BoilerRoom #1 - Kickstart Off Successfully

in meetup •  11 months ago

Another wonderful Sunday with our first BoilerRoom that held at Made by Illy, TTDI due to CMCR, TTDI was jam-packed with people and our table wasn't ready by the time we reached resulting we need to look for an alternative cafe to host our event.

Luckily, we managed to find a quieter​ and less crowded cafe for our BoilerRoom and get settled down together with our special guest, @fararizky from Indonesia who planned to join us for this event.

Some haven't arrived when we're taking group photos


Once we settled down, the ​table arranged and set up every possible device​ on the table, it's time to order some drinks and food before the event starts while waiting for the others to come by.


To be honest, I only saw had 3 RSVP ( @kchitrah, @srinivaskm and manish86jha ) on my google form for the event but it turns out​ we had a lot of BoilerRoom crasher after all 😂 like @buzz.lightyear, @williamsyee, and @tifaong. It's okay, all this turns out to be the more the merrier in the end.

Once everything got settled, @maverickfoo starts off our BoilerRoom with 25 minutes of researching ​the topic that you're are going to write on that period. Those who haven't pre-research​ will do it on the spot while those who did can either continue research further or chill a bit more.

Had my Lunch before starting off, not bad their Bolognese

Boiling Time

Once the research timing is up, is time to fire up "The Most Dangerous Writing App" and start typing those words in but it's not compulsory​. We did it in ​5-10-10 minutes of writing but it depends on individual preference as well.

Suddenly, you can hear only keyboard sound and no talking during this period of time as everyone including facilitators is​ typing hard 💪🏻 with our finger. @fararizky didn't have​ a laptop with her so she was using her phone to write out her post and she manages​ to post it out by 4 PM​.

Liburan produktif bersama Team Malaysia by @fararizky

Unfortunately​, she needs to leave earlier as she had a meeting with her friend at Putrajaya but it's been nice meeting her and hopefully we can meet again soon in the near future to get along more together.

Everyone is typing

Edit & Relax Time

After all the boiling intensity, it's time to relax and do all the editing work which will take​ up time the most and the chit-chat​ started again​ throughout​ the session until 6 PM​ before we're off to dinner.

We had a ​small discussion on our next BoilerRoom, took some individual feedback from participants on how we can do better, improve and make the next BoilerRoom more productive and better.

Here's our sifu @maverickfoo writing in a ​style
who finish up 2 posts​ during the BoilerRoom 🙈

Thanks to all participants and facilitators who take their Sunday time off to join for this BoilerRoom and we hope to organize more BoilerRoom in the future.



Contact me at Discord:

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Boiling Boiling Boiling!
Even though I am not able to be there physically... I did my post around that time too that day... :D


Next round, you need to join 🙈


come come! Let's boil together :D


Lai lai lai, the more the merrier!

Hi @aaronleang.. it is glad to know that a friend of mine, @fararizky was meeting you there in KL. Hopefully, someday I would meet with you all too :)
Warm regard from Indonesia


Hey @razack-pulo, is nice meeting @fararizky too and I'm definitely looking forward meeting​ you and her again in the near future!

Thanks for dropping by 😆


Yup. If I am going to travel to KL, I will let you know..
Nice to know you, my friend @aaronleang :)


Great! 😆 you can always contact me via Discord at AaronLeang✌️#5270


That’s great! 😀

Haha, we didn't use google form because I personally drop you a message on your boiler room post ma :D
Sifu @maverickfoo gif very distracting me to read your post lol!


Haha yea ​I know, just writing it up to make it funny and more interesting 🤪.

That's why I put the GIF behind so you read habis baru comment 😬


lol, well thought! Still distracting when I look again especially his eye brow la!


Timing ngam ngam, perfect for the GIF


I like that GIF! Very funny!

You enjoyed wonderful Sunday but I enjoyed wonderful Friday. Coz Friday is here holiday.

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