Meetup #27 - Yasmine's Farewell Dinner Gathering | Chill & Drink at New World PJ Hotel

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We have this not so blue Monday this week because we all had a blast during @yasminep farewell gathering dinner. Clock strike 6 PM and off I go together with @joannewong and @elizacheng through the traffic jam all the way to Paradigm Mall.

Traffic wasn't really that bad today, Surpisingly

Dinner at Fa Ying Thai Fare & Cafe

We reached Fa Ying around 7 PM, while @karinzdailygrind has already started her drinking her cold brew beer at the bar, I went to check with the reception on our table to get everything settled​ and waited for​ the others to arrive​ as Buzz told Woody that,

Some of the Steemians mingling outside

Our long table

Once the table has settled, it's time to check ​the menu with @zord189 to order and finalize up some dishes to be shared among everyone which will lessen the hassle of ordering later.

We had quite a number of Steemians come over to support @yasminep's farewell which includes​ @kevinwong, @bitrocker2020, @maverickfoo, @karinzdailygrind, @digitalmind, @joannewong, @zord189, @coachmelleow, @elizacheng, @natalielo, @littlenewthings, @crypto3d and myself.

Our food soon started to be served to our table starting off with,

Royal Money Bag - Minced Chicken with Fresh Coriander and Corns wrapped in Crispy​ Wonton Skins served with Fa Ying's spicy manow

Thai Ulam - Platter of Assorted Vegetables, Eggs and Deep Fried Fish served with 3 traditional​ Thai sauces

Chicken Cashew Nut - Stir-Fried Chicken Bites with Aromatic Bell Pepper and served together with Crunchy Cashew Nuts

Green Curry Beef - Spicy Green Curry with a touch of sweetness, cooked with beef chunks and Thai Eggplants

Pineapple Fried Rice - Stir-fried​ rice together with juicy grilled pineapple cubes, chicken and seafood, served with Thai Chilli sauces and grilled Pineapple chunks on the side

Mixed Vegetables with Tofu - Japanese tofu cooked with sweet tasting mix vegetables and topped with Bonito Flakes

We all had our stomach filled up with the foods, chatting with each other just like a big family together and I personally would like to thanks @kevinwong for this dinner! You can check out his post about the gathering right down below,

Dinner & Drinks in New World Hotel PJ by @kevinwong

Drinks and Chill at New World Petaling Jaya Hotel

We then make our move to the Rooftop Bar at the Hotel nearby which takes only a few minutes walks​ from Fa Ying. The rooftop bar is located on​ the 30th floor of the hotel with the view overseeing the entire PJ landscape.

Sign showing us the direction of the hotel

Managed to cram​ everyone into the lift and not forgetting to have a wefie.

Ding! Off we go reaching the 30th floor towards rooftop bar and greeted by the view and everyone is busy taking pictures while waiter is getting ready our table by the poolside.

The View! You can actually see Twin Tower from here

Order myself a Guinness Stout Draught

We had lots of talks and laugh over the table together with our drinks and the awesome view ahead of us. What a nice Monday to kick start the week together with a family of Steemians 😆

Besides talking, we suddenly moved to a topic of getting @zord189 his perfect girlfriend and he describes​ his criteria to @yasminep which she eventually included into her post, which you can read it right down below,

Steemit farewell! Thanks for having me #teammalaysia (/the search for love for @zord189) by @yasminep

@bitrocker2020 testing his phone on low light capture with @joannewong

Time passes fast as we need to head back home as the bar is closing soon and need our rest for tomorrow. We had a group picture and few selfies​ together before sending off @yasminep on her Grab back home in​ the lobby.

Me taking a picture​ of @yasminep taking picture of us sending her off on her Grab 😂

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What a great send off! Thai food, rooftop drinks AND on a Monday! Very envious of you guys!

Best excuse to make a gathering on Monday because is MONDAY! 😂

many people! we can hardly call a meet up haha

Team HK don't have a community or discord something like that?

yes we have buy everyone is busy!

<3 will miss the awesome @yasminep!


Say my hello to @yasminep

Love this @aaronleang! Especially the photo of me taking a photo hahaha!