Marvel Character : Vulcan

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Gabriel Summers aka Vucan is the unborn child of both Christopher and Katherine Summers which also a brother of both Scott Summer (Cyclops) and Alex Summers (Havok).He was one of the member of the team to rescue the original X-Men from Krakoa which resulted the death of its two members Sway and Petra.Source here

image source

They thought that the other members were killed on the process , but both Vulcan and Darwin did survive and stay at Krakoa until their powers where awaken.He then return from exile which he kills Banshee and kidnap Marvel Girl and Cyclops due to his revenge.He has the mutant powers of energy manupulation , healing , flight, energy maniputation and some other kinds of energy blast.Source here

Power StatisticLevel
Energy Projection7
Fighting Skills3

Source here

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That's is a nice cartoon, thanks for sharing


yes, it is really one of the famous marvel villain @etilda


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Excellent I love the x men the mutants are fabulous very beautiful images good post greetings friend


thank you for this appreciation. @andreina89 , yes many people do love super heroes especially x-men.

Suprised he only got an intelligence level of 2


yes, his level intelligence is just normal @doomsdaychassis

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yes, chess is also a great mind games @samostically