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RE: The first major Taipei Steemit Meetup 第一次Steemit台北大型聚會

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What a wonderful post, thank you for inviting me to join your meetup and I really like the T shirt you designed. It was an honor meeting you all and hope to see everyone again soon^^


thanks @sweetsssj for joining us during your trip here. It certainly a great great pleasure meeting you in person! This is also my first official meetup! Incredible that this meeting lasted for 5 whole hours! Just incredible. It's not like some internet meetup that we don't know each other and don't know what to talk. At Steemit meetup, we only need a little time to warm up to connect the real person to the steemit account, then we are good to go to chat for a long long time! Since there are really so much to talk about this amazing platform (well, complaints as well, out of love of course).

Anyway, really really nice to meet you at Taipei and look forward to carry on our unfinished conversation very soon! like very very soon. Hopefully. :)

By the way, I encourage everyone to try to organize off-line meetup. It's simply different. People connect deeper when we meet in person. Meetup is definitely a very very important thing for a social media like Steemit.

Cheers to all!

the pleasure is mine @deanliu, it's like we have known one another for quite some time. I guess that's actually true, we just never had the opportunity to meet until now. Who knew you were such a beauty? :)

I absolutely love Taiwan, so don't be surprised to see me come visit very often!

Who knew you were such a beauty?

you are a naughty girl... so now this myth has officially spread from inside cn to the whole community? lol

so don't be surprised to see me come visit very often!

maybe a round 2 before you go to hong kong next year? lol ... they are gonna kill me.

Don't mess with @sweetsssj !!! or we will make you regret your stupidity !!!

I can understand only this sentence "Who knew you were such a beauty? "

You get the point

Thank you for joining our meetup. Everyone is so excited to meet you in person.
I am so pleased that you like the T shirt I designed.
Your friend Alvin is a smart guy and inspire me a lot. Thank you to bring him to our meetup. I am glad to meet a new friend.
Hope that we can meet each other again soon.

The greatest Meetup on the history of

Very Handsome and Most Pretty Star Gurls on the community.


When will you visit HK?

May be next year, I will let you know before I come:)

@guyverckw nice it.. @sweetsssj miss your travel sweetsssj..take care always..thanks for being a my friend here at the community..more blessing to come in your way..your so humble in your fans that's why i love the way your are..thanks for coming into our lives..your a blessing to us..may the lord God protect always...

You're very welcome. It's great interacting with you and everyone else. It's a wonderfully social community!

your so right...the community is very friendly and very glad to know you ms. sweetsssj.^_^

they are so lucky to see you in person @sweetsssj i wish to see you too..

wish to you visit boracay Philippines..^_^

wow i'm so excited wish it will come Gods will come..take always ms.pretty sweetsssj..^_^

oh i have my poem to share..its about a man to offer her love to her bride to be..hope you will love my poem..^_^ hope give me a chance to show it with you guys..

@sweetsssj don't forget to plan your trip to Sydney!! 我們在這裡等你啊!

sure! if i can get a visa, I should able to visit pretty soon:)

Cool! Let me know if you do via 微信 messages ... we've got a few cn users in Sydney so it will be awesome! 👏😉

haha, now you may aim at becoming the first ever Steemian who shows up at the most, if not every, meetups globally! ^^

Deal!!!! Please let me know, I will make sure no bad guys in HK Steemit community can come, only pretty girls are allowed!



You mean you won't show up? Haha!

我都可以是美女呀,對不對 @deanliu ?


但你是bad guy嘛!

英文太差了,如何為人師表?我是best guy!

太興奮了!!!先紀錄在日程表上: @sweetsssj 明年來港





I wish we can see you here in Nepal too !

Nepal is such a beautiful place, I hope I can come sooner rather than later..

Nigeria is also a lovely place. We will be glad to have you here

Thank you so much @sweetsssj ! See you here in Kathmandu soon !!

WOW steemit is growing exponentially wonderful, wish I could have attended this, have a blast :)

Steemit is a wonderful place. Hope that you enjoy it!

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