maybe they should have them in an unpleasant environment to see how they work as a team, maybe throw them all in a bad situation and see how their team work skills land them!
You could ride the coat tails of @firepower i bet he has much room for many steemit users to become rich and famous using his notoriety, because theres plenty of room for others to take money he cant really get to like any business theres room for others to grow too, and it doesnt have to take away from other people, non zero sum game, man oh man i think we should all have a talk about the prices of crypto currency and how bitcoin price ....oh wow yes i seeit now some people think it might collapse.....oh wow yeah but it wont , because who would wanna give up all their bitcoins? its irrational..bitcoin is a solid technology and encryption is seriou and math is real and we can stop talking about "quantum computers" being able to vcrack the bitcoin wallet keys because they dont even exist yet! we will do something to that bridge when we get there, certainly not cross it, we will just make the encryption stronger using maths, it will be fine, computers are smart, theyll figure something out...... the AI will take all the bitcoin and distribute the money according to who works harder LOL yeah that would be funny now wouldnt it, it analyzes ur work effort and the harder an effort you give the more you get paid hahahaha that would be hilarious, lets hope the AI isnt socialist i dont think billionaires will be very socialistic because those emulated human will be capitalists (The EMs on that ne w ted talk about emulated human brains)u have to see that to see the future im talking about where people upload their conciousness into a computer but then that consciousness is online and can do stuff a normal human can do, they can make money even, run companies, etc their virtual life will be just as real as real life to us, they will be able tpo experience 1000 years in a day or more, with increased computing power, which costs money so theyll need to make a lot of money to run their consciousness on distributed computing networks....(like ethereum or EOS) and so these conciousness emulators, (theyll duplicate the 3d physical processes of a human brain, neurons and all, synaptics movements etc all of it) and theyll emulate a human brain like a PC emulates an old Nintendo 64 game, with the human consiousness file being like the n64 cartrdige Rom, we will have "Roms" of different peoples memories, their consiousnesses, (their memories basically are their consiousnesses) and we will start to understand consiousness much better too, man its going to be really crazy, and the idea of consiousness starting and stopping, death and birth, i mean when u turn off a computer with the consiousness running is that death? It would seem like they would also need to live in their own cities, away from humans, just big data centers with robots gaurding them, the money theyd make would be used to pay for theintense computing power you need, and they would pay for it using ethereum some would be using hardware they owned but no u cant u need massive computing power to simulate a human brain

THAT is what they will use Ethereum or EOS distributed computing virtual super computers for! They will use stuff like Golem to actually emulate a human brain and run human consciousness programs....... ghost in the shell, expect it wont just happen spontaniously, the sentience will be planned but it will be a COPY of an existing human brain that will be scanned with high level scanners and then uploaded into the brain emulator which willhave to simulate 3d reality nd all of its physical laws, so that we get a high definition simulation of a human brain with all of its neurons and synapses and neurotransmitters, you see??? It's an incredible idea, and it makes a lot of sense, it means we wont HAVE to understand how consciousness works, we will just be able to emulate it by duplicating our brain in a 3d simulation and watch the consciousness that results and give it access to the real worlds internet, allowing it to upload youtube videos from its virtual world, , allowing people to create the most amazing experiences and the most horrible nightmares .....there will be virtual neurosurgeons who will try and go in and fix people's emulated brains, people will have access to the real world internet but theyll know they are in a virtual world, they'll have access to Surrogates like the movie surrogates, to kind of feel and simulate the real world, using sensory input it should feel real, and anyway this is going to be a BIG deal just watch

Congratulations hope to be able to carry out ours in Caracas because it is a good way to interact in person, happiness and success.

Thank you very much. Good luck

just show the people of Venezuela and the government workers that its going to benefit everyone and show how much money steem can generate, the Bitcoin you can make on steemit is incredible,


Yes, it is. We all have wonderful time.

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