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There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of meditation techniques. Each should find out what works best for them. Some prefer to meditate with mantras, many like to observe the breath and others use images or symbols. But what these techniques have in common is that they awaken the passive observer.

Who Is The Passive Observer?

The passive observer is that part of us that keeps away from the turbulence of our daily life. He is like a wise man who looks at the village from the top of a hill. He sees people running around, children playing, a dog looking for food, someone dying, a baby being born, frost burning the crop, and none of it affects him. He remains seated on the top of his mount, equanimous, for he knows that pain or joy spring from the same source and none of them is permanent. The passive observer knows that true happiness belongs to the I-Superior and that when we are aware of it, nothing else affects us.

But he is also a great teacher. If you stay with someone 24 hours a day watching how they eat, how they dress, how they talk and act, how they sleep, at the end of a week you will know a lot about them. Thus, if we observe enough time, we will learn much about ourselves. We will learn how we function, how our thoughts and feelings act, how they influence our choices, and so on.

When we develop the passive observer, we can look from afar the landscape of our lives and face the challenges that it proposes to us without being disturbed, without letting the emotional cloud our perception. That is why it is so easy to advise a friend with problems. As we are not emotionally involved, we have a panoramic view of the situation and can perceive the faults and possibilities that he does not see.

When we look at things from a distance, we understand the context and the motives behind the facts. And with this understanding, we can find creative output, we can see doors where before there seemed to be only walls.

The Passive Observer Meditation Technique

Sit comfortably and take a few deep breaths.

Begin to observe the thoughts that come to you, be aware of them and let them add up next. Do not avoid or encourage them. Do not give continuity to any thought.

The tendency of the mind is to make associations. When it comes to thinking "I need to pay a bank account," the mind goes on: "Do I have enough money?..." And so it goes. Therefore, cut the yarn before the whole skein rolls out.

Try to see each thought as a static frame, like a scene from a large video clip that does not deserve much attention.
The mind is representing a great piece in front of you. But you are not the protagonist. You're just the viewer. So do not get involved. If there is a great confusion of thoughts flowing, just "look" at the confusion. Do not try to control your thoughts, let them go the way they came.

Do not expect anything special from your meditation: fireworks exploding in front of you, gods parading, lotus flowers or wonderful lights. The images that arise may be just the product of the mental activity, mind tricks to distract you. So just keep watching as you would with any other thought. Do not get involved with their beauty or beatitude. If they are more than a product of the mind, you will know.

With continuous practice, you will be able to keep your mind blank and listen to the voice of your intuition which is also an attribute of the passive observer.

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Namaste, thank you for sharing :)

Meditation is really going to hep out stress. Do it regularly.

it is such a good content for spiritual technology keep it up with good words

Meditation is best way to know yourself. We you know yourself you get complete knowledge of world and get beauty of life.

I want to try meditation but everytime i wanted to try ,i was failed again and again.

But did you try or not? If you did, maybe try a different approach like guided or dynamic meditation!

Great introduction to this mediation, thank you! I’m also writing on various techniques, feel free to check out my blog and followed list for some resources you might find interesting. Enjoy, and welcome to Steemit!

Hi @jspots! Just gave a look, and will be spending some time reading your blog​... Thank you :)

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