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Hello Steemians,

Today we’ll be sharing a piece of the new marketing strategy with you.

I’ll give you the strategy in pieces so you can really grasp how it will make Steemit grow.

Just one more spoiler before the video itself… the themes are transparency, developers, and a Steem ecosystem. There’s an important announcement at the end, so be sure to watch the whole thing! Enjoy!

For those who prefer text or are unable to watch video, there's a TL;DR below.


In today’s video I discuss three important developments for the Steemit marketing strategy:

  1. Transparency
  2. Building a social media ecosystem
  3. Developers, developers, developers!


  • These videos are just one of the ways you’ll be able to see the Steemit vision take form
  • This transparency will be more than just revelations, but also in the form of processes
  • Transparency is the first step towards an ecosystem. More info on this later

An App Ecosystem With a Steemit-Core

  • The marketing vision for Steemit is to be the hub of a social media ecosystem… that goes far beyond
  • We want to see dozens of social media and content apps running on the Steem blockchain

But there’s only so much Steemit can do, and the more the Steemit Team does the more opportunities it’s taking from the community. That’s why...

Developers Rule!

  • Developers are going to be a priority of our marketing effort
  • We will promote and support all developers, but especially those developers who help build out this social media ecosystem
  • An ecosystem with no gates and no walls, where your photo sharing app is linked to your blogging platform, is linked to your micro-posting app, and all are monetized by the same mechanism: steem
  • This will be the foundation on which our marketing effort is built along with some other really exciting ideas that I will be sharing with you in my next video

That’s about it for now, there is an exciting announcement at the end of the video, but we don’t want to spoil the surprise, so you’ll just have to watch. There will be a formal announcement next week along with more specifics on the marketing strategy, so keep an eye out for more posts!

  • Mitchell
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Hi there, Mitchell here.

If you'd like to ask some questions you're welcome to here. No need to speculate; Just ask me what you're curious about and I'll do what I can. :)

Please provide a text version so we can forward it to other media.

agreed by 100% here with @abit - especially as video seems shaky - not related to my bandwidth but written is always better - i do work in marketing since 20 years too so we need sth on paper to help you guys moving forward

TL;DR added beneath the video. Thanks for the feedback!

hmmm - have some questions on the developer focus - Developers as priority of marketing focus is interesting - would like to discuss the facts behind but not on the platform @andrarchy @zurvanic

We have more specifics coming out next week, but if you would like to talk to me about it on feel free to message me there.

will drop you a line there tomorrow when the girls let me sleep - thanks mate @andrarchy

I'm not sure this should be shown to a wider audience as a marketing announcement.

I believe in Developers! Great that you are putting the focus on them.

Will there be any marketing emphasis on "the Fabric" technology? Is it true that "the Fabric" architecture is blockchains inside of blockchains? Is "the Fabric" going to change everything?

And will marketing be focusing solely on promoting tech projects? Or will it also focus on community projects that utilise the technology?


@riskdebonair I personally believe that Fabric will be a revolutionary development in the evolution of blockchain technology and I also believe that our community is our strongest weapon, but as far as whether that will make it into our marketing strategy ... you'll just have to stay tuned for future posts ;)

Ooof! I'm excited for the developments.

The idea to put the user stories in the centre of attention is great @zurvanic. It assures a maximum degree of identification. There have been several small projects on steemit featuring steemians in the past, and they always found their audience.
It´ll be great to see how this idea can evolve outside steemit´s borders being supported through your expertise, creativity and influence. Looking forward to seeing, hearing, reading more about it!


All I want is my STEEMIAN "story"to be heard and most importantly shared...


Frank III

Start writing! :)

Would be nice to use a specific tag like #steemstory , would be awesome to hear how everyone got here and their experience so far! :)

Start reading! :)

Hope you enjoy it @acidyo

I found the video first on YouTube because I subscribed to the steemit channel. I feel like it would really help if you put more information about in the YouTube infobox. Many people will find us there. :) Great video btw very heartfelt and authentic.

@zurvanic Thank you for the update brother. Welcome I look forward to hearing more from you and am glad to see you on the Steemit team.

Thanks mate!

@andrarchy, your passioin for steemit made my eyes tear up

Wow, I really appreciate that Craig. I couldn't imagine a better compliment. Thanks so much.

Andreas Antonopolous of should be the guy we ask to help spread the message. At least piggy back off his message.

He often talks about the other 3 billion people of in the developing nations. That $3.00 per post will make a difference to all of them and change their lives.

Steemit needs to address that market. Congrats on your new position.

That guy hates Steemit.

Indeed! It reminded me of how @rogerkver used to talk about bitcoin!

These are really exciting times! :)


No you did..nt!


  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Hehe, I remembered this old video with him where he talks about decentralization, bringing an economical balance in the world, helping the unbanked and most of all helping the ones in need. I remember him being very emotional during that speech (can't find the video at the moment).

Now all these years later I don't see how bitcoin has done much of that. Steem is one of the few ones that provides an incentive to actually bring new users and more people to the technology - the proof is in the blockchain. :)

He so believes in community! Transparency is key!

first level of transparency = who owns the @freedom account?

And Yesterday created @steem account with 500000 steem ?

Post Hardfork 17, accounts are created with SP Delegation. @steem is the account which delegates SP to create accounts from

Nice question!

Value of $1,208,536.14 ....Wow !

  ·  3 years ago Reveal Comment

Luxury in today's internet!

What about making a profit? Anyone who asks you to give up your ego to join a community is building a cult. Any business is not going to ask you to give up your ego.

On that point I have to disagree with Andrew. You can have a community of individuals.

Congrats @andrarchy! You are a great fit for this position and you guys sound like a solid team! Now we just gotta get this thing rolling!

I really appreciate the support. Sincerely. I really do think we make a good team and we're all about moving forward, a/k/a rolling!

WOAH, you know i was trying to spell your username from the sound of it in the video and was so afar off! Glad to find you here!!!


You mean get this STEEMing!!!

Haha yes that is more applicable!

Let's Steemroll! That's my face when I saw @andrarchy as the community liaison!

HAHAHA. Love it!

LOL - what a great and perfectly matching animation. Love it!!!

Can someone provide a TL;DW?

  1. More transparency, taking unusual forms.
  2. More focus on the dev-community.
  3. Partnering with devs to add to the Steem ecosystem (beyond Steemit)
  4. Andrarchy is our new Community Liason.

Plus, more announcements in the future. I'm releasing the plan in phases.

Not much of substance was said. More in the next update, apparently.

Thanks for the update. I didn't watch the video, as I fully trust you with your transcript.

To be honest, I'm a bit disappointed. Focusing your strategy on developers drives resources to an area which is hard to monetize. Developers build apps, not communities. Developers are not necessarily entrepreneurs, they know how to build stuff, but not how to sell it or how to create complex processes aorund that stuff.

Your strategy is based on the fact that these developers will be able to also bring customers in, which is already proven to be false. It stems from the same paradigm which created Steemit, and look where you are now, one year after the launch: a meager 13,000 users. That's below joke level, it's not even a startup. If you pitch a VC with these numbers he won't even listen.

As they are right now, the Steem blockchain and the MVP have a reasonably articulated community. You already spent an entire year building this. Not banking on it is a bit ADHDish, so to speak. Why not building this community and create engagement here? Why not using what you already have? Why not focusing on growing this community first, listen to its members and see what they want?

The client is always right. Always.

An entire ecosystem of apps built on top of the Steem blockchain, (especially since you proved no success building a simple community around a simple social media website for the last year), well, that looks really hard to build to me.

Especially now, when you are also facing serious competition.

It stems from the same paradigm which created Steemit, and look where you are now, one year after the launch: a meager 13,000 users.

Did anyone @andrarchy & @zurvanic check with users. Not witnesses or whales.
To build a billion dollar company, you need a billion users. Those billion users are not located in upstate New York but in Africa, India & China. Please think beyond North America & Europe. The largest English speaking country in the world is India, not the United Kingdom or USA.

The client is always right. Always.

But are the majority of current clients the target group we really want? Does our current clients represent our future clients? Probably they don't . Of course we must serve them but at the same time we must try to drive other demographics as well.

I can clearly see you are wishing well and I appreciate you for that, @liondani. But with all due respect, I think Steemit Inc is going down and it's going down fast.

I consider myself an early adopter and even an evangelist (I even held Steemit meetups and encouraged fellow Romanians to create a section in Romanian here) but as time went by, I had to accept a rather bitter truth: there's a poisonous mix of incompetence, enthusiasm, greed, technical skills, luck and inability to communicate in this venture, all so powerfully connected in a monolith-like structure, which is simply spiraling down, no matter what I chose to do. This mix is "protected" by a chronic lack of opening towards people using the platform, myself included. I had many improvement proposals, many suggestions and I barely had a few acknowledged. And when they were acknowledged, they were quickly dismissed because, for instance, I'm 'not a real developer' (to quote @abit). I'm not saying that my suggestions were perfect, far from that. I'm saying that they weren't even taken into account.

This opaqueness towards client feedback is the main cause of the downtrend.

And by the way, you have the clients that you attract, not the clients that you want.

I had many improvement proposals, many suggestions and I barely had a few acknowledged. And when they were acknowledged, they were quickly dismissed because, for instance, I'm 'not a real developer' (to quote @abit). I'm not saying that my suggestions were perfect, far from that. I'm saying that they weren't even taken into account.

They claim that after @dan leaved many things like that will change... Let's see...

PS must say I doubt he was the "only" responsible... I hope all took the right lessons and we will move forward...

We'll see :)

Finally..some serious thought and not just rah-rah.
Thank you dragoroua

One thing to consider

  • In the months after initial launch tsū became one of the fastest growing social networks, achieving 3.5 million registered users in its first 6 months of public existence and registering 4.5 million users by its first anniversary.

4.5 million for TSU after the first year vs 13K Steemit of which all but about 3k are bots?

Why am I reminded of the crew of the Titanic franticly re arranging the Deck Chairs while ignoring the hole in the bottom of the ship?
others seem to agree

Good reminder, the one about Titanic :)

Excellent move! @andrarchy has a natural ability to make people want to listen to what he is saying. We just need to find ways to get the message out.

Ummm...RESTEEM...And tell yoUr story... (Might take a 7 days for some.)

Great job Steemit Inc! Also congrats to @andrarchy on your dream job...Good luck to you:)


Awesome! Great news! This is super exciting @zurvanic and @andrarchy. I really appreciate your optimism and earnest approach towards developing our community. Powers combined, you two will make an excellent team! Looking forward to next steps. It will surely be a transformational year for this platform. Steem on!

I like the idea of seeing lots of social media sites using steem blockchain. This is going to be huge.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Developers! Developers! Developers! .. Developers!
Aaaaaaamen! And with support from STEEMIT Inc. (fairly distributed), this is great news indeed! Good choice for community liaison as well. @andrarchy understands us, thinks BIG, and is definitely a motivated dude.

Upward & Outward! .. Let's take this planet dowwwn! Errr.. I mean UP!

Thanks @kurtbeil. Absolutely, it's all about the developers!

If you guys are going to focus on developers updating the whitepaper seem to be the first thing to do.This document is a mess and needs to be simplified a lot. There are also some developers who complained about lack of documentation
See in this thread


I've created a LaTeX version of the whitepaper as a first step to updating it, kind of on @sneak 's request. The PR is here and waiting 11 days and counting for a simple acknowledgement of this.

Basically I'm one of the developers this plan is supposed to supporting I guess. Would be nice to get this through so we can begin updating it as a community 😭 😭 😭

I wonder, will we ever see steem integrated with other media sites like twitter? Could users themselves embed the code or could they use addons?

Or are we more likely to see copies made of sites like twitter, with steem integrated?

First order of Business is allowing people to embed what they are saying here all over the place!

Any "important announcement" should be in TEXT, so people can get it from feeds, Google, and can READ it. You shouldn't expect every news site to repost your video.

Hi @abit a written document with more detail will be coming.


It would also be nice to know if official press releases will be sent to press outlets for future Steemit announcements.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you bring to the table, Mitchell.

Sometimes they will, sometimes they won't. It depends on the story, and whether journalists think it's one worth telling.

Though naturally the community is welcome to pass our announcements on to journalists and bloggers. That's always welcome.

I agree. Sorry, but there are more users here and more potential future users out of here that are not native English and for us it's more simple to understand a text than listening a video. Just my 2 cents.

Yes, this should be transcribed and distributed. There are many sites that release press announcements and promote them. When I was working with startups we always used them. This is a really good start, now we just need to maximize the opportunity for name recognition and excitement in the project.

However, nice to see the faces of the Marketing team and it is good to see energy and enthusiasm.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

If the Steemit marketing team can't do it, perhaps someone in our community can help make one?

//Edit: they'll make one. Hope it's not too late.

I would volunteer to help as i do that stuff since years - but Edit says - ignore my bullshit comment lol

Makes so much sense!

@andrarchy How will Steemit generate the income to continue paying people? Bringing more bloggers only will work if the market cap continues to rise. I fail to see how Steemit can make a profit for it's token holders.

10 million active users should do the trick.

How? Magic? Tell us where the profit comes from or the business isn't profitable and isn't sustainable.

No, not magic. The token itself has utility. The utility of the token grows exponentially as new members are added to the network. The utility is what drives demand. There is no kind of dividend for token holders and there doesn't need to be.

Value is subjective and not based on utility. Apparently the community doesn't agree with you because the price of a Steek is only 17 cents. Let me know when utility is enough to bring it to at least $1.

Who said anything about dividends? You're arguing a strawman? Do you think investors and shareholders in the platform are stupid enough to buy a token for a platform which has no plan to profit? Would you buy shares in a company which will never turn a profit? Steemit is being run like a charity or non profit and we know these are not sustainable unless there is a government grant or rich benefactors. Steemit doesn't have any sources of revenue, not ads, not games or betting, so the only rational thing to do is power down and get your money out before millions of people come on board through this marketing to cut the price down even more.

What is the revenue source from bitcoin from an investors standpoint?

Bitcoin isn't a DAC and is just a cryptocurrency. It's not a good example at all. Bitshares is a good example but look at the profitability of that? So far all DACs have been unprofitable so why would this be better than Bitshares is a question investors will ask.

Now, Peerplays we can see why it could be profitable. People gotta gamble. People have no reason or addiction to buying Steem power though.

Steemit doesn't need to generate revenue for users. It needs to generate revenue for the company, which can be done eventually via rewards sharing.

Token holders profit by the token itself being in greater demand. How to create that demand is a discussion unto itself.

I said token holders. Token holders are like the shareholders in the company. How will Steemit make a profit is a legitimate question any reasonable person will ask. Steemit currently is not sustainable and bringing on more bloggers will not change this. They need to do marketing based on a business model which seeks profitability. Seeking to share the wealth without a plan for profitability seems backwards.

Tell me what will drive demand for a token which decreases in value? Steemit is being marketed as an unsustainable charity.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

I said token holders. Token holders are like the shareholders in the company.

Steem holders are not shareholders in Steemit Inc. Any revenue generated by Steemit Inc will be profit for that company which may be shared by actual shareholders but not Steem token holders.

Tell me what will drive demand for a token which decreases in value?

I don't accept the premise of your question. The continuous creation of new Steem tokens increases supply, that does not decrease value. All else being equal the price would decrease if demand failed to increase in line with supply, but not all else is equal. The demand for Steem comes from the utility of Steem. The voting power associated with Steem Power is a form of utility. The status of holding Steem Power is a form of utility. The transactional value of liquid Steem is a form of utility. Maximizing the utility of the tokens to holders is the goal. There is no revenue source for Steem holders just as there isn't for Bitcoin holders. They increase in demand/value as the network grows (Metcalfes Law indicates that it grows exponentially with each new user) from the utility of the token on a larger network.

Who said I was talking about Steemit Inc? You know I'm talking about Steem and you know Steemit Inc pretty much exclusively runs the Steem code. The shareholders I'm talking about are the holders of the Steem power which doesn't have any utility except for bagholders at the moment.

If it has utility give a reason why anyone would buy Steem power if not just charity? Unless the price of Steem rises and unless the market cap is going on an upward trend the whole thing is just a charity which is not sustainable. Sooner or later the market cap will go down and down and with it the rewards.

I expect less than 1 cent Seem unless marketing focuses on areas which promote profitability. Anyone can market free money and charity and while this does bring value which is the community itself it does not mean the activities will have increasing value. Market cap is how you just how successful the Steem technology is and market cap (price of Steem) is how we judge the success or failure of any Steemit marketing campaign. Yes bringing new bloggers on board is important long term but only if the platform is long term sustainable and right now it's not.

Deal with it or remain in denial.

I don't accept the premise of your question. The continuous creation of new Steem tokens increases supply, that does not decrease value. All else being equal the price would decrease if demand failed to increase in line with supply, but not all else is equal. The demand for Steem comes from the utility of Steem.

Just like demand for Bitshares? Utility has nothing to do with demand. Look at Golem which has a higher market cap than Steem with no utility at all. Look at Dash, Monero, or even Decred, all which have lower utility than Steem but higher market cap. It's about profitability and if you create utility while being profitable you can sustainably create value. If you just create utility without being profitable eventually your charity money will run out and that's it.

Non profits can create a token. Cooperatives can create points. These points can have utility. At the same time without profit the utility of these tokens will not mean the buying power of these tokens will rise. It's the buying power or market cap which rewards shareholders. If this were Google and the CEO put the VP of marketing on private circuit Youtube to tell investors how they want to bring in many many new shareholders without any plan for how to make the company profitable? I would expect some shareholders would ask the question of what the strategy is for profit and if there isn't one then these holders will take their $$$ value out while it still exists and put it into something which is a better store of value.

Steem is a form of utility. Maximizing the utility of the tokens to holders is the goal. There is no revenue source for Steem holders just as there isn't for Bitcoin holders. They increase in demand/value as the network grows (Metcalfes Law indicates that it grows exponentially with each new user) from the utility of the token on a larger network.

Sure but how are they creating utility for Steem power? What is the utility? Why should I sell my Dash or Ethereum which is going up in price and utility to buy Steem power? Why should I sell my shares in Google or Microsoft to buy Steem power? If you cannot give me a good reason to do this then expect the price to keep going down. Also it has to be easy to do this because right now it's not easy enough but if you want people on poloniex to buy Steem tokens and upgrade to Steem power then marketing effort must go to that or Steem I can guarantee will not grow compared to the competition which may focus on sustainable profitability and growth not just in the users but also in the reward pool.

In fact, I see Peerplays easily replacing Steemit because of exactly this. Steemit will only survive if it integrates with profitable DACs like Peerplays.

Yay! Well done @andrarchy. I'm looking forward to seeing where you take this.

Thanks for the vote of confidence! I'll do my very best

You have the drive and enthusiasm for this job, you'll be great.

Nice pun (vote) of confidence worthy of my vote!

@andrarchy congratulations! You'll do great :)


His vision is to partner with developers, empowering the developers community to create countless apps that add value to humanity and create a steem ecosystem!

They haven't revealed where this money is supposed to come from yet.

Exciting to see @andrarchy joining, keep up the great work guys. Thank you! Steem on

@andrarchy you were the first person I saw related to Steemit.
I knew nothing about the platform and literally stumbled upon your video explaining how the rewards system worked. Steem, steem dollars and Steem Power. You came across so passionate that I thought -Wow, if people are so enthusiastic about this thing then I have to check it out. A week later I joined.
Congratulations. Your passion was well rewarded.
Stay true to your beliefs and good luck.

WOW, thanks! It never gets old hearing stories like that! Thanks for sharing.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

AGREE! I still keep it in my bookmarks.
This is my favourite. Shure @andarchy can make Steemit much more valuable on Youtube. Steemit has great underestimated idea and need to be spreaded the way Dash participants could not expect. ;)))

Yes absolutely agree, it looks like we are heading for interesting times ahead.
Great news.

I just posted a Korean version of this in #kr

Thanks so much!

Thanks a lot @morning!


Speaking about transparency and development. Are you familiar with LiveCoding concept? :)

There is even platform dedicated for that:

I once wrote an article about it: How to increase a productivity as a software developer - part I, LiveCoding - if anyone from Steemit team would decide to do something similar, I believe that would be great also for marketing :)

Congrats to both of you and thanks for leading us into the future! Andrew @andrarchy you are a great addition to the team in the community relations role. You care deeply about building something special here and you can explain it as simply and eloquently as anyone I know.

Mitchell @zurvanic I'm very impressed with your inside-out community approach and I believe you guys will make a great team. I'm behind this 100% and look forward to helping!

I love your vision (the out-of-the-box-thinking), Mitchell @zurvanic!
Thanks for taking up the cudgels for steemit´s community :)

Congratulations, Andrew @andrarchy! I am sooo happy for you!!! What a great opportunity!

Thanks for the boost, guys! That´s the best way to start the weekend! :)

WOW, great update and announcement!

@andrarchy is a good man and I think a great choice for community ambassador, congrats to you! He is smart and is able to communicate complex ideas in understandable ways. I've enjoyed and learned from his posts here, and I look forward to what he does in his new capacity. Best wishes to you and all of us; the future looks bright!

Thanks so much for the vote of confidence. The future's so bright I gotta wear shades!

In 5 years time, I can finally say I knew and met somebody before he was famous. You'll make a great addition to the team. I wish you all the best with your new job and congrats on landing your dream job!

Thanks for the support @exyle

Girls sell stuff better than men. Find a female face to sell us the story please. You are dealing with nerds and geeks, think straight! Bad banks vs cute girls. More like this:

Not revealing everything when it already is known by the team. Yeah. Transparency you said?

If we are going for transparency and disclosure, then perhaps it should be a requirement to be a witness, that you have a real name and identity, as this group seems to wield quite a bit of power and influence over the eco-system.


Developers rule?


  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Way to go guys, I look forward to this marketing to roll out. #HighFive

Thanks! We really appreciate the great work you've been doing already!

Congrat @andrarchy - the best is yet to come, and I know you're the right fit for the platform since watching your videos during the early days!

Thanks brother!

You guys are talking my language. We already have a good community and great technology that can be built on. I look forward to seeing how you can communicate this to the world

We look forward to showing you! And we'll always be open to suggestions from community members like yourself. We all have a stake in this.

Let's pause relax and learn. Press play! Our marketing VP is practically teaching us!

I felt the passion through my monitor.

Let's go. There is much to do!

ich auch - klingt gut aber nicht zuviel schleimen Chefchen :-) lol

Wow, very inspiring video, loved it. Great job @zurvanic and @andrarchy. We will show everyone that being steemian is one of the best titles one can get in today's world.

Congratulations andrarchy! I am confident you will do a very good job!

Great speech! We really are in a David vs Goliath situation considering the big corporations out there and their ways of silencing others. They will be surprised of the censorship resistance our technology provides!

Looking forward the future of the platform!

Looking forward to see how this all develops.

Welcome aboard Mitchell !!

See if you can bring @craig-grant on board.

Congratulations @andrarchy. That was an impassioned speech, for sure! As you say, you'll have to earn it, but I'm optimistic you'll prove yourself to be the right choice as community liaison.

I look forward to more concrete details about the marketing strategy next week. Not much to comment on till then! All the best.

I appreciate you giving me the benefit of the doubt, I can't ask for much more. Thanks!

YES, right man in right place at the right time.
This man @andrarchy is on fire.
Excitement is contagious, by taking a look at comments, it is obvious that he spread it to all of us
Congrats and good luck

Love it!


Ending transmission received!!!


Thanks for the update Mitchell and happy to see the direction of marketing efforts and look forward to the next update as well. Keep the cliffhangers coming! Congratulations @andrarchy! Happy to see you officially on board Steemit Inc and I'm sure you'll do a fantastic job!

Thanks @steemrollin, appreciate the support

Can't tell you how proud I am of @andrarchy I can't think of a better person for this bridge of community and introducing the SteemIt community to @zurvanic . Mitchell is just awesome. The hair on my arms and legs went up just listening to this video. So inspiring. This is the correct direction and now I live for Steem! Thanks all!

Thank you so much for the kind words. It won't be easy, but with the help of brilliant and amazing community members like yourself, I have no doubt we can do it.

Exactly! Creating an ecosystem rather than just an organism is key to scalability.