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👉 Link to read the Spanish Version - [ES] MI INCREIBLE REUNIÓN STEEMIT nº3
👉 Link to read the French Version - [FR] MON INCROYABLE MEETING STEEMIT nº3

Dear steemians,

On January 1st, 2018 I committed to promote the steemit platform, because I believe in steemit! It is the best way to exchange ideas without censorship and create financial independence. My current goal is to grow this incredible platform. That's why I organize meetings in Barcelona with steemians from all over the world! Saturday night it was my 3rd meetup and today I'm going to share this experience with you, my friends!

My fantastic 3rd Steemit meeting in Barcelona !!!

We met at Al Sur Cafe at 8 pm. I came with my photographer friend @jed.nguyen and here is, in total exclusivity, the great pictures of this incredible meeting!

Al Sur cafe is a perfect place for a Steemit meeting. The place is welcoming, warm and pretty! I had booked a large table for all our beautiful team.
Everyone had his badge to write his Steemit nickname and also the spoken languages.

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city, with people from all over the world! I love meeting people and sharing our cultures and life experiences.
At this meeting, I've learned many things thanks to each one of you!

Thanks to @estefantt for sharing his vast knowledge of cryptocurrencies. He is also the creator of the famous website blocktivity that I invite you to watch if you are interested in cryptos.

Thanks to @marula for giving me his point of view on the sad reality of Venezuela's economic situation. This allowed me to better understand the daily lives of our Venezuelan friends who are very numerous on this platform.

Thanks to @sarrie, @jed.nguyen and Jennie (a future steemian), for making us discover their Vietnamese culture and their incredible language. "cảm ơn bạn và chúc mừng năm mới" (thanks and happy new year in Vietnamese) ^^. Thanks to you, we've traveled while sitting in our chair!

Thanks to @piesdegato and @arr0w for their originality. Thanks to you, I learned that we could participate in role plays in real life! And I discovered a super cool short film with flamingos!

Thanks to @jayjes, @cheysanta, @azabacheclaro for sharing with us their blogger team experience ("los lugares mágicos"). They are sharing a Steemit account on which they are all working, each one has a well-defined role. Very interesting and inspiring experience!

Some of the subjects we also discussed in the meetup are:

➤ The basics of Steemit, Steem blockchain and various applications on top of it.

➤ Live communication and discussion tools like Steemit chat and discord.

➤ Various ways of using the platform. For example, using it as a promotional tool or creating team projects.

➤ How to increase its influence and popularity on the platform.

➤ How to exchange Steem in other cryptocurrencies.

➤ What could be the future of such great technology and how it could change the world as we know it.

In summary, this third meeting was, like the two others, a great success! Each meeting is different because it is defined by the personality and the atmosphere that is set up between people.
In every meeting, I enjoy really interesting and constructive exchanges. Each person brings their ideas and experience, which create a friendly and creative atmosphere!

I really like this kind of event for that reason and I look forward to prepare the 4th one! Barcelona is, in my opinion, the ideal place to meet people, share ideas and sometimes make plans. That's why I want to grow the Steemit family in Barcelona and promote the platform. I can not wait to see you, my friends, and meet other great people!

A big thank you to @estefantt, @jayjes, @cheysanta, @azabacheclaro, @marula, @piesdegato, @arr0w, @sarrie and Jennie to join this event and share your great energy. A special thank you to the photographer @jed.nguyen for his professionalism and to the Al Sur café team for their welcome!

If you believe in steemit, come join us in Barcelona!
Stay connected my friends, the adventure with @flamingirl and her team continues!

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After reading many posts with the mission of promoting this steemit platform I am increasingly interested in doing so in my area of ​​residence. the great effort that has been done @flamingirl will greatly motivate me in the future in making steemit promotion. But to this day I have not done anything because of several factors that one of them is I have not been able to give a right answer to a friend when asking what benefits will he received if it has been merged in steemit. I was one of the steemians who lived in the countryside away from the urban hustle and bustle. I honestly ma ma maaih very in managing this steemit. i ask here i was guided or directed on how to answer if anyone ask about the benefits after joining in this steemit? thank you.


Hi @breuhh!

=> Steemit is a social platform used to post blogs and earn money. Only that, it's amazing!

But steemit is even more ...

  • It's a way to share ideas without censorship and having a total freedom of expression.
  • It is also a way to become financially independent.

What other platform does this offer? Any!

For it to be known by more and more people, steemit needs us!

And it is with this kind of meeting that we can make things happen for ourselves and for others!

I think Barcelona is the perfect place to meet people, share ideas and maybe make plans.
That's why I want to grow the steemit family in Barcelone and promote the platform.

For that, I will dedicate a part of my time to do it.

🎀 @flamingirl 🎀


thanks, this really motivates me @flamingirl. i will try with experience from you. will you continue to help me in this matter? I have no friends who have experience here, so I need someone to help me. sorry my English is very bad, ahahahaha.
Barcelona is a beautiful autonomy with many beautiful classical buildings, I have a dream if I succeed at steemit I want to go there vacation.


What a beautiful blog! sorry to bother maybe leave an indistinct comment to your publication but I have raised a VOTE support to be able to get out, thanks to the community and steemit to my next stop and my country destination for this reason I bother asking for a simple vote. THIS is not a comment like many who only look for customers and that follow this comment is helpful and granite in granite build great things I hope you are very well thank you.




We looked so adorable and cute. Thank you for such an amazing night, I met very cool friends. And your Vietnamese is amazing @Flamingirl haha

Go Steemit Pink Team!
I see you guys had a lovely time! Hope to join you on the next one!
Besos from Croatia @flamingirl


Great photos. Marvellous event @flamingirl


Thank you sooooooooooooo much ! 😊

Great job to promote steemit platform. Well-done madam @flamingirl.


not SIR. it's MADAM. get it right and LEARN!


Thank you for telling me this right.


@teamhumble it's MADAME in french! So, madam, MADAM or MADAME it's right 😉


you know what i mean! :) not far away, better than SIR.


Really Better! 😄😄😄


Thank you so much Mr. @asif-raza 😊😊😊


Most welcome.

Hey @flamingirl , this is awesome post, great steemit community.
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It's a shame.
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Its seriously inspiration to people like us to look at you guys at draw some kind of inspiration from you.. that we need to stay here, we will make it too


Thanks a lot for this nice comment my friend! 😊😊😊


Good meeting also nice team carry on thanks for info @flamingirl


Thanks my friend!

Looks like a cool meeting!

Great job dear, you've always been incredible


Thanks for your nice comment ! 😊

I am so sorry 😭

Good post. i also like steemit ..


Steem on ! 😊

Well done!

I hope you all make more this :)


sure my friend! 😉

Wow! Looks like you had fun at the meet up. Maybe one day i’ll have the chance to go! 🤩


I hope!!! We are waiting for you!!! 😊😊😊

saludos compactos para mi amigo / @ flamingirl!!!


Saludos de barcelone 😊😊😊

Great job you are doing in your community. Promoting steemit and impacting on people is simply the best here. In my own side, we are doing pretty well, expect greatly from us..smiles
Wish u all the best @flamingirl

It's great to see when Steemians are coming together.
May I ask which kind of camera was used to take all these Pictures?

me gustaron las fotos, saludos

Wow. I haven't been to any local group meetings yet so it's always nice to see these posts.

I'm trying to learn Spanish but can't get myself to learn it everyday. Lol. And you know 3 languages! Oh my.