The first major Taipei Steemit Meetup 第一次Steemit台北大型聚會

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💝前言 Introduction💝

This weekend we held our first major Taipei Steemit Meetup, attended by 10 Steemians. Steemit has developed into a close knit community linking people from all walks of live around the world. We know a lot about one another through our posts, but meeting in person is not always easy. Despite that, quite a few locations around the world have already met up, and in Asia alone, there have been meetups in places such as at Hong Kong, Shanghai, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia etc.great02.gif

The planning for our meetup started a few weeks ago when our resident designer @catwomanteresa designed our Steemit t-shirts. When the t-shirts were delivered, we were all very excited as it was finally time for our meetup.cute05.gif


這次的台北聚會籌備已久,終於確定我們訂製的Steemit T恤製作完成,從一個星期前,台灣的Steemit用戶們就蠢蠢欲動,止不住的興奮情緒逐漸蔓延開來,到了今天,興奮的情緒有了出口,終於要跟這群網路上相知相惜的好朋友面對面話家常了。

The Chinese version of this post is written by Teresa @catwomanteresa, and the English by myself Pauline @livinguktaiwan. Photos and video clips are courtesy of @shieha @sweetsssj @catwomanteresa

Teresa有幸代表大家執筆寫這次的聚會文,英文部分由 @livinguktaiwan 撰寫。照片及影片由 @shieha @sweetsssj @catwomanteresa提供

💝神秘嘉賓 Mystery Guest💝

To mark this special occasion, we wanted to give you guys a surprise, so invited a mystery guest to join us. Can you guess who that is? Drum roll please ..... please give a big round of applause and welcome the lovely @sweetsssj !!! happy05.gif

Although this was supposed to be a surprise, a certain W member had leaked the news to some other Steemians, now we know why he is so popular on Steemit!




Look at the guys in the photo, they all look so cool and calm now, but you should have seen them when @sweetsssj arrived.



This meetup was a first for everyone include our mystery guest, but it felt like we had all known each other for ages and hit off immediately. Since you couldn't be here with us, let me introduce you to everyone and share some special moments with you.


💝台灣區第一美女The legendary Dean Beauty💝


Those who read about our last mini Taiwan meetup would have noticed that our legendary Dean Beauty @deanliu wasn't there and want to meet him/her this time. In the past, many have asked is Dean a he? Or is it short for Deanie, a her? Ok, let me reveal Dean Beauty's true identity now, another round of drum roll please .....

除了我們的神祕嘉賓之外,萬眾矚目的應該是從上次4人微型聚會之後大家就敲碗期待的劉美女 @deanliu 廬山真面目。今天就為大家揭曉吧!


No, I'm not kidding you guys! NO01.gif
When we were organizing our t-shirts, Dean Beauty ordered a child's size t-shirt. We were all a bit confused as to how come a child could write so many great posts and offer profound advice to us newbies on Steemit. Dean Beauty really liked to keep us in suspense with his/her real identity!
So Dean Beauty's real identity still remains a mystery to everyone! confuse01.gif
And don't blame me. Our legendary Dean Beauty isn't called a legend for no reason, he/she doesn't easily grace everyone with an audience! NO04.gif

什麼?! 我耍你們!冤枉呀!cry02.gif

💝實況轉播 Live Broadcast💝

Now I've introduced you to our two master Steemians, let's move onto our actual meetup. continue.gif




Our meetup venue was at Le Ble D'Or at Eslite Xinyi Store in Taipei. This restaurant is famous for brewing its own beer, and I think it had quite a German/Alps feel inside. The waiters were dressed in traditional costumes from the region, or at least that's what I think they looked like. It's a fantastic place for gatherings like ours, and nobody seemed to mind when we got a bit over excited and rowdy.



Our group has a couple of gourmet experts, so I'm not going to share a lot of food photos with you here, but here's a taster.




And cheers!!! Hurry up and take the photos please, the glass is really heavy!!!

啤酒是金色三麥的特色,當然要來上一杯。嗯..... 這也..... 太大杯了吧?cheers01.gif






💝甜心專訪 Interview with Sweetsssj💝

After a few rounds, our resident reporter @wilkinshui wanted to do an interview with @sweetsssj. Personally I think he did a pretty lousy job! drunk.gif

@wilkinshui 兩杯黃湯下肚,開始發揮搞笑本性,硬拉著Sweet做專訪


💝台北社群聚會的成員 Introducing our attendees💝


All of us come from a diverse and cosmopolitan background, and many of us post bilingual in Chinese and English, helping to bridge the CN community with the rest of the non Chinese speaking Steemit community.
Furthermore, out of the 10 of us 3 have a reputation of over 70. That's quite something on Steemit, so thanks guys for looking after us minnows.


今天參加聚會的10位成員中,就有3位是reputation >70的資深社員,多謝他們帶領著新人們一起成長。thank04.gif


Before I introduce each of us, let me show you this video first so you will know who is who. By the way, please don't mind Teresa, she's had a few and is a bit excited, I really had difficulty controlling her!




@ygern is from Malaysia, he came here to study his Masters, then decided he liked it here so much that he did't want to go home. He used to work in publishing and is currently freelancing as a translator (aka Watching The Games of Thrones when he's supposed to be working). Ygern has great insight into a wide range of topics, and this is reflected in the quality of his posts. great03.gif

@ygern 他來自馬來西亞,在台灣結束了研究生的身份之後,就留在台灣開創自己的另一段人生,現在主要從事英文翻譯的工作。看起來靦腆不多話的他,寫起文章感情細膩且有敏銳的觀察力,非常值得大家去他的部落格挖寶。



@wilkishui is from Hong Kong. If you know him already, you probably know what's he's (really) like, and if you don't know him, well ... don't is my advice! Just kidding, he offers some great advice and insight into cryptocurrency and great eateries around Taipei, so do check him out.
During our self introduction ice breaker round, he was the only person who shamelessly gave himself a round of applause, and we all naturally followed suit, you should have seen the smug on his face when he succeeded in getting a round of applause from everyone.

@Wilkinshui 他來自香港,根據他的說法,他是全公司最自由的人。通常公司除了老闆之外,還有誰有這樣的特別待遇呢?難道是...... 老闆的小三?難怪要千里迢迢離開香港留在異鄉工作,辛苦哂你~ comfort.gif





@azazqwe created his Steemit ID because he said it was easy to type with one hand on the keyboard (now you're all checking your keyboard aren't you?). Honestly? How lazy can one get?

Pettren currently works in his family owned art gallery, check out his post if you are an art lover.

@azazqwe 大家可以叫他Pettren。他目前在家中開的畫廊工作,所以我們都戲稱他「富二代」。


@shieha is Aaron and is our third master Steemian with over 70 reputation.
He grew up in Canada and came back to Taiwan after graduating from university.
To say photography is Aaron's hobby is a bit of an understatement, his works on Steemit is definitely at a professional level. If you haven't seen his works, I urge to go there now
(not now now, but after you finished reading this post).

@shieha 他叫Aaron,是這次台北聚會中第三個重量級人物。Aaron從小就移民到加拿大,直到大學畢業才回到台灣工作。在Steemit,Aaron是大師級的攝影達人,他所分享的攝影作品經常令人讚嘆他的美感與創意。沒見面完全沒有料到原來年紀這麼輕,真是後生可畏。 great01.gif



@livinguktaiwan that's me, Pauline. I'm a BBC (British Born Chinese) and come from England. I have previously worked in Hong Kong for a period of time, as well as a long time London. Last year I decided to take a career break and moved to Taiwan, hence my site name living-uk-taiwan. I blog about my travels, and snippets of my life in both UK and Taiwan. (Advert time) Please visit @livinguktaiwan. Please visit @livinguktaiwan. Please visit @livinguktaiwan.

@livinguktaiwan 她本名叫Pauline,從小在英國長大。現在在台灣過著暫時退休的生活,閒時寫寫Steemit文章,跟大家分享到世界各地旅遊的奇聞軼事。Pauline說退休好像感覺很老,她只是暫時休息不工作。天知道,我多希望這麼年輕就可以退休不用工作。 like02.gif

@lydiachan is the girl from next door who everybody adores, everyone who has met her (physically or virtually) immediately warms to her. Her posts takes you around Taiwan, so if you're looking to eat and play in Taiwan, you know whose site to go to now. Lydia likes to competes in different Steemit challenges, but since her speciality is in procrastination so sometimes its a bit of a hit and miss.

@lydiachan 她是在CN區相當受到大家喜愛的鄰家妹子,獨特的魅力讓她跟每個人都感覺像認識很久的好朋友。她的文章帶著大家吃遍玩遍台灣各個角落,想要挖掘台灣不為人知的美麗,跟著她就對了。
Lydia自稱是個平凡的上班族,不過我們發現她跟 @wilkinshui 一樣,上班非常輕鬆自在,他們兩個的公司大概是台灣最有人性的兩間公司了。

@catwomanteresa is Teresa, you've probably figured out by now she's a cat lover. Teresa is computer animator, and studied her Masters in computer animation in the States. She designed our Steemit t-shirt and all the amazing graphics in this post. Also do checkout her award winnig graphics on her site.
(Did I mention Teresa and I volunteered to write up this post so we could get more airtime to promote our site? Please visit @livinguktaiwan )
Apart from blogging about her foodie and travel journeys, Teresa often post great tips on how to make simple graphics that you can use on your site.

@catwomanteresa 就是小妹在下我啦!我的正職工作是電腦動畫師,之前在美國修電腦動畫的碩士。我的主頁上的橫幅,就是我多年前曾經得獎的3D電腦繪圖作品喔!

(某某:你怎麼偷打廣告? 貓女:這是我寫聚會文的特權,不服氣咬我啊!)face.gif




Last and not the least is @honeybee, Alvin. He is from the States and is currently living in Taipei. He normally posts in English but said now he's going to hang around the CN community more.
Alvin is a bit of an expert on cryptocurrency and investment, seems like @wilkinshui has a new buddy.

@honeybee 這位帥哥對於台北的Steemit用戶們來說是個新朋友,他叫Alvin,是甜心在英國的同學,在Steemit活躍於英文區,所以CN區的大家對他比較陌生。

💝未來的展望 Future outlook 💝

Our meetup lasted throughout the whole afternoon as we had so much to talk about including ideas on how to help develop Steemit. The UK team led by @stephenkendal are doing a great job in promoting Steemit at universities and around UK, maybe the CN community can do the same very soon.
Another thing that we could look to do is to help upvote Steemians from the developing countries, as a couple of $ for their post would mean a lot to them and help out their families.
Compared to Steemians from the more developed countries, they may not think much of say 50 Steem for a post. So if we could focus on quality posts from Steemians in developing countries we could hopefully help to grow Steemit exponentially, making this a better community for everyone.happy.gif
Teresa said starting today she's going to Africa to spread the love. Hey guys, can you see the halo above her?



而相較其他生活水平較高的國家,一篇文章得到50Steem的收益,可能還覺得太少不屑一顧。若是我們能分些精力照顧點讚這些用戶中的優質文章,他們從Steemit上面就可以賺到全家溫飽,如此一來一定可以吸引更多用戶來加入。 Steemit的總用戶若能超過百萬以上,應該可以順利引起關注,吸引廣告主挹注,到時Steemit的幣值更容易可以風生水起,相信這是大家所樂見的。happy04.gif


We also discussed the possibilities of co-operative postings, how the experienced Steemians can help newbies find their feet in this complex world, and basically growing Steemit. There are technical issues that needs to be resolved first, but I think we're on a good start here. Watch this space.happy01.gif




本篇收益用於台北聚會花費 Payout from this post will be used to fund our First Taipei Steemit Meeting

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What a wonderful post, thank you for inviting me to join your meetup and I really like the T shirt you designed. It was an honor meeting you all and hope to see everyone again soon^^

thanks @sweetsssj for joining us during your trip here. It certainly a great great pleasure meeting you in person! This is also my first official meetup! Incredible that this meeting lasted for 5 whole hours! Just incredible. It's not like some internet meetup that we don't know each other and don't know what to talk. At Steemit meetup, we only need a little time to warm up to connect the real person to the steemit account, then we are good to go to chat for a long long time! Since there are really so much to talk about this amazing platform (well, complaints as well, out of love of course).

Anyway, really really nice to meet you at Taipei and look forward to carry on our unfinished conversation very soon! like very very soon. Hopefully. :)

By the way, I encourage everyone to try to organize off-line meetup. It's simply different. People connect deeper when we meet in person. Meetup is definitely a very very important thing for a social media like Steemit.

Cheers to all!

the pleasure is mine @deanliu, it's like we have known one another for quite some time. I guess that's actually true, we just never had the opportunity to meet until now. Who knew you were such a beauty? :)

I absolutely love Taiwan, so don't be surprised to see me come visit very often!

Who knew you were such a beauty?

you are a naughty girl... so now this myth has officially spread from inside cn to the whole community? lol

so don't be surprised to see me come visit very often!

maybe a round 2 before you go to hong kong next year? lol ... they are gonna kill me.

Don't mess with @sweetsssj !!! or we will make you regret your stupidity !!!

I can understand only this sentence "Who knew you were such a beauty? "

You get the point

Thank you for joining our meetup. Everyone is so excited to meet you in person.
I am so pleased that you like the T shirt I designed.
Your friend Alvin is a smart guy and inspire me a lot. Thank you to bring him to our meetup. I am glad to meet a new friend.
Hope that we can meet each other again soon.

The greatest Meetup on the history of

Very Handsome and Most Pretty Star Gurls on the community.


When will you visit HK?

May be next year, I will let you know before I come:)

@guyverckw nice it.. @sweetsssj miss your travel sweetsssj..take care always..thanks for being a my friend here at the community..more blessing to come in your way..your so humble in your fans that's why i love the way your are..thanks for coming into our lives..your a blessing to us..may the lord God protect always...

You're very welcome. It's great interacting with you and everyone else. It's a wonderfully social community!

your so right...the community is very friendly and very glad to know you ms. sweetsssj.^_^

they are so lucky to see you in person @sweetsssj i wish to see you too..

wish to you visit boracay Philippines..^_^

wow i'm so excited wish it will come Gods will come..take always ms.pretty sweetsssj..^_^

oh i have my poem to share..its about a man to offer her love to her bride to be..hope you will love my poem..^_^ hope give me a chance to show it with you guys..

@sweetsssj don't forget to plan your trip to Sydney!! 我們在這裡等你啊!

sure! if i can get a visa, I should able to visit pretty soon:)

Cool! Let me know if you do via 微信 messages ... we've got a few cn users in Sydney so it will be awesome! 👏😉

haha, now you may aim at becoming the first ever Steemian who shows up at the most, if not every, meetups globally! ^^

Deal!!!! Please let me know, I will make sure no bad guys in HK Steemit community can come, only pretty girls are allowed!



You mean you won't show up? Haha!

我都可以是美女呀,對不對 @deanliu ?


但你是bad guy嘛!

英文太差了,如何為人師表?我是best guy!

太興奮了!!!先紀錄在日程表上: @sweetsssj 明年來港





I wish we can see you here in Nepal too !

Nepal is such a beautiful place, I hope I can come sooner rather than later..

Nigeria is also a lovely place. We will be glad to have you here

Thank you so much @sweetsssj ! See you here in Kathmandu soon !!

WOW steemit is growing exponentially wonderful, wish I could have attended this, have a blast :)

Steemit is a wonderful place. Hope that you enjoy it!

This is an AWESOME blog. Well done. The photos look AMAZING. Congratulations on your meet up and good luck with #promo-steem and #promo-taiwan. Keep up the geat work in promoting #Steemit. Thanks for the mention. Stephen

Hi Stephen, thanks! We have a professional photographer @shieha and that's why. Also, @sweetsssj is pretty good with cameras too! :)

Thanks also for your resteem, we have a UK citizen Pauline @livinguktaiwan here and both sweetsssj and @honeybee studied in UK before. Maybe we can do some sort of collaboration in the future? Just thinking... :) Only Steemit can let us connect so smoothly without geographical barriers. Amazing platform!

Sounds great. Over the next few days I will be speaking to Matt @Starkerz and Dylan @Anarcotech and will suggest that we arrange a Skype Group Chat with the three of from the U.K. and some of you guys. Keep up the great work. Stephen

Look forward to touch base with you guys Stephen.

Thank you! Thank you for your resteem. We learn much from UK community too.




謝謝 Teresa ! 寫得真好

還有Pauline,寫得好用心喔 😄

哈哈 抱歉抱歉 也謝謝 pauline!!

客氣! 客氣!



@sweetsssj thanks for being a friend, you are the blessing here at the community..thank you for sharing your travel and passion to us..take care always..^_^ we love you always






我知道喔!!! 肚子餓可以先被吃一口!! XD

@ygern ! 翻譯還是要跟像你的專家多多學習 😊



多得 @catwomanteresa 的卡通把整個帖子帶動到另一個層次


我也很愛阿!!!! XD


Noooooooo! Now I wish I came back to Taiwan a bit sooner! Anyways, glad to see you guys had such a great moment :D

I wish you were there, too. Tell us when you will come to Taipei again, we can have another meetup.

I'll be back to Taiwan this weekend =)
Yea, let s have another one soon!

啊~~可惜了!! 下次再舉辦一個更大的!! :D


之後就會越來越多了!! :D

Good job @catwomanteresa and your team.
I am sure, from small gatherings will be great later.

Yes, thank you very much.




呵呵,他們開玩笑你別當真了~~~ 其實我就是個金魚佬










quiet02.gif 小心被滅口



什麼!! 我看見了假爸爸!!! 難怪那天沒有男神!!!! ((握拳


Congralulation guys...
Nice to meet you and nice join to steemit,
Greatings from aceh..

Nice to meet you

Nice to meet you to @catwomanteresa
Dont forget follow me and upvote me..

It seems your meeting was carried out in a pleasant environment. Thats nice.

maybe they should have them in an unpleasant environment to see how they work as a team, maybe throw them all in a bad situation and see how their team work skills land them!
You could ride the coat tails of @firepower i bet he has much room for many steemit users to become rich and famous using his notoriety, because theres plenty of room for others to take money he cant really get to like any business theres room for others to grow too, and it doesnt have to take away from other people, non zero sum game, man oh man i think we should all have a talk about the prices of crypto currency and how bitcoin price ....oh wow yes i seeit now some people think it might collapse.....oh wow yeah but it wont , because who would wanna give up all their bitcoins? its irrational..bitcoin is a solid technology and encryption is seriou and math is real and we can stop talking about "quantum computers" being able to vcrack the bitcoin wallet keys because they dont even exist yet! we will do something to that bridge when we get there, certainly not cross it, we will just make the encryption stronger using maths, it will be fine, computers are smart, theyll figure something out...... the AI will take all the bitcoin and distribute the money according to who works harder LOL yeah that would be funny now wouldnt it, it analyzes ur work effort and the harder an effort you give the more you get paid hahahaha that would be hilarious, lets hope the AI isnt socialist i dont think billionaires will be very socialistic because those emulated human will be capitalists (The EMs on that ne w ted talk about emulated human brains)u have to see that to see the future im talking about where people upload their conciousness into a computer but then that consciousness is online and can do stuff a normal human can do, they can make money even, run companies, etc their virtual life will be just as real as real life to us, they will be able tpo experience 1000 years in a day or more, with increased computing power, which costs money so theyll need to make a lot of money to run their consciousness on distributed computing networks....(like ethereum or EOS) and so these conciousness emulators, (theyll duplicate the 3d physical processes of a human brain, neurons and all, synaptics movements etc all of it) and theyll emulate a human brain like a PC emulates an old Nintendo 64 game, with the human consiousness file being like the n64 cartrdige Rom, we will have "Roms" of different peoples memories, their consiousnesses, (their memories basically are their consiousnesses) and we will start to understand consiousness much better too, man its going to be really crazy, and the idea of consiousness starting and stopping, death and birth, i mean when u turn off a computer with the consiousness running is that death? It would seem like they would also need to live in their own cities, away from humans, just big data centers with robots gaurding them, the money theyd make would be used to pay for theintense computing power you need, and they would pay for it using ethereum some would be using hardware they owned but no u cant u need massive computing power to simulate a human brain

THAT is what they will use Ethereum or EOS distributed computing virtual super computers for! They will use stuff like Golem to actually emulate a human brain and run human consciousness programs....... ghost in the shell, expect it wont just happen spontaniously, the sentience will be planned but it will be a COPY of an existing human brain that will be scanned with high level scanners and then uploaded into the brain emulator which willhave to simulate 3d reality nd all of its physical laws, so that we get a high definition simulation of a human brain with all of its neurons and synapses and neurotransmitters, you see??? It's an incredible idea, and it makes a lot of sense, it means we wont HAVE to understand how consciousness works, we will just be able to emulate it by duplicating our brain in a 3d simulation and watch the consciousness that results and give it access to the real worlds internet, allowing it to upload youtube videos from its virtual world, , allowing people to create the most amazing experiences and the most horrible nightmares .....there will be virtual neurosurgeons who will try and go in and fix people's emulated brains, people will have access to the real world internet but theyll know they are in a virtual world, they'll have access to Surrogates like the movie surrogates, to kind of feel and simulate the real world, using sensory input it should feel real, and anyway this is going to be a BIG deal just watch

Congratulations hope to be able to carry out ours in Caracas because it is a good way to interact in person, happiness and success.

Thank you very much. Good luck

just show the people of Venezuela and the government workers that its going to benefit everyone and show how much money steem can generate, the Bitcoin you can make on steemit is incredible,


Yes, it is. We all have wonderful time.

This is pretty awesome to see glad we are a global community.

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