🧘 Buddhism and the Five Precepts: Do you Follow Any of These?🧘

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A mindful life often asks us about how we behave in the world, looking closely at our morality and our relationships with others. This week's post is brought to you by @vibesforlife, who outlines the five precepts of Buddhism for us.

Buddhism is a religion founded by Siddhartha Gautama (The Buddha) more than 2,500 years ago in India. With about 470 million followers, scholars consider Buddhism one of the major world religions. The religion has historically been most prominent in East and Southeast Asia, but its influence is growing in the West. Many Buddhist ideas and philosophies overlap with those of other faiths.

The Buddhism religion has its own five precepts which every Buddhist should follow.

Below are the five precepts

Precept 1 - to abstain from taking life

According to the first precept, followers of Buddhism should refrain from committing murder of any living beings - be it humans or be it animals. Even the thought of taking someone's life or putting life to stop forcefully is considered sinful. No matter how small the organism is and no matter what is the way of taking their life - psychic, sorcery, slow poisoning and physical force. If you want to be a true follower of Buddhism, you should practice precept 1 - to abstain from taking life.

Precept 2 - to abstain from taking what is not given

The second precept of Buddhism talks about abstaining from stealing or forcefully taking something from someone even when they say No to you. I really like this precept, Imagine if every human being follows this precept how peaceful our world would be - No wars, No fights over lands and waters. According to second precept, you should never snatch or steal anything.

Precept 3 - to abstain from sexual misconduct

The third precept talks about preventing oneself from any sort of sexual misconduct or sensuous behavior which is a blameworthy bad behavior. Now when we talk about sexual misconduct according to Buddhist precept, it should also not be committed to somebody who is a slave girl and is not resisting it. There is only one way of carrying it out - With one's own body.

Precept 4 - to abstain from false speech

The fourth precept of Buddhism talks about refraining from false speech which is a will to deceive others by false words. The degree of false speech can vary according to the consequence and circumstances. But a true Buddhist should follow path of Truthiness always.

Precept 5 - to abstain from intoxicants or drugs

The fifth precept talks about keep our bodies and minds free from toxics. It includes abstaining from drugs or anything causes cloudiness in mind. Although, the fifth precept does mention - taking medication for illness is ok.

Buddhism is a very popular religion with strong belief and fundamentals. The 5 precepts is one of the basic ideas about this religion. If you want to follow Buddhism, it is suggested to follow all the five precept which eventually makes you a better human being.

Do you follow any of the 5 precepts? Which ones do you struggle with?

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Thank you for sharing!! I have a question about precept 1, does that mean it is imperative to be a Vegetarian? I have always tried to save bugs and animals even as a small child. I would go and save all the worms stuck on the sidewalk after it rains. (I still do😀) I don’t kill spiders and I tell them they can live in the house as long as they don’t bite any of us. I’m very interested in learning more about Buddhism. I took a philosophy of religion class and learned some, and would love to learn more. Thanks for sharing 💜💕

I fail on all the points, but then ….. I am a Goblin :-)

Keep trying. Even the
existence of intention of it proves that you ain't a goblin 😜

I am totally psyched you to be mentioned by you @naturalmedicine.
My blog handle is @rebeccabe ... thanks again..love you guys 🙏

So I’m curious as to the bit about sexual misconduct.

Only because there were some schools (not all) within the Mahayana tradition that did include some sexual rituals. Some of these were passed into Taoist Schools that embraces Buddhist philosophy, rituals, and ideas.

Were there nuances to what they described as “sexual misconduct”?

Can we make the discernment that sexual conduct is OK if mutually consenting, but not otherwise?

How do we explain these?

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Thanks to @vibesforlife for bringing up such wonderful thoughts!

Several years back when I was a vegetarian, I was regular to Vipassana meditation centres. Even today, I consider Vipassana as the best meditation practice. But since turning vegan, I stopped going to these centers. I'm still looking for a vegan Vipassana centre in India. Can you help me in this regard?

As @consciousangel7 thinks that it's imperative to be a vegetarian, I think it imperative to be a vegan for following all 5 precepts. To each his own!

Regarding the compliance part, I do struggle with precept-4 as even exaggeration or understatement of facts violates this precept. That's why I used to love my time at Vipassana centers where we observe absolute noble silence during all those days.

Great to know that these topics too are covered under @natutalmedicine. Keep it up!

Such a wonderful reminder. Yes I do follow 4 of them, but I eat non veg so indirectly I am contributing to eat. 😔

I love the precepts and philosophies. I overall have tried to follow them in my life without know what they actually were until now. I know I won't become vegetarian, but I can make conscious decisions about what is in what I eat and where it comes from.

Beautiful post @vibesforlife.