting

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I wish I could be there. Good luck and have fun! 😃

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I'm just getting started on steem, I have you to thank for that. I have a boat for sale and when when it sells I plan to invest the sale price directly into steem power. I wish I could make it to Nashville on such short notice but I can't. I hope you have a blow up crowd and you end up needing two conference rooms. I hope very much that you farewell through the hurricane. My prayers are with Florida. If I were there I think one of the things I would like to know more about is witness votes, maybe you can do a post to clear those up for us? I had a hard time getting signed up it took awhile to get confirmed and then there was a lack of funding in the @Steem account they refilled it and it emptied right back out goes to show how many new people are coming on bored so I can't complain too much. this is only the second post I've ever commented on. I noticed that at least on my Android unless you have the browser set to full screen on your phone the reply button goes MIA; so if anybody is having trouble starting a new comment thread the reply button only shows up on mobile Chrome when you have it full screen or landscape; Hope that helps somebody.

PostScript follow up: how come my reputation score is rising even though I haven't posted my introduction yet? How is that calculated?

Wish I could book a flight and meet You there. But still not on that level. 😂😂 have fun and enjoy.

Good Luck man!!
I would love to see you in Israel one day (:

Nice! I would like to attend! You can organize it in Europe?

oh sir you looking very yound and awesome first time i saw your full picture

Have fun! I wish I could be there... lets see what this Hurricane does to my home! :(

Awesome to see all the meetups :) Looking foward on seeing more shots of it, hope you'll have a great time. Hope we'll be able to do one in Slovenia also :) Thanks for sharing, have a great day n' #keepsteemin

Wow! Nice to see your Meetup.

@jerrybanfield You're The best, I love your shirt! I enjoy your post!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hey @jerrybanfield !! It's sad to learn about the hurricane. God still remains love and so are you. Everything happens for a reason best known to He (God) who creates things. One clear evidence to this is the Steem meetup you are organizing in Nashville, Tennessee from 12 pm to 3 pm on September 9th at the Residence Inn Nashville . Trust me this is God at work through your relentless efforts.

By the way Jerry, Uganda (East Africa) would love to see great people like I, you, @papa-pepper etc . in the country so that together we can make @Steem a signature .
CHECK ME OUT and happy Steem meetings in Nashville!

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aaaaah!!! Have fun!!!! :)

I will not follow you today

Nice Work @jerrybanfield

Wish I could be there, but too late and already have plans. Have a great time!

Greeting Jerry. Just like to say your the dude in the chair that influenced me to give Steemit a go from today. I came across you on You Tube earlier in the week and started watching your Steemit selection of videos. After getting the green light today is my first day on here. Hopefully your still getting your 8 hours of sleep a night you were talking about on one of your videos and have a glorious weekend too. Who knows maybe I might do a post about you haha!

I missed it, but of course, I cannot go with you guys since I came from different country. I just hope we have something like that here in my country...I would love to join for sure.

When are you coming back to Nashville?

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its really informative