400K MARLIANS Stake Distributed Among 46 Marlians (With A Heartfelt Message To Each Recipient). You Can Get Some MARLIANS Stake Too!

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Today, we will give out some 'stake', that several can shine some more. The stake at hand is called 'MARLIANS'. "This is no ordinary stake". You can say it is; i say it is not.

I love it, what it represents, where it is headed. I love the stories and histories behind it. "Backed by humans instead of bulls or bears", i love that that defines MARLIANS.

I am disoriented here, i know! Kindly permit it!

On marlians.com, we care. We care about 'real human growth', we really do. 'It is long-term, it is long-term' but we will grow; together we will grow for the sake of our generations and generations yet born. There has got to be dates now!

Today, we will give out some stake to a small list of users, that they can embark on a journey 'filled with what they love' and that they can carry others along as part of their journey. Historical history!

May you give this stake more testimonial essence, applying its use towards 'mining your human' and inciting others to 'mine their human'. 

For now, here you have it (i also left a small 'memo' for each recipient):

@saffisara - 15,000 (You can now get to curate others too. You may now understand why i say 'i shed un-fell tears when i see you on marlians.com'. One more thing, thank you for reading the entirety of this publication).

@wakeupkitty - 10,000 (I haven't been able to answer your questions related to marlians.com but i will. In the meantime, this will give your vote on 'marlians.com' some weight) >

@kesolink - 10,000 (Promoting steem is as easy as saying, 'join me on marlians.com'. People can see your 'shine' and follow you onto 'marlians.com' as a result. Yes, let people join steem as a result of your own shine.)

@anikys3reasure - 20,000 (Re-listen to this talk. Apply your spirit and being towards your endeavors from here on out. 'Many things aren't ordinary', especially where humans are involved. As for the laptop, you will get it and soon too.) 

@steem-ph - 15,000 (@chrisrice this may help a bit. They can just add in '#marlians' to their posts and '#ulog' for 'ulogs'. Also, my feedback will arrive in your DM soon. Giant thanks!)

@metzli - 15,000 (We will do that talk soon. My 'thank you' to you is hefty. You may not know this enough. Just seeing you in your 'shine' moments on 'marlians.com' is precious.)

@tegoshei - 15,000 (Let's do a talk soon. Thank you for sticking with me, whether bulls or bears and allowing my words to have testimonial essence.)

@fitinfun - 15000 (Thank you for being 'too lazy to quit' on my behalf. I prayed for you. You will hear news from him soon and it will be good news.)

@thereikiforest - 15,000 (Thank you for 'all those times' even though we haven't talked for long lately. Don't quit on me.) 

@doitvoluntarily - 5,000 (Thank you for joining us on 'marlians.com' and staying on steem for so long.)

@abh12345.marlian - 10,000 (Thank you for tending to me each time. It is valued it. Please know this! Know too, that it saves life. Kindly read my publication. You will understand the 'stories and histories' involving marlians.com better.)

@ankarlie - 15,000 (My "thank you" here is everlasting. Thank you for letting me be among your mentors and for affording me respect and all. Thanking for maintaining your human. Special!) 

@uwelang - 15,000 (Thank you bro. Thank you. You have stuck with me, stood by me like brother. Gosh. Here is a video for you.) >

@shadowspub - 15,000 (Special woman, thank you. You are solid. Thank you for the times you have listened to me, the times you told me to drink water and all that. I haven't started drinking though. I am worse off now but i am still pushing for that recovery. Where you can, read my publication.) 

@snook - 15,000 (I wonder if you are fit and i hope this small token doesn't stir "more stress". You can use it at least for those who interact with you in your comment-section, to inspire them some more. Thank you for this video and the times you have stuck and fought for me. It is special. 

@felt.buzz.marl - 7,000 (Thank you choosing to be part of my journey and for ulogging. A time soon, "ulog" will be in dictionaries. I long and pray for this in Jesus' name amen.)

@jaki01 - 10,000 (What can i say more than "thank you". My "thank you" is hefty.)

@mermaidvampire - 15,000 (Special woman. We haven't talked. I may have wronged you. Forgive me. Overall, i have failed 'even towards myself' but i am confident about a vindication still. I am still working hard. 'Knocks on your door soon'. I believe; i believe. Thank you for a lot!)

@ecoinstant - 10,000 (Thank you bro for sticking with me. And it will surprise you but i also say "thank you for taking care of your mum". She once made this video for me. Where you can please read my publication. It tells more about all these journey.)

@zekepickleman - 10,000 (Thank you alot. You came around on your volition to bear my consequences. I am so grateful. It may not show enough now but where there is life, it will show.)

@davedickeyyall - 5,000 (Thank you a lot for supporting my SPS proposal recently. I ended up seeing that it is such a huge feat to get approved as its needs up to '20 million SP' in combined vote/support. )

@patrickulrich - 5000 (This me saying thank you for doing things to inspire others.)

@slobberchops - 5000 (Thank you for remembering me from the past. Steemfest is near me now and i am put on the list of speakers. It is not looking like i will have the means to go there. Don't be surprised if i end up there.)

@blueeyes8960 - 5000 (Thank you for the words "our boy terry" in this video. Regards to your husband)

@mariannewest - 5000 (Thank you for loving 'ulog' and ulogging. Thank you for this video.

@quochuy - 5000 (Very special are 'the times you have tended to my tech-related questions, for hours'. Very special are 'the ukulele times' too. Thank you for featuring uloggers on your posts and generating stats for '#ulog')

@zipporah - 5000 (Hoping this inspires you even if slightly, that you keep on 'in a paradise of tunes'.)

@iamjadeline - 5000 (Hey ulog-mama, hopefully this sparks some more 'shine' in you. Stay awesome.)

@thekittygirl - 5000 (Thank you for having a ready-made description of what 'marlians.com' is and providing this information to others.)

@preparedwombat 2500 (Thank you for your presence of marlians.com)

@tipu - 10000 (@cardboard, perhaps this will help for something. I think once in the past, i didn't answer you as i normally should. It is due to illness and weakness.)

@mosunomotunde - 5000 (To inspire you. To say that you can buy out time to pay attention to the rest of the world too as i have just thought of you here)

@gloriouskids - 5000 (Keep shining!)

@writeandearn - 5000 (May it help you push some more.)

@shanghaipreneur - 3000 (Thank you for 'one comment' from the near past)

@el-dee-are-es - 5000 (May it encourage you a bit to keep loving Jehovah.)

@wwwiebe - 3000 (Thank you for your presence on '#ulog' and on 'marlians.com'.)

@hlezama - 5000 (The road is rough but there will be vindication. And those #ulog-ideals will still come to life. May you spark something with this small stake. TEARDROPS is down the road! Jehovah's willing.)

@c0ff33a - 10000 (Thank you for the past when used to help @mermaidvampire and for the present e.g sending MARLIANS stake to @saffisara, your resteems etc.)

@yasu.pal - 7000 (@yasu, a little inspiration. This publication is in English but if you can read it, you will understand 'marlians.com' better.)

@thealliance - 5000 (May it spark something however small, that furthers your movement)

@syllem - 5000 (Thank you for all the hugs and your persistence in my journey. Thank you for getting 'certified', for translating my posts to read them etc. Stay inspired.)

@thedarkhorse - 5000 (I wonder if this will spark something in your movement. I wasn't there enough (in conversations) in the past but you have been on my mind.)

@simplymike - 5000 (Keep on 'simply Mike')

@michealb - 7000 (Thank you for staking on marlians.com and for your sticking around on steem.)

@whatsup - 7000 (Once in the near past you made me write this. In the latest past, i would be on the steem-engine explorer watching you stake even the trickles of MARLIANS and that is special. Thank you.)

Yes, kindly give this stake more testimonial essence than 'just stake'. Walk with new-found shine for it represents 'your-boy-terry & the entire Teardrops ecosystem' as your ultimate true fan, whether bulls or bears. 

MARLIANS is yours. Be owners! Back it with conviction, because you have come to love what it represents.

For now, i am ill and slow, so please take charge. Love 'your boy terry' each time you are on 'marlians.com'. 

Note that Marlians.com is a side project under the umbrella of the Teardrops ecosystem. It also uses a 'proof of tears' model, one that rewards the art of 'mining the human'. Yes, it rewards the 'display of human virtues' and seeks to reward even past deeds.

Other projects under the Teardrops ecosystem that are under development are ulogs.org, steemgigs.org, teardrops.network and macrohard

I need to get fit and ready. I am working towards that, for 'surpassing google it is'.

This video gives further insight into 'marlians.com':

If you want to build a community or your noble dream and you need some help, insight or inspiration, i am reachable here (@surpassinggoogle#1660). I will look to help you even with my smallest resources. 

If you would like to avail of my STEEMGIG, i have one here and it accepts MARLIANS.

Your Boy Terry


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Thank You Terry 😍

We definitely need to connect soon BeautyFull 💕

Sorry for being out of touch 🙏 please know I'm not quitting Sweetie! ✨

Sending all my Reiki Love 💖

Posted using Partiko Android

thank you for your kind words @surpassinggoogle ... grow strong

Steemfest is near me now and i am put on the list of speakers. It is not looking like i will have the means to go there. Don't be surprised if i end up there.

You will be there, I'll see you in Bangkok!

Thank you surpassingGoogle. Like ill always pray for you, you will surpass Google.

I believe in the MARLIANS dream and the journey though tough is full of experiences. I will keep pushing with MARLIANS stake to the 100k target is reached in this first tier.

I am also beginning some off chain education/Promotion on MARLIANS as well as social Media Promotion.

We steem to the moon!

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Thank you a lot. Hope to have livestream call soon

Thanks a lot for that gift! :)

This is awesome!!

Grats to everyone. The ones I know on the list are very deserving people.

Thank you alot. You can get some too.

Posted via Marlians.com

Subscribing sure... making a video yeah not my thing LOL. I enjoy watching 😁

Thank you. I will make sure to keep curating and commenting.

Wishing you lots of healing sleep.

Posted via Marlians.com

So valued. Thank you

Congratulations to all whoever received the Stake and keep up the good work. Stay blessed.

@surpassinggoogle, Keep up the encouraging and supportive work brother. Stay blessed and blessings of light is with you.

Posted using Partiko Android

Thank you sir Terry... of course... I'll always stick around no matter bears or bulls... 😁 please tell me your free time, so I can try to arrange my schedule... Would love to talk with you... :)

You know I don’t usually know. Cos I am always weak. I just am pushing. We can do it in the morning tomorrow. I will keep it short. Say 30 mins

Sir... I might go out with my family tomorrow, but not sure yet... :( We'll prolly be back on the 24th if we can't go home that night... I'm free tonight, though... :D

Okay we can do it now. I am on discord. I will be a bit disoriented but let’s do it. You manage my ugly face

Sure... will turn my pc on... hihi :)

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