A first NewSteem meet-up in Rotterdam

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Dear reader - Steem has been renamed to Hive since May 2020. My content therefore has moved with me to Hive, and I hope to see you there: peakd.com/@soyrosa.


At least, you were a lot!
What does buzz look like! Makes me wonder. Rotterdam is too far unfortunately but had I known, I would have party crashed :D!

Yay! The next one will be within a month probably - will you party crash then @englishtchrivy? ;-)

am afraid not anymore - school is weer begonnen en ik heb het druk
maar veel plezier in ieder geval!

I met him shortly during SteemFest3 in Krakow, but it was only right after the Bowling Evening and @bubke had a few too many cocktails...

Haha, sounds about right, I was chatting with him and @honeydue during the night of Steem at the bar desk!

How about you? Can you easily attend Steem meet-ups were you live? If not, are you thinking of maybe organizing one?

I actually just got an idea that we could have a meet-up in Tampere, Finland, because @tarazkp and @insaneworks live there (and some others are located pretty close, too). Also, couple of my friends (the other I actually just made a Steem account for! he's not of a poster though, but I got him interested about Steem) study there in the University, so I got this great vision that maybe we could co-operate with the University and perhaps do a slideshow open for anyone interested to attend. This is just an idea though, would take some time to organize, so maybe just a regular meet'n'greet would be more like the reality :D

YES YES YES! I'm so happy if you made that happen in Tampere <3 Start with a 'normal' meet&greet would be my advise, as from that meeting you will be able to brainstorm ideas for whatever wishes anyone has: knowledge exchange, casual meetings, strategy sessions surround a topic (like onboarding or marketing) - whatever comes to mind.

I think for the first one just name a time & place, make sure there's flexibility on the menu regarding food/drinks so there's something for everyone, and you'll have a blast :-)

Meet-ups in London are always casual, but meet-ups in Aachen always have presentations - so there's clearly a different need everywhere :D

Yeah, I think it's a good idea to start small. I'll talk to them.

Awesome. Announce them/it way in advance as I'm one of those crazy Steemians that checks out flight deals and if a good deal pops up might just appear at those meet-ups :D

I'll let you know as soon as we'll figure a date :D

YES!!! I'm all up for a trip to Finland if the price is right! The airport is around the corner from our house (15 minute drive) so please include me too @celestal!

I will keep you posted, too!

No pressure :P You already have attendees before even figuring out how to arrange everything, LOL! :')

Looks like a nice little gang there! Looks like Steem is treating you well!

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Yes - I treasure that picture already! We had fun making it and we hadn't though of making pictures until then :') Steem is treating me well and these meet-ups add a ton of love for the community everytime I attend or organize one <3

That was such a nice meetup, totally worth the misery of Belgian-Dutch public transport (still on the way). Thanks, i will remember this better than the SF3 evenings! xxx

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Hahaha - you were super brave to overcome Public Transport :') And yes, next time we meet I hope you still know who I am! Lol! :D Big Hugs, hope you'll get home well <3

Greet to hear about another successful Steem Meetup.

Let me know of any others you have planned and I will add them in the Calendar of Steem Meetups.

Next time I'll make sure to send you a message @pennsif! Thanks and cheers! :-)

Love from India. Hope I will be able to meet @bubke.

Sab kuch milega :-) In which state do you live?

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Actually I'm a native of Kerala right now living in Bihar. Where do you live in India?

we are living in Goa now (after 10 years of Tamil Nadu)

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That sounds like a well celebrated meetup and I love to be with you next time.

Please feel invited to the #SteemMeetupAachen 7 at the 20th of September

We will have again an evening full of fun, speeches and Beer.

YES! As said very last-minute but it was really really nice and low-key :-) I'll put the 20th of September in my calendar and will try to make it for sure @detlev :D Nice <3

very nice, hope you enjoyed it , have great times :x

It was really enjoyable, thanks @greenleaves! :-)

We're back to Netherlands, so maybe we'll show up on next meeting! :) we don't write recently due to very busy life, but we'd love to see you again! Daniel & Monika aka @route-m-d :)

Good to hear @suchy! I left a message about this meet-up on @route-m-d, but you might have missed that one :D It was last-minute anyway. Next meet-up will be announced a few weeks in advance! <3 Hope you're doing well, send me a message if you need some info on 'anything Dutch' - lol.

This was indeed a very nice meeting again!
And also very informative. It's always a pleasure to meet people from this community especially when they are living far away but have the chance to participate.
Talking not only over steem and the dapps around it it was interesting to hear about themselves, their family, their way of living - just get to know each other better.
Thanks for organizing it again!

Yes - indeed! We shared some personal stories about ourselves too, which in the end is the most precious thing in life to share :-) Thanks for being there again and for caring so much about Steem and its people. You're awesome :-)

Although the platform is struggling compared to how it used to be, it's really nice to see you guys meet and have fun. Soon, the community will thrive and will be how it should be

The fact that you've met because of a platform is really amusing to think of.

Yes - I agree - it's really really special. Steemliterally brings people together. Not just online but also offline. I've been enjoying every single meet-up I've attended. People who attend meet-ups like this have a certain kind of mindset that makes it easy to talk to them :-) I hope you have the opportunity to meet Steem People yourself as well. Cheers!

I'm absolutely looking forward to that day. You can call me one of those survivors who had ups and downs as the platform had its ups and downs as well. It would be a pleasure to hear other people's side of their story. ☺

You're a survivor :D Yes it's absolutely amazing to hear other peoples stories. Maybe try to organize a meet-up yourself - especially the first time it's nothing more than saying 'when & where' and see who shows up. Everyone pays for their own drinks so there's not real burden for you - just the chance to meet some people. There are so many Steemians in the Philippines!

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NOW this is what Steem is all about! Looks fun was had by all excellent to hear!

Right?! I want to see all the faces! :D

Looks like an awesome time, there are lot’s of meet ups happening right now the UK seem to be doing loads of them - but then the UK is pretty tiny compared to some parts of the world!

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Yeah - I see some people in for example the US struggle with meet-ups as it's hard to have really 'local' communities - here in Europe its easier to find out if someone lives close/in the same country - so we're definitely lucky in that department! :-) Hope you're doing well @c0ff33a!

Lovely meetup. I like to meet steemit friends face to face too.

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Yes! It's totally worth it @catwomanteresa - if there's no meet-ups in your surroundings yet then it can be very worthwhile to try and organize it yourself :-)

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