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RE: My Introduction to Marlians and Sports Talk Social - I am Beverly!

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Hello there Beverly, Welcome to Steem blockchain. I am also new to Marlians but since it is a fork of steemit I am at ease using it. Cool to know that you are into cryptocurrencies as well. I have been in this space since early 2017 and I must tell you it has been a crazy ride especially during the crypto winter. You know what is even crazier I have been living off cryptocurrencies since 2017 its hard i tell you but I love crypto, blockchain and dApps especially to what they stand for. We have a community of cryptocurrency enthusiast over at facebook perhaps you want to join us.

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Hi Ms. beautiful @ankarlie. 😊 Its good to hear that you are already used to this kind of platform. I'm only new to this and I'm glad that there are someone like you to guide and help me. You are amazing girl. To be living off cryptocurrencies since 2017, that's amazing. I'm sure you understand trading cryptocurrencies well-enough. I sure I can learn from you. 😊 And the dApps, I'm still not quite familiar about it. I think there's lot of them and I don't know what's gonna fit with my liking.
Yes! I would love to join your community in facebook. How can I join? It's really good to meet someone like you here. Thank you. 😊

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